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Spice up your Partner workouts with this exercise - looks deceptively easy 😋👊✔️ @dhiraj.bediskar

Showing off ... .
Wait, I was talking about my infinity pool and the view from the mountain bar & bistro at @hiltonshillimretreatandspa . What did you think? 😉

How did you spend your Sunday ?

Live the Kinetic life 👊#Repost @afshaankarim
Hey @coach.urmi, please help me get here without assistance? #goals #2018


Stretches the thigh and hip flexor muscles
Keeps the hip and knee joint healthy
Recommended for runners

✔Pushing hips back just so that you can touch the heel
✔shifting weight too ahead of the front foot
✔Holding the foot and letting it shift to the side which also puts the knee joint in an unstable alignment
Focus on
✔Pushing the butt forward to stretch the hip flexors before stretching the anterior muscles on the thigh
✔Then only grabbing the ankle and gently pull it towards the butt
✔Keeping a comfortable angle at the knee joint of the front leg

Coach tip: Use a band or a skipping rope and loop it around the ankle if you cannot hold it without assistance.

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Everything stored over time serves as layers and layers of conditioning. This conditioning affects how we act & think every single moment of our life 〰 b r e a t h e 〰 your breath is the answer

come 〰b r e a t h e with me @kineticliving on
Sat Jan 20th to peel of the layers we unconsciously put on ourselves

Travelling shoulder taps to test your core and coordination skills at the same time.
Why? Your joints are moving in a saggital plane (elbow joint) while you are moving in the frontal plane AND trying to keep your hips from rotating. (Anti-rotation) anti- rotation is as important an aspect in training as rotation.
Other anti rotation exercises include plank rows, partner resisted planks, side planks, hip lift March, planks on any unstable surface to name a few.
Level of the exercise in the video: beginner

Want a Flat Tummy? Check these exercises by @coach.urmi with @thehauterfly and #applewatchseries3 👊

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WORKSHOP ALERT: When you have set a difficult goal, you might take longer or sooner but you are not getting any closer by saying it’s too hard or that you cannot.
All you need is an open mind and pull up your socks :) So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced athlete, here is a fun way to keep yourself motivated by setting a performance specific goal... to be able to do a pull up or do a few more!
Starting 10 th jan-feb 9 , join me at @kineticliving: every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY for pull up specific / targeted workouts.
8-9 pm in the evenings.
6000/- INR for 12 sessions or 1000 for a drop in.
Limited seats
Who can sign up? —if you want to be able to do a pull up or get closer to doing it. —if you can do few pull ups and would like to do more — if you would like to learn more variations and their benefits —if you want to keep yourself injury free while learning or doing the pull up movement —If you would like to know alternative exercises to pull up
—if you have a weak upper body
— you earn Bragging rights and a sexy back!
DM me or email me on mykineticlife@gmail.com or call @dhiraj.bediskar on 9594504666

Mondays are for Partner Workouts!

Try these and 🔥 the fat away!

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A month of eclectic workouts from outdoor games to outdoor Calisthenics which will include running to make you feel you are going through an obstacle course. Learn technique centric lifts like cleans and snatches with our Kettlebell classes and burn your holiday indulgences with HIIT and Hill Running. Soothe your senses and flow like water with Yoga and Animal Flow and restore the zen for the ride in 2018.

Our January timetable is out! Comment below or DM us with your emails so we can send the timetable to you 💪


JAN 10 - FEB 9.
8-9 PM.

CALL 9594504666 or DM US.

Side plank (Low)

✔strong obliques, TA, glutes (medius) and shoulders
✔improves Shoulder and hip integration

✔Shifting weight away from the elbow.
✔Losing activation in the neck (i.e. dropping the neck).
✔Pointing your feet
✔Pushing hips back or leaning forward from the shoulders

Focus on
✔Aligning elbow DIRECTLY below the shoulder and in line with hip and feet.
✔Using the supporting shoulder to press away from the floor.
✔Stacking Hips and Shoulders one above the other
✔Flexing the feet (toes towards shin)
Coach tip:
First lift the rib cage when hips are on the floor and then adjust the elbow correctly below the shoulder.
Push both your hips gently forward so you can readily activate the glutes and squeeze inner thighs together
Try this and you are on your way to maximising the benefits of a side plank 💯

Tell yourself, it’s ok to aim for progress, not perfection.
Tell yourself that again and again, every time “new year goal-setting” feels daunting.
We all started somewhere... in small, insignificant intensity but with lot of fun and encouragement. So tell yourself, its ok to be a work in progress.
Resonating with this same philosophy, I am teaching a PULL UP workshop . It’s ok if you cannot do one. Or have zero upper body strength. THAT’S EXACTLY why you should be there with me Coz I am excited FOR YOU! Your progress depends on your current levels but you will PROGRESS 💯! Details:
10th jan to 9 th Feb. every WED AND FRI : 8-9 PM at @kineticliving .
DM me for details. You won’t regret this. Limited seats.

Pic : @aniphotoguy


We're happy to announce the launch of a never before in Mumbai workshop called "Prema Breathwork Workshop" led by NYC based practitioner Remi. Western psychology as well as Vedic principles believe that all experiences we go through (both good or bad) is stored on our body. As years go by, these experiences layer our soul & mind as belief & conditioning, which affect how we act in our daily lives. Our aim however, should be to operate from our soul, or our true nature - not from our conditioning. This however, is possible if we leave behind all the beliefs that covers up our psyche. This breath workshop is a powerful tool that will begin to release the old so that true healing of the psyche can begin. Prepare to release, gain clarity & inspiration and connect to that part of you which is eternal (and known to many as the "soul"). The technique will also drench your body in prana; and remember, there is no disease that can live in a fully oxygenated body.

The workshop will be beneficial especially if: - You're dealing with a physical ailment
- You're at a crossroads in your life
- You need to make a decision you're unsure about
- You feel "stuck"
- You're looking for direction & inspiration

When: Saturday, January 20th at 11AM - 1PM
Where: Kinetic Living
Energy Exchange: Rs. 2000-
Contact 9821981258
For more information please email balancebyremika@gmail.com and check out Remi's Instagram (@balancebyremika)

Facebook event link in BIO! 👊

What’s your ritual?
Everyday of the 7 year period I played basketball, I had a ritual. Wash my feet, change into my ‘bermudas’ (unisex shorts basically 😂), wear the socks and tie my laces in one fixed pattern (a pattern which I still follow)... all in the same order.
Today, my ritual is having my Keto coffee and putting on my #AirPods ... before I start my workout.
So what is YOUR ritual that kick starts the habit your are trying to inculcate? ✔️The key to results in addition to #motivation, is #consistency. ✔️And a good ritual provides a very simple way to initiate the habit you are trying to build and follow through. ✔️It is something you could do on auto pilot. So, in no time, you are ON! ✔️It could be as simple as sitting down on the table with a pen and your diary to make #journaling a #habit. Or just switching on the @niketraining App to kick start your fitness goals. Or simple play that one song as your pre-game #routine? .

What’s your pre-game song? Would 💗 to know. Share in comments. Mine is “Legendary” by Welshly Arms.
PS: Happy new year everyone! Let this year be about #Consistency!

Still recovering from the holidays?

Come over to KL and we'll sort you out. Call 9594504666 or DM us for our Jan offers for new members!

In the meantime, here's wishing you a strong Wednesday! 💪

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Unlimited classes for one week : 3600/- INR
Quarterly, half yearly and yearly offers available for members and new students too!
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Happy New Year from Team KL! 🎆

Come smash your New Year goals with us! Call 9594504666 or DM us for more deets. 👊

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