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The cutest kitty skull done by @tattoosbycarlc 🐈
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Some stills of the half sleeve I had the pleasure of starting a few weeks ago!
I have a some time left in December so let's start something fun! Email me at elizatattoos@gmail.com
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Just got my book Meows And Roars of Inspiration: The Cat Art Project. There’s 182 pages of cat tattoo inspiration, 78 pages of cat paintings, 76 pages of cat drawings, and 37 pages of cat art using various mediums. So much to look at! #catart #kittyart #catbook #kittybook #bookofcats😻 #cattoo #cattattoo #kittytattoo #kittytat #artinspiration

😻😻😻😻 #meow #kitty #kittytat

Before Maebelle was born, her mother and I wrote her letters. After two years of experiencing life with Mae, the letters have become less frequent. Last week she celebrated eight seasons of life. While she was napping that day I her wrote this letter.

Dearest Maebelle,
Today is your second birthday. You are sleeping next to me as I write this letter. Tonight we will dance with friends as we seem to do most nights when we’re together. When I show up to dance without you, several people will enquirer as to your whereabouts. You are most certainly adored by your community.
Your vocabulary is expanding daily, which definitely adds to the complexity of parenting you. With a big smile and a wave, you say hi to most animals and humans that we encounter. It’s neat to see people smile and respond to you. I hope that your light always shines bright!

You are brave, fierce and bold. Observing you speak in front of thirty adults or scale a twelve foot high rock, not wanting any help, causes me to wonder what else you will accomplish independently. May your bravery always serve your health!

We hike in the woods most days and you seem to savor the trees, both alive and dead. As long as you have a few rocks or sticks for play you seem to be content. Your creativity astounds me. May you inspire greatness in all that you meet!

When we nap or go to bed, you like to pull my shirt up and then pull your shirt up before laying down skin-to-skin. May you find self-assurance to ask for the comfort that you need to feel safe in all of your connections!

The other day we had some snacks, before eating any you offered some to each person around us before consuming any yourself. Your awareness of the interconnectedness of all beings, along with your willingness to share the best that you have to offer, will keep you modest and wise. May the magic of all things never be defined, yet engaged with discernment and hope!
Yearning and learning to love you daily,
Your Dad

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If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it?

Almost forgot to post this gem!!! Love it #tattoo #meow #panthertattoo #kittytat #moon #blackandwhite

With all the crap that's happened in my life lately I really needed a positive so I decided to finally get my first tattoo 😊
I've wanted one for years and this one, whilst small, has a very special meaning. For those unfamiliar a semicolon tattoo is symbolic of choosing to continue when you could, or even wanted not to. The way that in grammar it's used to continue a sentence that could have been ended. If you're curious for more info just look up "the semicolon project" :)
The kitty ears and whiskers are my way of acknowledging the fact that it was my first kitty who helped me make that decision and my current one who makes me stick to it. It's my way of thanking and honouring all my animals that have loved me at times when even I didn't love myself. And it will be a constant reminder that no matter what I do animals will always have a special place in my heart.

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I want tiddy tat cuddles 😍😍 #soadorable #cat #kittytat

What do you call a pile of cats?... A meowtain 😻🏔 #kittytat

Got to do this super fun kitty cat candy yesterday on the wonderful @catpalace :) :) :) #tattooapprentice #tattoo #kittytat #cattattoo #candytattoo