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First #yarrow buds!! 🌼 #gardenwalk

Seedlings and seeds are in my Vegepod! I'm turning into a serious home gardener 😱 The plants are all growing so well, and I must say, are looking much greener and healthier than the ones in my "conventional" garden bed. reposting @lizshawyogamama.
Large pod, Brisbane 🤙🌱💦

Four-week update on my seeding process!
Swipe across 👉 to watch all of the video.
Let me know in the comments what you have started growing and how well they are doing!
Let's grow together
Ben 🍅

#Mizuna looking 🔥

We found this beautiful kitchen on Pinterest today, those pendant lights over the breakfast bar/island look great with the high ceilings!

Stagger your planting of key vegetables and herbs to ensure they are in at the best time and you get optimum harvests. This parsley was coming along beautifully but with the last week of warmth it is starting to flower. This plant is not huge yet and winter yet to start so I’ll cut it back hard. I added a few new seedlings in the past week to cover this one coming out early.

Plants are liking greenhouse life. Am super impressed with the tomatoes after a slow start. They're a bit leggy but they shot right up over the three hot days last week. Courgettes are also doing good and the surviving beans can go out this weekend. Second wave of corn 🌽 has shot up already. Over all I'm a happy seedling mum 🌱 .
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Just when you think the baby animal pics. are finished, these two come along to brighten up your hump day 😍
Welcome to the world lovelies!🤗
Now off to harvest some rhubarb for tomorrow’s eating 💚
#CalvingSeason #Spring #Sucklers #SelfSufficientish

Today was the day we’ve been waiting for! We started planting out the tomatoes, peppers, basil, zinnias, acorn squash, butternut squash, cucumbers, and one marigold. Naptime is over so that’s it for today. More tomorrow! (Photo cred: #janethewilder )

Stella in her strawberry patch 🍓 Grateful for this wild three year old who loves gardening, playing in the dirt, animals and nature. 🌸 Like a wildflower, I'm doing my best not to tame her and let her creative personality blossom and grow. Kids really have a grasp on how to fully live life and I'm incredibly inspired by them. ⭐️ @wildrootshomestead
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