Because rainy days are all about the yoga pants. β˜”οΈ

Today is all about Boho Elephants and Anchors! Twenty of each of these beauties were hand crafted last night, just for you! Happy Wednesday!

Who loves pineapples? 🍍 #pineapples #knotsandarrows

Tag your sister and her that you love her! πŸ’›

Raise your hand if you are seeing our posts. πŸ™‹πŸΌ All Cuff bracelets are half price today! No coupon code needed! #knotsandarrows #braceletsmakingabigdifference

If you can find my Big Sis Jasmine at Coachella, she will give you the stack of Knots and Arrows bracelets right off of her wrist. She will be wearing a different stack each day. No...friends of Jasmine can't claim them...LOL! #wheresjasmine #coachella #knotsandarrows

This might be my new favorite πŸ’š #knotsandarrows

Happy Easter from me and my bunny friend! 🐰 #lularoe #icaughttheeasterbunny #lularoejulia #knotsandarrows @knotsandarrows

Knots & Arrows 🏹

When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.
Focus & Aim 🎯

#knotsandarrows #focusandaimhigher #goaboveandbeyond #strongerthanyouknow #fullfillingpurposes

Obsessed! All & necklace preorders are shipping out later today! I have been having some pain, nosebleeds and a bad appetite, so I'm heading the the doctor today. Please pray for me! πŸŽ—

I am obsessed with purple AND this Lotus flower! Can you tell? I'm thinking about putting up a limited edition section on the website for the creations of the day. This way I don't have to invoice anyone and they will be first come first served. What do you think? I'm loving these adjustable bracelets! πŸ’œ

What name do you prefer? Rose Gold or Metallic Pink? πŸ“ΈNichole Perez

My friends are the best. Thank you so much Erin for this bracelet as a reminder things will get better and most of all thank you for being an amazing friend!!! πŸ’—
#justkeepswimming #knotsandarrows #betterdaysarecoming

Insta EXCLUSIVE bracelet set! 3 available! $40 and free shipping! :) The first three people to post with their email address below can claim one! We will invoice you for your order! 🏹

Spend $10 or more at Knots and Arrows before midnight tonight and we will send you these three vinyl stickers for FREE! No need to add them to your cart and no coupon code is required! Website link in bio!

Hard work, determination and a passion to make a difference has led to the success of Knots and Arrows! We owe all of our supporters a huge THANK YOU for believing in our mission! πŸŽ—

TODAY are giving away a FREE Knots and Arrows keychain with every bracelet order of $25 or more! Click the link in our bio today to claim your reward for supporting Becca's mission - to help put an END to Childhood Cancer. No discount code needed - simply type FREE KEYCHAIN in the comments section during checkout to receive your gift. You MUST leave your comment during checkout to receive your keychain.....no exceptions! Please also specify if you would like a GOLD or SILVER Knots and Arrows Ampersand keychain! You DO NOT need to add the keychain to your shopping cart! One offer per shipping address, please! πŸ™‚ #knotsandarrows #endchildhoodcancer

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