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Turning the base of a mug body, the step done before the handles are put on and pulled, like previously demonstrated in an older video.

I use a leather hard chuck, with a flat top, that I attach to the wheel-head. The benefit of this, compared to simply putting it straight on the metal wheel, or using a grip is as follows. The flat top rests perfectly against the interior base of my mugs, this means I can throw the bases thinly and turn them smooth without the bottoms collapsing or pushing inward to be concave. I lightly damp the top of the leather hard chuck before tap centring the pot into place, the moisture helps it stick firmly in place. I’ve kept the same chuck for almost a year now, after every session using it, and it can be used on multiple forms, I spray it with water and wrap it up tightly with plastic.
The other advantage is speed, I don’t have to remove the three lumps of clay and reattach them each time or loosen the grip holding it in place. They just go on and off. Lastly, the delicate rim isn’t damaged by being pressed against the metal, and there’s no way they can be distorted by pressing the three lumps of clay against it.

Tap centring is a skill I would recommend all throwers to learn, it speeds up centring anything on the wheel tenfold and after enough practice it becomes second nature. I learnt by simply using an old bisque fired bowl and spent an hour or so trying to do it, until it clicked. Of course overtime I’ve got better at doing it, but the basic know how comes very quickly.

Once in place I can go about trimming the base and sides and burnishing them with a kidney, like shown. I like the bases of my pots to be smooth and clean, the bevelled edge turned onto the corner not only adds a lovely shadow beneath the pot as it rests, but it also removes any sharp corners from the bottom, which might chip with use.

It’s a quick procedure for each but does add another whole step to creating these pieces that the Maze Hill Pottery mugs don’t have, they’re left with the wiring off marks on the bottom and the edge is simply gone over with a wet thumb to soften it. This is how I finish all of my pots off, save those with foot-rings.

She realized she could move and hasn't stood still since. Lots of learning, cheers, proud smiles of victory and a couple bold tumbles too. Even still she's completely undeterred by gravity's law, like forward motion is an even stronger science. She hasn't been told she should doubt herself upon falling, perfectionism hasn't settled in to coach. And I'm seeing areas where I need to stand up again, reach for help and try. It's in us to advance. Fear of failure is a liar and falling has never had the final word like it told me it did.

It's funny how you can move across the world to a new country and yet still feel so at home 🌏
I've been working more on writing about things that truly matter to me and am working with some publications here in NZ. I needed some photos for one that I worked on about tandem breastfeeding (yep, you read that right 😅) - so I ran to the garden, grabbed a flower for my hair, and my hubby snapped a few photos and surprisingly (with the lack of effort that these actually required), these might be some of my favorite ever because it's really just us in our element ✨

the little things? the little moments? they aren’t little - jon kabat zinn :: these words resonate so much with my mom in town as I watch my husband help her with her computer or we cook meals or play a board game or walk to ice cream. these are the seemingly small moments that when added up equal connection❤ #livethelittlethings #lovemore #beherenow

Важен ли для вас уют, комфорт, и близкие люди рядом? Для меня безумно. 🎶 clean bandit - symphony

The best weekend is when you don't have time for Instagram! We went to the annual almond bloom festival, a zoo and a farm! How was your weekend?
Самые лучшие выходные - это когда некогда выложить фотографию в Инстаграм:)
Мы были в гостях, а ещё:
🌺На фестивале цветения миндаля
🌺В зоопарке
🌺На ферме
🌺Катались на велосипедах
А как прошли ваши выходные?

Current situation in my neighbourhood 💙.

I just want to say I deeply admire all of you, brave people, who come to see #Cambridge during weekends. I find it impossible to breathe (not to mention cycle...) in the centre and there are more people around than in Oxford St during peak hours🙈. Sometimes I'm glad I have work on weekends...
#cambridgelittlegems #doortraits #houseportrait #doorsofdistinction #passionpassport #mytinyatlas #iamatraveler #lightinspired #kinfolk #living_destinations

Белоснежная Дульсинея возвращается с прогулки запачкав исключительно подушечки лап, я же прихожу с полутора киллограмовыми утяжелителями из грязи на каждом резиновом сапоге. Здесь я вечно в пыли, паутине, соломе, слюнях и каше, ну и бог весть в чем еще, если погналась за козами или встретила по дороге двух соседских собак. И только свежий маникюр модного оттенка блэк-черри-берри, просвечивающий сквозь истлевшие перчатки, напоминает мне, что лешим я числюсь только по выходным, а на закате воскресенья, ударяясь о земь, оборачиваюсь белой голубкою и лечу назад, в город, месить уже городские грязи кожаными ботильонами. Вот такие сказочки, друзья.
Доброго утра и светлого вам понедельника во всех смыслах 🌾

This is the pot featured with Kelly in the last post, at the beginning of its journey. Will work on drawing that parallel more often, as is often requested ;-) . Hope you've had a great weekend xoxo KWP #keywestpottery


Тапочки из натуральной овчины 🐑
Все цвета и размеры в наличии 🙌😉

тапки из 100% овечьего меха 🐑#тапкиEcoMil
Сейчас это модный и стильный тренд домашней обуви 👌

Цена за тапочки ✨ 1990₽✨
Размеры с 35 по 40
Оптовикам от 10 -ти пар Скидка😉


Они нереально реальные 👍👍👍👍
Благодаря натуральному меху, в тапочках очень комфортно, как зимой ❄️⛄️так и летом ☀️🌳
👌Отличный вариант для тех, кто любит держать ноги в тепле и уюте. Тапочки очень мягкие, комфортные ,приятные на ощупь , прочные .
🎁Хороший подарок девушке , жене ,маме , сестре , теще , свекрови . 🐑Овечий мех давно зарекомендовал себя как отличное средство для уменьшения неприятных ощущений в суставах и улучшения кровообращения.
Эти тапки можно стирать 😉☝️👌
,мягкими моющими средствами !!! Сушить только естественным образом, вдали от отопительных приборов, батарей и прямых солнечных лучей.
💠отправляем в любые регионы 🚚✈️🚀😉

заказы в what'sApp +79025571930 или в Direct☝️😉

While Sunday was spent walking in pretty London neighbourhoods and looking at pretty London buildings, Monday (after #daylightsavings ) does not look that exciting 😵

Jeg glæder mig til lange sommeraftener herude, & til at kunne give det en kærlig hånd når solen er fremme og tiden er til det 💭 god mandag søde følgere 😚

Вот и понедельник наступил☕😁рабочие планы зашкаливают, список дел переполнен и болтается у меня в голове, а хорошо бы его записать, того и гляди выроню какой-нибудь пункт✌️😂такие дела. А как начинается ваша неделя?

Яркой недели, друзья!🌈 лото в наличии, цена 270 грн / 800 ₽. Заказы принимаем в Директ 💌🤗

B/W Portrait 📷


Рецепт идеального пикника найден, это хорошая компания, которая терпеливо стоит рядом, пока ты все раскладываешь, домашние брауни от @brownie_mama (целых 12 видов, мой фаворит мята-лимон) и мини-бутылочка prosecco, потому что когда такая погода как сейчас, это единственное, что вас отогреет 🥂
Спасибо богине пикников @by.lullaby за чудесную субботу 🖤
#flatlays #flatlaythenation #flatlay #flatlaytoday #flatlaystyle #flatlayforever #flowerpower #picnicday #picnicparty #picnictime

Vacation is officially over 🍷

amazing ✨

해가 저무는 늦은 오후에는 #플랫화이트 한잔!
오늘 엘살바도르 #싱글오리진 원두로 내린 플랫화이트가 맛이 참 좋습니다:)
#톨릭스타그램 #다시찾은톨릭스

#Repost @lsouza6
After a 2 hour delay...we are finally back home. Now for our luggage and ride 🤔😴 Tomorrow: back to reality 😩😂 #ThankYouJesus

@damianofalleti quando ci torniamo 😍

We're onsite in Ealing! We've been working so hard to get everything ready for the contractors to start today. I'm so excited! We have a couple of months of build while we strip the house back to basics. Here's a shot of the kitchen concepts which we'll keep referring back to throughout the project ✨

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