The new bed series #unfiltered.
Mom found us a cute hide-a-bed on #uncommongoods and, we must say, we're fans. Lil Dice not so much. It's still old laptop bag for her. But we're in like Flynn baby.

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Happy to update this little guy, Mr. Crinkle, is being taken care of by Kitt Crusaders, and already has suitors :) Yay! He has eaten, played and has received lots of cuddles ♡ thanks to everyone who helped keep him safe.
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Mom is working from home so we decided to share the chair next to her.

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Just a couple of cats chilling to Netflix #KittCrusaders

People say they prefer dogs because they are happy when you get home. Well Nala is at the ready if I go down to the mailbox or leave for hours when I get back she is waiting near the front door at hand height. Either she wants attention or enjoys chewing on this plant while I am gone. #KittCrusaders

🚨 New Foster Alert 🚨
Welcome Toph and Katara ( formerly Burger Bear and Ghost) these two sisters have had a rough go of things .

The 2 survivors of their litter of 4 these girls are fighting an upper respiratory but are getting better each day . Once they’re healthy they’ll be ready for their forever homes 🖤

From shoe box cuddles to wicker basket cuddles, the boys have grown so much in a year and a half. Louis and Charlie Parker are serious brosephs.

#ellalouisandcharlieparker #kittcrusaders #kittycuddles #catnap

happy #fridaythe13th! a black cat has crossed your path - double tap for good luck. 🖤🐾

eloosive feathers.. 🐾

After extensive research this spot has the highest breeze coefficient so no matter that you need to get past this spot has been claimed as Nalaland #KittCrusaders

Keith just wants to know if he can come home with you ❤️ This little guy and his siblings are still looking for their forever homes ! 📸 @megraelee
#fosterkittens #adoptdontshop #kittcrusaders #8bitkittens #cats_of_instagram

When I want to go to bed Bob and Nala seemed to have other ideas just getting started with the mayhem #KittCrusaders

Woo!! I'm back 👋🎉🎉
Did ya miss me?! 😉😉
I was on vacation last week. We road tripped 🚗 down to Torrance, California to adopt some kitties 🐱🐱 !!!! We now have two new members at the Fizzy Party studio. Thank you to the foster parents at @kittcrusaders for taking such good care of these little fur balls until we adopted them.
I want to hear your pet story.
Leave a comment and tell me about your fur baby. 👇👇 #petadoption #roadtrip #kittcrusaders #portland #california

Bob and Nala beating the heat. Yep they are best buds now #KittCrusaders

kat nap. 🐾

Fam, we raised $1,000.00 last night for @kittcrusaders , bringing the full total of donations recieved to $1,779! Lets see if we can make it to $2,000! Thabk you so much for your donations! Please know that your money is saving lives that are ready to be killed. You give cats on death row a second chance at living and finding a forever home! For more information, contact kittcrusaders.org or click their link. You can also make a donation direcrly to paypal.me/kittcrusaders

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My sweet alpha boy O"Shea never needs a filter. #tabbypower #kittcrusaders #catsofinstagram #tabbycat #adoptdontshop #osheajacksonjr

Don't fall for it Bob, Nala may look flirty but she is ready to pounce #KittCrusaders

Twitch fam, we raised $779 to help @kittcrusaders save as many cat lives as we can! Thank you for each and every one of you that donated whatever you could and shared the stream! I feel very passionately toward charity work, especially #kittcrusaders and your help and support means the world to them, the lives of the cats, and myself! I love you guys!

#ivydoomkitty #adoptdontshop #cats #catsofinstagram #catstagram #charity

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