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Yes, the rumors are true: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man watches the #NBAFinals too. Check out the @SonyPictures YT to see what happens next! #SpiderManHomecoming #KingofCameos

Happy Birthday to a great individual who puts a smile on people's faces with his creative jewelry pieces ... #happybirthday #kingofcameos #amedeoscognamiglio🇮🇹 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂

King of Cameos,Stan Lee.
#StanLee #KingofCameos

#tbt to last December when @masonreinke and I got to work with the coolest 94 year old on THIS planet! #kingofcameos #marvel

Stan is the king of cameos even on TV lol he was on fresh off the boat tonight bahahhah #marvel #stanlee #kingofcameos #stillmakingcomics @therealstanlee

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Stan Lee cameo ✅

Medusa was a monster, one of the Gorgon sisters and daughter of Phorkys and Keto, the children of Gaea (Earth) and Oceanus (Ocean). She had the face of an ugly woman with snakes instead of hair; anyone who looked into her eyes was immediately turned to stone. Her sisters were Sthenno and Euryale, but Medusa was the only mortal of the three.
She was originally a golden-haired, fair maiden, who, as a priestess of Athena, was devoted to a life of celibacy; however, after being wooed by Poseidon and falling for him, she forgot her vows and married him. For this offence, she was punished by the goddess in a most terrible manner. Each wavy lock of the beautiful hair that had charmed her husband was changed into a venomous snake; her once gentle, love-inspiring eyes turned into blood-shot, furious orbs, which excited fear and disgust in the mind of the onlooker; whilst her former roseate hue and milk-white skin assumed a loathsome greenish tinge.
Seeing herself transformed into such a repulsive creature, Medusa fled her home, never to return. Wandering about, abhorred, dreaded, and shunned by the rest of the world, she turned into a character worthy of her outer appearance. In her despair, she fled to Africa, where, while wandering restlessly from place to place, young snakes dropped from her hair; that is how, according to the ancient Greeks, Africa became a hotbed of venomous reptiles. With the curse of Athena upon her, she turned into stone whomever she gazed upon, till at last, after a life of nameless misery, deliverance came to her in the shape of death, at the hands of Perseus. #medusa #greekmythology #cameos #earrings #highjewellery #artjewelry #amedeo #kingofcameos #madeinitaly #artisan #jewelrydesigner #mastercarver #jeweller #mythology #art @amedeoshop (Sardonyx Cameos, hand carved, set in black silver, rhodium plated, black diamonds and mother of pearl cabochons. One of a kind. For info, SALES@MYAMEDEO.COM

Jessica | 👩
Pic from the last video I directed. In the next few days I will upload some BTS photos from @aleph.films latest production.
Shot by @simonebureca ☻

Filming in Positano | 🎥

Missing the sun | 🌅

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