Gosh I m obsessed with these Roots style light knit beanies! I always have one on my needles! And the orders have started coming in too 😍 If you want one of your own, I dropped some off at Gracie's Place this afternoon 😍 They don't last long! 🍁 @graciesplaceboutique

So much squishy goodness😍 ➰
Finally got around to buying @_whirlsandpurls pattern for the Linden Hat.. oh.em.gee guys! This pattern just shows off this @malabrigoyarn SO GOOD💕 to say I’m addicted to making these is an understatement!! Fall/winter I’m coming for ya🍂🍁❄️🌨 .
Seriously if you have some Rasta Malabrigo in your stash go buy this pattern 😍 @_whirlsandpurls The Linden Hat .
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While rummaging around in the closet of my parents home I found a box of knit hats that I apparently had knitted, once upon a time. I forgot that I knitted them - seriously.

I thought, “How cute! Did I buy this?Did I knit this?” I must have because no tags and there were some yarn ends not tucked away. That would be something I’d do. I miss knitting. I have such a yarn stash, too! And I know I have a couple of unfinished projects still on the needles too buried somewhere.

I’ll return to it one day. It was definitely a hobby I enjoyed. I knitted more than just hats. I knitted socks too! Gloves, scarves and stuffed dolls. I was in a middle of knitting myself a silky cap sleeved top.

I stopped because of one bad experience. I’m not going to go into it. I’m over it. It was silly but it really affected my enjoyment of knitting. But now life move on and so did my interests. Seeing these hats has reminded me of how much I enjoyed knitting and I was pretty good at it.
Sorry for the lengthy post but if you’ve actually read it all the way through, leave me an emoji in the comments.

Thanks. 💖
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Knit double brim beanies are seriously my favorite 😍❤️ #knit #knittersofinstagram #knitbeanie #knitdoublebrimbeanie #gettingfallready #ilovefall

O gorro do Lorenzo pode ser usado dobrado ou esticado, pra durar por vários invernos! #trico #tricot #knitting #knitbeanie #ifimsittingimknitting

Gorro bem peludinho pra esquentar o inverno do Lorenzo @nagordano #gorrodetrico #knitedbeanie #knitbeanie #knitting

Gorrinho feito especialmente pro Vicente, que nasceu pequetitinho e precisa se esquentar nesse inverno 💚 #gorrodetrico #gorro #tricot #trico #beanie #knitting #knitbeanie #knitedbeanie

On my final color for my ribbed beanies! 🎉 So excited to work on some other fall projects! 😊 Also loving the fact that my needles match the yarn. 😂😍

I T ' S • T H E • W E E K E N D
My son has now requested this hat in his size and my daughter is looking for one, gray and teal.
This is the perfect hat for both Male and Female. I always had a hard time with knit/crochet hats that were masculine... but this hat style has it all. A faux fur pom to jazz it up, a yarn pom is always a classic option, or no pom makes it sleek and great for men.
Anyone have a color combo they think would be awesome, let me know! 🖤

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! 👻

My first winter!My first knit beanie!
(Not good at smiling yet😶) #december #baby #babyboy #cap #knitbeanie

Cables, cables, cables! 😍😍😍
I think I need to get some faux fur poms for these guys.
Which one is your favourite, cream or cocoa?

What do you think about this color combo? It is waiting for a gray silver fox pompom! Maybe tomorrow I can get some hats pompommed! ♡ .
I am excited to announce I have been accepted to my 1st craft show in October. I'll keep you updated with time and place. In the mean time I better get to work.
Pattern by @debrosse_nyc

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