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this was quite the discovery I made. And idk what to think about it. q(s)otp: are you a dog or a cat person? what’s your worst fear? do you have a pet?

I want to get this tattooed

'Manners maketh man'
Quick shot I took of @kmaggzy as Eggsy from Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
Photography - @matteleven
#cosplayphotography #portrait_ig #portaitgames #kingsman #kingsmancosplay #eggsycosplay #kingsmanthegoldencircle

•Flow to the right with the finger to see all the pics•
eye-patch & grin...
#colinfirth YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY.
#kingsman #kingsmanthegoldencircle #harryhart

This made my day 10000 times better

deserved more
for @xeditsbysam and @arknights 😄
ac; @indistivct
cc; @evilherself

Как вам вайн?
Do you like my edit?


THIS is how Kingsman 2 should have ended! Q____Q ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I just swear
That I’ll aways be there
I give anything
And everything
And I will always care
Through weakness and strength
Happiness and sorrow
For better, for worse
I will love you
With every beat of my heart
From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on
From this moment, I have been blessed
I live only, for your happiness
And for your love, I give my last breath
From this moment on
I give my hand to you with all my heart
I can’t wait to live my life with you I can’t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you
From this moment, as long as I live
I will love you, I promise you this
There is nothing, I wouldn’t give
From this moment on
You’re the reason I believe in love
And you’re the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you
Song: Shania Twain - From this Moment
For me it’s their perfect wedding song Q__Q *all the feels*
Gosh wwwwwwhy????!!! *cries rivers* I still could freak out for what they fucking did… Because serly??? TILDE? Wasn’t it already enough/to much/stupid that Eggsy was in a relationship with this spoiled princess? The wedding WITH HER was no matter how totally UNNECESSARY! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I hope you like the three versions… I really tried to hurry up… so I’m sorry for all the mistakes *sigh* T~T

#hartwin #kingsman #colinfirth #harryhart #eggsy #garyunwin #taronegerton #fanart #lineart #love #digitaldrawing #digiatart #gaycouple #illustration #myart #redpassion #clarice82art #kingsman2 #kissing #kingsmanthesecretservice #kingsmanthegoldencircle #wedding


Galahad, Galahad and Merlin 👓⌚👔🔫

Eggsy Unwin 👓⌚👔🔫

The Kingsman 👓⌚👔🔫

It's Friday aaaaaaand I have no weekend😢 instead I have to work, but it's okay 😊
I wish you all a nice day 💜

we found the real Kingman shop 🌂 #MannersMakethMan #CountryROAAAAAAAD

I want to get this tattooed

Manners Maketh Man round 5 tonight in London with my Galahad and Merlin 😍🌂👓👌 @noctuadormiens // @shadowrep 🌂👓 #KingsmanTheGoldenCircle #Kingsman #Galahad #Eggsy #Merlin #MannersMakethMan

This made my day 10000 times better

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