Tips to stay away from Hypertension:
1. Maintain a healthy weight
2. Eat balanced diet
3. Regular exercise
4. Limit salt and alcohol
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I didn't realize how making some lifestyle changes would hugely change the way we felt! .
Suffering for years with digestive, emotional, and skin issues is NO MORE! .
It started with a starter kit of 11 oils and slowly made its way into changing all aspects of our life and living. We've eliminated toxins and didn't know we could feel this good 🤗so we can't help but share all the greatness!! .
We are supporting all systems of our bodies by eliminating the junk we didn't realize we'd surrounded ourselves with. .
Did you know the air quality in your home can be much worse than the air quality outdoors?? 🤔 Look it up and #educateyourself 👍🏻Learn with me Wednesday night 8pm EST about how to support the systems of your body by making some household changes!! 😉

Print this document (link below 👇🏻) to help you identify things in your household that are filled with toxins and how to start ditching and switching to plant based oil infused products #knowbetterlivebetter #thieves #wefeelgood

Check out the event 😉👇🏻

Vulnerable post alert. I have rosacea. I’ve had it forever. As long as I can remember. I’m lucky it’s just redness for me. Recently, I’ve had several people comment that I must be sunburned. Nope. Not sunburned. Just rosacea. Some days I don’t cover it up with my Savvy Minerals. Some days I just am bare faced. I hope that others are as comfortable as I am that rosacea is just part of who I am. I also encourage everyone to remember what our Mommas taught us....if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything! I used to just laugh a bit when people commented I must be sunburned. Now, I’m just really honest and tell them I have rosacea. I’m not ashamed of it. Oh, and those days I do cover it up with the Savvy Minerals, I have a great rosy glow! I don’t mask it entirely, I just use it to my advantage....no blush needed for me! #savvyminerals #rosacea #knowbetterlivebetter #dropbydrop #whiteteethbyorangeoil

Stop applying for items before increasing your credit score. She knew what she wanted, got her credit score restored and has been smiling ever since. Who's next? #motivationalmonday
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Diffuser Recipe to Support Mood and Energy
2 Drops Cedarwood
2 Drops Lavender
2 Drops Vetiver

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Small Changes ——> Big Impact! 💥

Share your favorite healthy habits with us! 💗

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When I first saw posts about Essential Oils, I felt really skeptical! It actually took me over six months to try them.
I decided to give them a go because I wanted to be proactive in getting myself above the Wellness Line.
I was so tired of living the way I was!

I had also seen the remarkable results some of my students were having in regard to focus and immune support!
And get this! Now that I've been using them for a few years now myself, I found that they have played a part in making our health & home much different than what it was!
Do we still get hit with stuff and feel under the weather? Yes, but we are able to regain our wellness quicker! Is our home free of a lot of yucky stuff? Yes!
Are our emotions supported and do we enjoy a pleasant, peaceful environment? Yes!

My kids and grandkids are experiencing better focus, great sleep, strong immune systems and emotional stability.

Then there is my husband who is experiencing good nights rest, feeling like he can be more productive and is much more peaceable while driving!

What I was NOT expecting was that I could also make so many dear friends by sharing with others what I’ve learned!
Boy, we are so very thankful for deciding to give essential oils a try! .
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Charlotte Mae, you are the light of my life ☀️ the reason why i strive to better myself every day. Without you i wouldn’t have the passion to grow my own business, to reach higher, to work harder. I am so greatful that i get to stay home and spend these precious first years with you while also building the life you deserve ❤️ #youngliving #yleo #girlboss #bossmama #joinmyteam #knowbetterlivebetter

What are you doing to nurture yourself and your important relationships this weekend?

So important for emotional balance. All work and no play really does take a toll on us and those around us!

Put on your diffuser and use your favorite recipe! I like “YL Gathering”

How about a date night with your significant other?

Pizza and fun movie for the family.

Have a fun game night.

Make a fun dinner that is not expensive and that all can help with, and then invite a family over you have been wanting to know better!

Plan a progressive dinner with some of your good friends and go to each house for a different course!

Lots of fun things to do to refresh ourselves!

Have fun!
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