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About last year in St.Tropez!! Tonight again❤️ @doutzen #doutzies #doutzenkroes #knotonmyplanet #savetheelephants #sttropez #throwback

🐘What an incredible evening with so many wonderful people for such an important cause. Thank you #tiffanysavethewild #knotonmyplanet @elephantcrisisfund @doutzen @portermagazine 🐘

The rockstars of the wild - Dr Ian Douglas-Hamilton, Oria Douglas-Hamilton, Bernard Leserin, David Daballen and David Bonnouvrier thank you for all that you do for elephant protection. Can't wait to hear all the stories from my children's visit this summer to Samburu #knotonmyplanet 🐘🤝

'An elephant never forgets.' Let's not forget them either. @portermagazine has teamed up with @tiffanyandco to bring awareness to the very real cause that is @savetheelephants. Tonight, we celebrate them. #KnotOnMyPlanet #PORTERIncredibleCause

Seeing eye to eye... @doutzen and one of the elephants from the Spices family sizing each other up in the current issue of @portermagazine. Still moved by Doutzen's speech at last week's Porter/@savetheelephants gala and impressed by all her work for the @elephantcrisisfund #knotonmyplanet

Every filter used.... #knotonmyplanet #welldonegeorge


About last year in St.Tropez!! Tonight again❤️ @doutzen #doutzies #doutzenkroes #knotonmyplanet #savetheelephants #sttropez #throwback

Knot on my Planet !

Ain't no shame in the elephant saving game ☝🏻🐘 got to try out some new new @ivoryella and it's da 💣 and all coming out sooon 😋

**While the future may be unknown, elephants never forget the past** ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Today we can all stand strong with them by never forgetting our timeless mission here on earth: to protect wildlife and their habitats. Where conservation meets fashion, your fashion choice can fight for elephants too @elephantasia2017
Photo: First model on the runway for the opening of Elephantasia at @atzaro_hotel wearing Elephant-inspired bodysuit by @shritipratap
*Elephant Fun Fact: Elephants can recognise the faces of other elephants, humans, and animals across generations and lead the way to the same places over hundreds of miles year after year.

Take a stand for conservation. It is our responsibility now to protect wildlife and their remaining habitat. Please join us in saving our planet's gentle giants in three ways: • Say no to poaching for ivory, fur, feathers and leather. • Be a voice for them by sharing and advocating animal friendly products (fashion, food, etc.). • Invest in critical conservation projects whenever possible.
Thank you on behalf of Mother Earth, future generations, and all of us here at Fashion for Conservation. 🐾

#Repost @doutzen (@get_repost)
Tonight we're celebrating #Elephants and the work of Sir Iain Douglas Hamilton. I'll be taking over the @portermagazine insta stories so come join me for an inside look at this incredible dinner hosted by #portermagazine and @tiffanyandco #tiffanysavethewild #knotonmyplanet

Evening dust bath at the self-serve spa, Chitabe Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa. #elephant #dust #spa #chitabe #wildernesssafaris #botswana #africa #travel #wildlife #worthmorealive #savetheelephants #knotonmyplanet #safari #photosafari

I won't go whistling by your grave if you don't go whistling in my mind

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