Taking last week's movements for #SpineHealthSaturdays: 🔥

1. Lateral flexion: majority of tightness on the sides of the body goes unaddressed.

This simple but effective stretch will be felt from shoulders to the side of the hip.

VERY imp coach tip: keep your shoulders stacked and lower back in neutral. Don’t flare the ribs. And reach diagonally upwards with elbows straight.

2. Rotation:
A very subtle but important movement to unlock the mid back or thoracic spine. Hips don’t move. You can see abs working to rotate in full ROM

3. Rotation in the squat:
Strengthens the spine and hip mobility together because there is no support: spine has to stay activated to stay erect as you squat deep and then rotate.

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#WednesdayKnowHow: @lebertfitness equalizers! 🔥

Level: Advanced by @coach.urmi

How to:
1.One hand Push up with shoulder extension : 5 each side

2. Hinge with OH press :15

3a) Jumps over the @lebertequalizers :10 total
3b) hops over the bar :30 seconds

4. Reverse plank knee tucks (add dips as bonus) :10 each side

4 rounds

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This Monday, feel the 🔥 with @coach.urmi and @dhiraj.bediskar 👯

Whattay quads burner! @coach.urmi and I did this as a finisher to the leg workout.
Thought: An attempt to stay in the partial squat position while transitioning through -
1. Utkatasana, chair pose from Yoga.
2. Regular squat.
3. Sumo squat.
4. Split lunges.
Execution: A circle pops in my head and then a ying-yang. So I think to myself why not start from the centre to reach out to its circumference using first 3 variations of squats and then complete the circle using split lunges. Though I ended up making quadrants. What you see is two cycles of 1 rep.
Your form is of utmost importance here, your spatial understanding has to be better, knees can't be buckling during the jumping and landing.
#plyometrics #bodyweighttraining #strengthandconditioning #squats #sumosquats #splitsquats #gainz #partnerworkout #khargym #niketraining #yoga #utkatasana

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#SpineHealthSaturdays by @coach.urmi
How to:

1. Roll down to scoop up and extend the spine before standing erect
2. Hinge at the hips (just like previous post from last Saturday) but soften down all the way and roll up one vertebra at a time

1. Can be used for warm up
2. Throughout the day during breaks
3. Can be done anywhere in any attire at any time

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Announcing functional barefoot training session on 14th july 10:30-11:30 am. ☝🏻
Yesterday I spoke about coming back from weakness or injury and I know in my six years as a coach, majority people have a weak balance. •
Yet they do all single legged activities especially running long distances, lunging with heavy weights or attempting fancy yoga poses without technique. •
I don’t blame them because these techniques are not common amongst the general population. •
I have applied these techniques in
1. #functionaltraining (lateral bounds, single led deadlifts, lunges)
2. Balance as a skill (holding ten seconds on 1 foot)
3. And improving my vrikshasana with an upward gaze, Garudasana, veerbhadrasana-3 and so many more. 💪🏻🙌🏻
🤓in this workshop u will learn:
1. Warm up techniques and injury prevention drills
2. How to apply it to training / running / yoga or LIFE in general. 👍🏻
Suitable for ... EVERYONE.
PS: it is not about training without a shoe, it is about how your feet behave when they ARE IN THE SHOES. 😁🔝

PC: @rahulsadagopan
#throwback to when @coach.urmi from @kineticliving came down to lead a session on #animalflow and #kettlebells! We love collaborating with coaches of high calibre who have something interesting to offer to our community. When Urmi approached us we were thrilled with the idea of showcasing something new to our community via someone as skilled as her. Here's to more such collaborations! .
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Today's #WednesdayKnowHow is based on EQualisers by @lebertfitness. 💪

Coach @dhiraj.bediskar shows you how to get a quick full body workout by using the Equalisers.


15 Pushups
10 Bicycles each direction.
10 Knee tuck--> L-sit--> Jump squat.
15 Squats with lateral raises(isometric hold EQ's)

Beginners: 2-3 rounds.

Intermediate to advanced: 3-5 rounds.

People with shoulder and neck issues should master the bodyweight form first and then learn to workout on EQ.

Learn this and more in our Beginner Calisthenics workshop. Details out soon.

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