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Kit with a tie or bow-tie?

Do you guys like the name Aegon Targaryen?

Forever epic! Who were you rooting for? Jon or Ramsay?
(via @gotinsider)

This is funny 😄😄

Robb or Jon?

↬[Kit Harington (with co-star and friend Ben Crompton) in Belfast🇮🇪 for filming of Game of Thrones Sn6 (22.Jul.2015)]↫

Those pants are practically painted on.
His hoodie looks get me so moist n feelin like a hoodlum hoe!🔫😠

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😽x your loving MamaKitten



Let's see which scene did people like the most.
Comment your favourite scene from GOT.😉
Let the Comments begin😅😉
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And that night, Jon dreamt of Dany’s pain at her incapability to have children, and then felt all the guilt the world has to offer, for shutting down her joy at her pregnancy, so fast.
Dany dreamt of sweeter moments from Jon, wishing he could become like that gentle soul again. #JonerysStorybyYami {Y}

#swipe | they spoke and well, our Queen held nothing back. She was very hurt. 😬 #JonerysStorybyYami {Y}

Aceitando o desafio do @conrado_t

7 fotos de 7 dias diferentes em preto e branco ! (7/7)
Desafio completo! Izi!

Quando a sua namorada sabe te presentear!

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My favorite quote from GOT is from, of course, Tyrion. “Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you. ⚔️ 🔥❄️ What's yours?

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