@kmesharpeners #kmepics @b2wknives I sure do love this @kershawknives link!

Over cast and can't get good lighting right now for video. @kmesharpeners #kmepics #knifeaddiction #knifepics #knifestagram @kizercutlery_inc

Thanks to @birdshot_iv I’ve started testing the sharpness on phone book paper. Stropped with various levels of micron emulsions from @kmesharpeners. Getting great results. @steelwillknives @spyderco_inc #kmepics #kmesharp #vg10steel #d2steel

A rainy morning before my schools work day. @kmesharpeners #kmepics

Dang! That's a pretty sexy edge if I do say so myself! Not bad for my first day with this thing.

Got my @kmesharpeners today, been waiting like a kid waiting on Christmas! Still working on getting the angles right but I've but shaving edges on several blades already. I took the squid to s sharpening service a couple months after getting it and they gave it back to me with a drastically different angle on it. I was upset about it and didn't have the equipment to fix it so I hadn't been carrying it. Took it to the kme starting with the 50 great beast and she's looking good now and shaving with ease. I sharpened a scandi grind today too! I'm so giddy with this thing.


Regrann from @sam42203 - New edge on the new link. @kmesharpeners @kershawknives @b2wknives #kmepics - #regrann

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