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This thing called “life” can get so hard, you never know what’s going to come your way. Some things that happens in our lives, we can’t avoid or choose what comes our way, but we can choose the kind of people we entertain. When it comes to problems, we should want to keep our lives as smooth sailing as possible and not allow foolishness to come in. Troubles are so easy to fall into, and you can catch hell trying to get out! No matter how long you’ve known a person or what type of relationship you’ve had, not everyone is meant to be in your life and sometimes you have to separate yourself from people, places and things. We live in a time where you don’t really have to have enemies, your family, friends and loved ones are doing a fabulous job as doing a enemy’s job! Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty for separating yourself from people, no one knows what you’ve encountered from those individuals except you. At some point, you get tired of overlooking the chattering behind your back, what they’ve done(won’t ever tell what you’ve done for them) for you, painting you as a user, spreading things about you etc. etc... Walking away from the battle doesn’t mean you’ve lost, you’ve chose to forfeit the game due to disloyal, dishonest and dishonor. From the desk of #KingO #myunfollowgamestrong

🏅 Kingo was afgelopen zondag aanwezig bij de #Blaakrun om alle hardlopers aan te moedigen! Kanjers zijn jullie! 👏
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Esto apenas comienza! 💪🏻muchas gracias por la nota! @televertv #telever #KINGO 💕

Une simple gare 🚅❤️
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Selfie stock disponível na cor preta
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I’m sure we all have a testimony (Lord knows I do!) of some sort, some maybe kept quiet or a little more guarded than others, but nonetheless there’s a testimony. There has to be a level of courage to share some testimonies with others; the world is full of judgmental people, and everyone may not be ready to receive yours! We can all benefit from someone else’s testimony, there’s always a blessing that lies in ones struggle. A lot of things we go through in life and we don’t understand why we go through them, but we have to believe God and know that all things work together for our good. Most of us sit on our testimonies because embarrassment, guilt and shame, and because we’re still being held hostage to our situation instead of walking in victory, we’re holding up someone else’s healing and breakthrough. WE HAVE TO PUT A VOICE ON OUR HURT!! As long as we allow the enemy to silence us on our testimony, the more people will stay in bondage. We have to open up our mouths and allow our story to flow out of our mouth like a river of water so that someone else can be set free. Let us walk in our own testimonies and give the enemy back his shame. Be encouraged! From the desk of #KingO #goforth

Can U see?! Kingo is wherever he wants 💙😀 #art #artist #artwork #photography #pictures #edit #london #londoneye #kingo

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