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Confession #28 🔥
Don't hate on it, discuss/talk about it kindly!
I hope some more story DLC's will follow~
If you have anything FF/KH related to confess, feel free to direct message :3 You can find all confessions here #finalheartsconfessions ^-^ #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxv #finalfantasy15 #kingsglaive #nyx

@rjpelonia and I using @matsujules photo of her and @robbiedangerous to find Robbie Daymond at SDCC. #sdcc #cosplay #kingsglaive #WETRIED

Nyx daggers are coming out well! I just have a few touch ups and detailing to carve in to finish the bases for these commissions. I needed a break from Ignis' daggers, which I'll get back to shortly

I don't have any new cosplay photos so here's my play arts nyx figure. If you have any pose ideas I should do for him let me know hah. Also if you guys like seeing my figure collection I could post more about it? Just comment below and we'll see ✌🏻

Congratulations to the 1 year anniversary of the Japanese release of KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV! Beautiful artwork by Art Director, Kenji Niki! #kingsglaive #ffxv

New profile pic all thanks to @velvetart_videography T3T 💕💕
Totes blaming @isamiaella 🙏🙏🙏 #nyxulric #kingsglaive #nyxulriccosplay #ffxvcosplay #ffxvkingsglaive

KINGSGLAIVE FINAL 15 Shikishi (Luna Furena) #anime #kingsglaive #finalfantasy15 #lunafreya #shikishi


First Luna Picture! I just love the atmosphere Kingsglaive manages to create around the wold of Final Fantasy XV.

Photo by @bowtiepix

#cosplay #lunafreyacosplay #lunafreyanoxfleuret #finalfantasyxv #kingsglaive #finalfantasy #finalfantasycosplay #lunafreya #luna

The Kingsglaive trying to pull it together for a photo while Noctis be wonderin' why his dad assigned him the worst members 🤴🏼🗡🗡🗡 [📸: @suuupahhotfire @rjpelonia]
#finalfantasy #ffxv #kingsglaive #noctis #noctisluciscaelum #cosplay #sdcc #homodachis

@rjpelonia and I using @matsujules photo of her and @robbiedangerous to find Robbie Daymond at SDCC. #sdcc #cosplay #kingsglaive #WETRIED

... 《♥》
The young prince of Lucis wrapped his arms around his girl, who was making dinner. He started to kiss her neck while one of his hands ran to Tifa's entrance to massage it over her black shorts. The girl immediately moaned and arched her back when she felt his fingers moving between her legs "Noct I have to finish this..." the boy bit her earlobe "No girl, right now..." Tifa felt his large erection against her butt, rubbing so hard that she had to drop the spoon because of the pleasure "...right now we just need to fuck" Noctis pushed her against the counter and screamed her name, starting to move in a naughty way, his free hand cupping her round left breast, pressing it hard "Come on, Tifa, I want to make you scream" he pressed a way more, touching her sensitive nipple with his rough fingertips "Ah, Noct! Hurts..." "I want it to hurt you, baby" he hid his face on her neck "I wanna tie you, fuck" Tifa swallowed down, shivers running down her spine "Then tie me" she bit on her lower lip. Noctis was a total man with her. She was the strongest girl and glaive of all the kingdom, she could fight alone against a Behemouth, against an army... but still she was weak when Noctis was around, when he looked at her, when he touched her, when he got deep inside of her... And the ravenette loved it. He loved the way she acted all passive with him, so sweet and innocent... god he wanted to fuck her so hard that he made her face him and in a second he was holding her thighs around his waist, his member pressing on her entrance while he walked with her towards their bedroom, where he placed her on the bed to start a tongue war, at first inside of their mouths, later out. Their wet muscles danced, the saliva mixing so good. Tifa moaned, feeling his fresh lips against her warm ones. He tasted like a drug and her panties were already wet. God, that man drove her crazy "Ahh, Noctis" she whined when he left her tongue and started to lick her chin and then neck, bitting and kissing everywhere, his hands holding her face and his thumb entering into her mouth "suck it, Tiff" the girl closed her mouth and licked his finger, feeling all horny that she could suck more

Confession #28 🔥
Don't hate on it, discuss/talk about it kindly!
I hope some more story DLC's will follow~
If you have anything FF/KH related to confess, feel free to direct message :3 You can find all confessions here #finalheartsconfessions ^-^ #finalfantasy #finalfantasyxv #finalfantasy15 #kingsglaive #nyx

... 《💚》
Couple Interview (Continuation):
•The feels
1. What do you feel when you see your spouse?
Tifa: are you really asking us that?
Noctis: I want to know.
Tifa: it's like...you know those butterflies? Fuck them, I feel the whole zoo. Is like if a tsunami of adrenaline and love hit me so hard that I cannot even breath or think in another thing but him. It's a sensation of being flying far away from everything. Is... is the best feeling I ever had and (looks at him) he gives it to me everytime he looks at me.
Noctis: I can't d-do it, I'm too shy (blushes hard)
Tifa: come on, Noct, pleasee. I promise I won't laugh.
Noctis: okay, I-I'll try. Okay, whenever I see her... every pain, burden or piece of sadness dissappeard. It's like being in heaven, like nothing else matters and whenever she is with me I feel the strongest man in the world. I love her. More than anything. I can't live without her. She saves me all days.
Tifa: Now I am the one who needs to kiss that face
2. Which five words would you use to describe her/him?
Noctis: beautiful, sweet, perfect, warm, sexy. Five are too few but well.
Tifa: (smiles at him) Strong, caring, the best, handsome, hot.
Noctis: I knew she would say hot.
3. What three things' of the other attrack you the most.
Tifa: Damn. Heart, soul and body. That doesn't count? Ugh, okay. I'll say his blue eyes, his arms and butt.
Noctis: for real?
Tifa: I would have said the other three but they have to be concrete things. And I love your thick ass.
Noctis: (smirks) eyes, smile and thighs. Her legs are the doors to paradise, if you know what I mean.
Tifa: (blushes)
4. What do you hate of your spouse's the most?
Tifa: Noct is flawless.
Noctis: And she would hit me if I say it so...
Tifa: (looks at him) what do you mean? Speak it already.
Noctis: but promise me you won't punch me.
Tifa: I'll try.
Noctis: (sighs and smiles nervously) I hate when she underrates herself, when she gets angry with me and when she falls asleep while having the best sex in life.
Tifa : that happened just once!
Noctis: but you did! I was screaming her name but she wasn't even moaning. I looked at her and she was sleeping.

My #visualkei look today was inspired by #NyxUlric from the #FinalfantasyXV movie, #Kingsglaive :) I really liked the silver, black, and purple design of his uniform, as well has his hairstyle~ #gaijin #v系 #visualkeimakeup #visualkeiinspired #visualkeistyle #vkeimakeup #vkeistyle #vkeiinspired #ヴィジュアル系 #bloodsucker #sixthgun #beforework

I've been trying to shred hoping that someday I'll have my hair styled like #NyxUlric because he's the baddest mofacs' Final Fantasy character of them all! Future cosplay idea perhaps? (If Ever) 🤞

Need to drop down to 140-150 pounds to even come close to the surface of this gentleman's "swag." It would probably take about 7 months to grow my hair to the proper length of Nyx's hairstyle. A man bun with Jedi twist oh man! Can't EVEN right now so peace ✌️ #IdNameMySonNyxUlricForNoApperentReason #TaperBoyz #sugapapi #sugapapito #SuavecitoAF #SuavecitoPapito #Cosplay #FFXV #kingsglaivecosplay #kingsglaive #BadAssBleaker #TheNoneBleakable #BleakersOfBleakers #AllOfASlutden #FanBoy

... 《💙》
Couple Interview (continuation):
10. Who takes pictures at important ocassions?
Noctis and Tifa: Prompto (laughs)
Tifa: And if he's not there Heres.
Noctis: Prompto always is teaching him the right angles, lights and so on... maybe our son will become a photographer besides a King.
Tifa: I wouldn't mind it, it is a beautiful hobby and Prom is a great uncle, he will teach him good.
Noctis: I know he will, the buddy's quality is 100%
•The kid:
Noctis: I know everything that has to be known. I'm prepared.
Tifa: (raises her brows and smiles)
1. Who picks up the children from school?
Noctis: Iris, Prompto, Tifa or me.
Tifa: We try not to make the servants attend him too much. We always like to share all the time we can with him.
2. Who packs lunches for him?
Noctis: Iggy or Tifa.
Tifa: If he ever does it Heres' would die because of a intoxication.
Noctis: Like if I poured soap on the food, Tiff.
Tifa: I can't leave you alone in a kitchen.
Noctis: Oh yeah? You always eat anything I do for you if there's chocolate on it.
Tifa: (laughs out loud) Chocolate is chicolate.
Noctis: would you die for chocolate?
Tifa: No doubt. For you too.
Noctis: Cut?
3. What are his favorite toys/activities?
Noctis: like his mother he loves plushes, table games and ride horses. He doesn't like fising god damnit.
Tifa: That's because you always scream at him when he loses the fish, idiot.
Noctis: But he had it in the net! (Throws his arms into the air)
Tifa: Whatever (spinnes her eyes)
4. What are they least favorite foods?
Noctis: Veggies like me (laughs)
Tifa: is all your fault too.
Noctis: why is everything my fault?!?!
Tifa: because when I tell him that he won't eat anything until he eats the vegetables you give him another thing thinking that I won't know it!!
Noctis: Ups
5. Does he still uses a car seat?
Noctis: No, he doesn't use it since his early five years.
Tifa: I'm all impressed.
Noctis: (smirks) pay me tonight.
Tifa: Gosh Noct stop being a perv!
Noctis: I can't, just look at those cheeks (pinches her cheeks)
Tifa: Nooooct!
6. What is your ususal babysitter's name?
Noctis: Ignis.
Tifa: (laughs out loud)

... 《♡》
Couple Interview (Continuation):
1. When's your spouse's birthday?
Tifa: He was born a 30 of August.
Noctis: (looks at her) That was so fast.
Tifa: And you are gainning some time that won't help you (raises her brows) Come on tell me.
Noctis: (smiles) 3 of May, beautiful. (Laughs)
2. What did you do for your spouse's birthday?
Noctis: We never have liked big parties and public events so I took her and Heres to a secret place and there I gave her a horse's plus. She loves pluses... also many chocolates (laughs)
Tifa: Yeeah and I made to him a chocolate cake, I gave him new fishing materials and a bittersweet night (smirks)
Noctis: One of the best. I want the same this year.
3. How did you celebrate your latest wedding anniversary?
Tifa: The both of us left Insomnia for two days to go to a little house next to Altissia's beach.
Noctis: We had real fun (holds her hand and smiles)
4. What religious holydays do you celebrate together?
Tifa: Christmas, The Easter and Insomnia's festivities.
Noctis: She loves those, always watching the fireworks and going through all the city.
Tifa: Yes but it is great 'cause you can wear mask so we can go together without being noticed.
5. What's the most important holyday of the year in your household? Where do you typically celebrate it?
Noctis: Maybe Christmas' Eve?
Tifa: Well, Heres' birthday it's not a holyday but we always scape from our tasks that day to celebrate it with him.
Noctis: Yeah, beautiful, but they are asking about holydays.
Tifa: I know but... ugh, just shut up.
6. Have you or your spouse's gone to see a movie or other form of entertainment lately? What did you see?
Noctis: We went to see Alien Covenant.
Tifa: It wasn't the bad I expected.
Noctis: Yeah, we enjoyed it.
7. What did both of you last New Year's Eve? Forth of July?
Tifa: We went out with the boys and girls.
Noctis: Everyone drunk at five in the morning.
Tifa: I don't wanna repeat it.
Noctis: I do not mind it, you always get so jealous and cheese with me... and I can do whatever I want 'cause you just laugh and hug me.
Tifa: (blushes hard) I c-can't drink, okay?

"My king..." It's so sad that Regis had to die 😭 my idea for this photo was what would be if Nyx survived and met Noctis, since he's very loyal to the crown 👑

Pic by: @bowtiepix

#nyxulric #cosplay #finalfantasy15 #kingsglaive #noctis #noctisluciscaelum #nyx #king #crown #regis #finalfantasyxv #noctiscosplay #nyxcosplay #squareenix #coat #leather #finalfantasy #kneel #feels

#Regram from @tonycos2.0 at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California, USA
PC: @katx_404 ・・・
Gladiolus in the moment of clarity
I love this shot
Special thanks to @katx_404 Prompto for taking this awesome photo .
#cupofnoodles #animeexpo #animeexpo2017 #gladiolusamicitia #gladdy #gladiolus #gladdydaddy #gladiocosplay #gladioluscosplay #kingsglaive #cosplay #cosplayer #finalfantasy15 #finalfantasy

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