Kirstin talking about her fall 😂

It just started raining. Send help. (Teal filter)

Good morning. It's 3:48AM. Imma go back to bed, I promise (Teal filter)

We stan random kirstie pictures

Pictures: they're from the wonderful world of pinterest why? Because I'm 🎶 Lazy and unoriginal🎶
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New drawing! #kirstiemaldonado #ptx ❤💛💚💙💜🖤

We love legends supporting legends

Okay, so, Kirstin posted a picture where she was pursing her lips and so many of the comments are complaining about them. Like, shut the fuck up. It's her face. Her lips have been that way for what, more than a year? She's pursing her lips so they look more puffier than they actually are. I don't think she got more lip injections. And, honestly, it's none of our business. It's her life. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean she will get rid of them. I, personally, think they look great. They were a bit weird at first but they look WAY better than they did. I'm gonna stop. What are your thoughts on this? (Blue filter)

I don't know how it looks in my eyes but this edit was really important for me to make.. i'm going to get a bit emotional now so lol get ready for an optional long caption.
My life were never the easiest.
A lot of ups and downs since a very young age, caused by different people, in couple occasions, different times, etc.
Most hard situations in life really affected me in a bad way. I'd mostly take it to heart since it was too hard for me to handle so instead of doing something for myself, I started giving up.
Giving up on the things I love, the people I love, my life, and most importantly: my dreams.
My dreams so far were the things that made me stronger. I was always curious and tried to encourage myself to stand up and get a bit happy so I will keep on with my life, grow up and make my dreams come true.
Then a few months ago, it all 'exploded'. A lot has happned. I started giving up on myself again. I was not only handeling very hard situations, I was also bullied and laughed at for my dreams. So it suddenly seemed very pointless. My dreams seemed like they did not matter. Like I did not matter.
But these months I was actually trying to stay strong and keep trying to make my dreams come true, the more Matt talked about his own experiences.
About how he became a part of Pentatonix, chased his dreams and made them come true; and that inspired me to do what I believe in and do what I want to do, because if Matt, who's now my dear loved idol, why can't I?
So this is a 'thank you' post to Matt. Thanks for encouraging me, making me stronger and affecting me in such a short time. Thanks for sharing yourself with us and showing your talent, thanks for making others inspired and letting them believe their dreams do matter.
Even if this sentence is very recent, i will hold on it for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything, Matt. I love you (: 💕
❕ I am taking requests. DM me if you want an icon or send me a color and names of PTX member(s) and quote of a song (optional) ❕

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