❀ the vampire diaries ❀
[ 407 | my brother's keeper ]
❝unless you want to lock a pregnant hormonal werewolf in a tomb i'm coming with you.❞
everything about hayley marshall is so iconic. i just miss her and i hate the writers for killing her because of caroline. i hate them. like, can we have a strong and independent woman in the show? i hate the writers because they brought back caroline just to be klaus' love interest. i remember last year when i made this edit but with the other filter; in the caption i wrote that if they kill hayley i will kill them. anyways, i miss this iconic hybrid and i hope that she found peace she deserves.
i'm too lazy to watch anything, even supernatural. it's not normal. i started watching greys anatomy and i want to be a doctor now😂
q| what is your favorite tv show?

The Originals 5x12 Promo
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just watch shameless and get me pizza and i’ll love you forever <33

q : who’s your favorite
a : klaus ;)

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