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When I was in Jackson I decided to veer off from my group and venture into a certain antiques shop. Therein it occurred to me to look for those coins they used in the old days to pay for time with a woman. In a bowl of several hundred of them I found ONE that came from Jackson. Then all the strings connected - I found the painting of Miss Kitty in a bar we had never planned to go in and I was able to use the coins as a trigger object. Miss Kitty herself then told me they actually should be referred to as tokens. Thanks to @liamoanakaneko for being Sarah/Miss Kitty's voice. *** #clairvoyant #clairaudient #paranormal #paranormallife #paranormalBRoll #triggerobject #bordello #bordellotoken #ladyofthenight #kittyskathouse #ghosthunting #seance #spiritsarepeopletoo #bepolitetoghosts

And just like that I own a Brothel token :) #KittysKatHouse

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