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Ladies, what the world needs now is Black Girl Magic! Did you know Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in Black Women?! @CentricTV and @BurlingtonStyle encourages us to stick together, know our numbers and keep shining. Get your heart health screened and tag two friends to do the same with #KnockOutHeartDisease. Donate at any Burlington store to @WomenHeart.

Throwback to 2001 with my perfect little family at a Patti Smith concert. Please send some good vibes our way, because damn, we really need them right now ❤ #knockoutheartdisease @y0c0e @vintageafterhours 🙏🏼

Morning Goodness 💚! Throughout the month of February, American Heart Month, and March, Burlington Stores and #womenheart joined with @kellyrowland, heart health advocate, to serve as the voice and supporter of their #KnockOutHeartDisease Campaign.

This year’s campaign kicked off at Burlington’s flagship location in New York City, featuring Kelly Rowland, along with WomenHeart Champions, who are women heart disease survivors and community educators, spokespersons and heart health advocates. As of today Burlington’s in-store campaign launched in all 593 Burlington stores across the country, giving customers the opportunity to donate $1 or more to support WomenHeart at check out through March 31, 2017.

Throughout the campaign, 46 Burlington store locations nationwide will host Night Out to #KnockOutHeartDisease events, offering free heart health screenings in partnership with WomenHeart. Customers will have the opportunity to get their blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol and BMI checked by a certified health professional. “I’m excited to join Burlington and WomenHeart’s #KnockOutHeartDisease campaign and admire their continued commitment to educate women about the importance of their heart health in effort to save lives,” says Kelly Rowland. “I encourage women to get their heart health screened and when they do, be sure they tag two friends to do the same with #KnockOutHeartDisease.” To find a screening near you, visit www.BurlingtonStores.com/HeartHealth. #GivingIsGood #KellyRowland #HeartHealth

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As a community we can't stand for this kind of sh*t. I normally never post any type of negativity and I believe in supporting and uplifting each other, especially as women. I know that @kellyrowland is just making her coins with these advertisements, but this is an obvious contradiction! How are you telling people to #knockoutheartdisease but then talking about #bigmacforthat one post later? Eating fast food like McDonald's will raise your risk of heart disease, diabetes and more! I bet the people that advertise this stuff are not feeding their kids McDonald's food, they probably have fresh, organic meals at home. Celebrities should use their platforms to spread valuable information that uplifts the community, not misleading information like this. We cannot blindly follow everything we see or hear and this is a prime example. Calling out all celebrities and accounts with large followings, if you are going to promote health, do just that and stop selling out! #thefoodfilter


Congrats to EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED IN MAKING THIS EVENT HAPPEN ! Thank you everyone ! What a great cause too! #knockoutheartdisease @american_heart @meccv_monroe @visionfitnessopen24hours @bodiedbyo_ @sharyntheresa @bkystyle 📷 @aurelianphotography

Time to start knocking out heart disease #americanheartassociation #knockoutheartdisease #fightnight #boxing

SEE YOU GUYS TONIGHT! #fightnight #knockoutheartdisease ! Tickets still available online ! EVENT brite .com @sharyntheresa @visionfitnessopen24hours

To some this is just a Chick-fil-A sign, I know, to us it's a HUGE sponsor for Knockout Heart Disease 2017 Daytona beach! With menu options for everyone, this huge company came through for Bo's fight, making time to participate in his little event, we hope is a big success! Bo worked for this company in Port Orange for 4 years when he was just 14! Thank you so much Shan (owner) for what you have done for us! #blessedbeyondmeasure #successismeausurebyhappinessNOTdollarsigns #knockoutheartdisease #sponsor @cfaportorange

Today Bo had the honor/privilege of going live for the Knockout heart disease 2017 boxing charity event: police vs firefighters!! This is coming up fast July 15th at the Dickerson Center in Daytona Beach, only $25! Get your tickets now! Thank you Sheriff Chitwood and the Rock of Daytona!! Let's fight heart disease...#loveyour❤️ #boxing #visionfitnessnsb #knockoutheartdisease

some open-heart surgery recovery pillows i made♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

We have a lot of landlubber activities going on this summer, one of which is a charity boxing match starring our very own @jettylizard the fight is local here in Daytona Beach, July 15th, tickets are $25, DM for details and ticket purchase!! 👊🏼👏🏼👍🏼 #ponceinletfishingauthority #ponceinlet #daytonabeach #charityboxing #dickersoncenter #knockemout #tough #fishingandpunching #americanheartassociation #knockoutheartdisease

high blood pressure can be the beginning of heart disease & stroke♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

the american heart association recommends eating eight of more servings of fruits of vegetables every day♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

start today, live tomorrow♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

♥️♥️♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

stay healthy!♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

get your friends & family involved in this great cause♥️ #knockoutheartdisease

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