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2017 you've been great!
Was an assistant choreographer ✔
Did a few cool jobs and commercials ✔
Graduated from University ✔
Travelled to Turkey, LA, Spain, Holland ✔
Participated in the @kinjaz #kinjabangworldtournament

Was on another TV show ✔
Year of Possibility'17 and now onto the Year of Realness'18 and I've chosen my word for the new year so I'll be starting the year mindfully 🌟 #newyear #2018 #noesis #yearofrealness #craft #travel

one good thing about dancing is you always have it in you.
even if you'll have broken arms, twisted knees, big thighs and a weak heart. find a way to lock in and get things done. and if one of these things call you, al'you gotta do is unleash them beast within.
i always wanted to do this thing. the kinjabang world tournament and is first online dance competetion. but the arrangement of the song is tough. and the rhythm works well with the beat in kinjaz style (which i hardly lack of academe) so i didnt make it through. i find it very hard to waste this kind of song. other than that, its only 2 days until the submission when i find out. and believe me. i need years to finish the shit. so i guess this piece is for keeps. a remembrance of how important time is. practice. and9 musicality. brings it all together. no chance to get in. but always a lot of time to reproduce. #elcidabjelina #naru #rytmcilsns #swshrts
respect all fear none

i love kinjaz. im a huge fan of how they treat dance as a life. and the heads behind those masks are way way inspiring. much respect to the crew. bam. jawn. btek. vinh. pat. anthony. mike and the twins. and errbody. love yall. thanks for moving the world. i still love @junquemado though hikhik.
this one's an uncounted entry. but its worth it. if i pushed this that time. itll be a waste and the song doesnt deserve it. so i guess it will stay like this. i still hope i had the chance though. #kinjabangworldtournament #KBWT @kinjaz @_anthonylee_ @bam_martin @troyboi_music
much respect. humbled. #elcidabjelina #naru #rytmcilsns #swsshrts 🔥🔥

Continuing my #zai2017moments, no. 20 is the Final round of the #kinjabangworldtournament where we have to do 2 videos - one with our own song choice and the other is opponent’s choice.

For my own, I used “Singin’ in the Rain” as a continuation to my previous Water concept video but this time it’s the opposite of that. This one is simply about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s about making lemonades when life gave you lemons. Ha! I hope this brings some joy to everyone out there!

Big ups to @richardprayoga for the camera work, @jameslopezchua for the sick stills and @ilovethisdanceofficiel for the feature!

Continuing my #zai2017moments in no. 19 is the next round of the #kinjabangworldtournament. At Top 4 with the insane @babytighteyex, we were given Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto.

The melody of the piano touched me the first time when I listened to it that I actually teared a little. Then somehow, the water element came to mind. Water is precious and that’s how I felt about the music when I listened to it.

The challenge: The floor wasn’t uneven. It’s made of tiny pebbles so it’s actually rough. Good thing I didn’t have a lot sliding moves. Ha!

Story: The almost empty bottle symbolizes the limited resources on Earth. Me drinking the water depicts how we human beings are taking the natural resources here. The dance shows us using the energy from these resources till it’s depleted, as shown towards the end of the video.

Did you get that the first time you watched it without reading the caption? 🤔😉

#zai2017moments no. 18 is the next round of the #kinjabangworldtournament where I was pitted to go against @robert.tatoi. The song given to us for this round was Kendrick Lamar’s “Be Humble”.

Honestly, I was stressing out about how else I can deliver this amongst the hundreds of amazing work being done to this song, not because I’m afraid of being compared. Just wanted to offer something different.

For this round, drawing inspiration from Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, I took on the role of a boxer whose prepping in the locker when my “opponent” came taunting me. That’s why I got the towel on. I wished I had the full boxer outfit but due to time constraint, I couldn’t get it. Also, I used @oschoolofficial sitting area as my “stage” as mentioned by Kendrick. So yea. A simple concept for this piece. It was fun coming up with this one!

Hope you like it!

Adding on to my #zai2017moments no.17, is that time when I decided to take part in the #kinjabangworldtournament because it’s the first of its kind where you’re judged based on Media, Movement and Mentally. Since I have some background in Media, I decided to test myself in these areas.

This was my first submission. Keeping it simple and not going over the top with the effects.

How long do you think it took for me to come up with this one?

🎥: @terencethen
🎨: Myself
🎵: @troyboi_music #KinjaBang

Class with @officialkonkrete assisted by @babytighteyex made me love krump again! Hella inspired by the essence and vibe that these young OGs were giving 🙏🏻 learnt the art of patience in Krump ✔👊
Was also nice to finally meet @babytighteyex in person since the #kinjabangworldtournament @kinjaz🔥 #krump #eyez #class #losangeles #la #movementlifestyle #teaching #inspired #konkrete #babytighteyez

Super cool meeting and hanging out with @mikeosong, his wonderful wife @theaddychan, as well as @philgarvin at the @kinjaz dojo last night!! Thank you for your amazing hospitality and welcoming into your studio!! This really completes the #kinjabangworldtournament experience for me 🙌🏻😭

Huge shoutout to the brothers @kinjaz @mikeosong @villnlor @mpact_lor for the sweet merchandise. The Kinja Bang Tournament has come to an end. But I am still learning so much from it. And to @arnelcalvario for all the wisdom shared!! Much love to all yall. N hope to see all you again next year!👊 #AgeaV #CC #Connection #Kinjaz #kinjabangworldtournament #Getthemerch

Kinjaz troyboi

Here’s a little snippet of our first guest @kieranlaiofficial 🔥💥 Don’t forget his Episode for our freestyle Series will be out very soon !! 👊🏻👊🏻 @tramphaus #ukrepresent #follow #progressionsessionofficial #freestyle #specialguest #Repost @kieranlaiofficial ・・・
The Lost Ninja of London 🇬🇧#KinjaBangWorldTournament. 🐯🌎🤺 Decided to enter the tournament and test my ninja dancing skills against the world!
Shout out to @troyboi_music for creating this dope ass beat with the @kinjaz !!! And respect to them for creating this online opportunity. #KBWT 🎥 #kinjaz #movementintheshadows #kinjabang #virtualdancebattle #kieranlai #dancefreestyle #troyboikinjabang #asiandancer #uklondon #freestyle #tramphaus #yellowjumper #gstarraw #gstar #motac

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