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A very useful technique demonstrated and explained here by @pittsburghphysio.
Several studies have shown manual therapy to be effective in improving dorsiflexion range of motion, a common impairment found in individuals following an ankle sprain, as well as improving pain and function.
Whitman and colleagues (JOSPT 2009) developed a clinical prediction rule (CPR) to identify individuals s/p inversion ankle sprain likely to demonstrate a rapid and dramatic response to a treatment program that included manual therapy interventions (including this technique among others) and general mobility exercises.
In this video, I describe and demonstrate the rear-foot distraction manipulation, which is a great treatment technique for ankle sprains among a multitude of other pathologies/impairments.
🔸Clinical Pearl: you may internally rotate the patient's hip during set-up in order to reduce the amount of motion created at the hip during the manipulation.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman underwent success Achilles' tendon repair surgery last Wednesday.👌🏾 🏈 The achilles tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body, connecting the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus muscles) to the heel bone (calcaneus). ✅Here’s an example of just how strong this tendon is. 10km run = Average time 50 minutes, Average cadence of 150. 150 x 50= 7500 steps. 7500/2= 3750 steps per leg. Achilles load= 4500N per step x 3750 steps = 16, 875, 000N. 1.68 Million Kgs per leg in total duration of the 10km run.‼️ Thankfully, most of the time our bodies cope with it 🙏🏾🔑🤓Injury is commonly found in athletes with quick and abrupt movements (runners,football, basketball, tennis players, etc.). Many injuries to the achilles tendon are caused by excess corticosteroids, certain antibiotics (Cipro-fluoroquinolone) or tendinosis/paratenonitis, which weaken the tendon.⛹🏾⛹🏾 A sudden force in the muscles can cause a strong contraction of the gastrocnemius (calf) muscle, putting the achilles tendon under additional stress. 😳 😭Achilles tendon injuries can be caused by muscle overuse, tight musculature, and biomechanical problems with the feet, including fallen arches (flat feet→ excessive pronation) 😰Resting, and non weight bearing rehab is a conservative treatment use in both nonrupture/ruptured injury. Stretching the calf muscles to prevent tightness, and strengthening the calf muscle eccentrically by performing calf raises are highly recommended.✅ The pathophysiology of the buildup to complete tendon rupture consists of collagen degeneration, fiber disorientation, and increased mucoid ground substance; however, no increase in inflammatory cells occurs. In healthy tendons, 95% of the collagen is type I. Degenerate tendons have less type I collagen and significantly more type III collagen. Surgical techniques are varied and usually involve reapproximation (rejoining) of the torn ends of the Achilles' tendon sometimes reinforced by the gastroc/soleus aponeurosis or plantaris tendon. (Shown in top right image. ↗️)Expected recovery time is 4-5 months in the case for Richard Sherman. Prayers up for a safe recovery🙏🏾🙏🏾 #KinectMD


Here is part one of a core series I did with my mentor Dr. Jared Cooper 👉 www.physiosecrets.com - CHECK HIM OUT ‼️‼️Brilliant guy that could help you grow 🌱 I wouldn’t be where I am today as a clinician if it were not for this guy 💯. .
🔑In this series we address the “lateral core line” with six progressions (yes, there are other “lines” that are addressed within each position) that can be used for core training in rehab, performance training, etc. with a partner and/or as a clinician ✔️ .
🔑Progression 1&2: starting with the body in supported side-lying position and holding tight against manual resistance. Progressing to unsupported with the legs off the table and performing ✔️
🔑Progression 3&4: Side-bridge position while resisting through one arm. Next, maintaining side-bridge position and performing a “clamshell” and holding tight against resistance ✔️
🔑Progression 5&6: Side-bridge position with one leg extended holding tight against resistance at hip/arm. Finishing with side-bridge position with leg flexed up (adds a rotational component) and maintaining position against resistance ✔️
🔑Be sure to visit his website 👉 www.physiosecrets.com  for FREE courses he does (esp. the one on core training) + others ‼️

✨post 30min run (not for pace or miles )🦋Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.🦋✨🤘🏻love this new Taylor swift song 😂👍🏻💙🙈 🏃🏼‍♀️🌟🖤💙 #runner#marathon#nature#outdoors#sports#bodyweighttraining #pilates#dance#health#beauty#art#naturelover#nature#workout#exercise#exercisescience#kinesiology#godisgood#taylorswift

Strong Quads

📝This is my third principle for ACL and knee rehab. We started with static and dynamic stabilization, then onto dynamic movement, now we focus on strong quadriceps.
❄️There is no substitute for a strong and stable quadriceps muscle that can decelerate and absorb force. Athletes will oftentimes show deficits quadriceps CSA and thigh girth for up to two years after injuries and surgery.
☃️Quadriceps work should start early and take place often. If the athlete had a patellar tendon autograft, which are increasingly becoming the gold standard, this holds true even more.
🌨This video was taken at the end of a training session, the goal was high volume high rep low load. We are on week two of a 6 week rehab/training phase.
🏋🏽 @zeekazi
#TeddyTalksKnees #TeddyTalksQuads #StrengthCoachTherapy

Let me tell you a story about a girl. This girl right here is my world. I am so lucky to get to spend every day with her. For real, I got lucky. In fact, @quaddoc often tells me how I almost struck out with her.
Strike 1 was the first day we met. It was day 1 of chiro school. I was getting up at 3 AM at the time so that I could hit the gym before classes. She said hi to me in the hallway right after my workout while I was dead to the world. Lol. I walked past with my headphones in not realizing a thing.
Strike 2 was when she tried to get me to ask her out. I was out walking around the pond outside our school and she came out too. She said how we should hang out over the Christmas break. I said that sounded great, and then proceeded to never get her number. She was basically done with me at that point. Lol.
Luckily, a year later (5 years ago today), I managed to show up at her birthday party. It was the first time where we actually hung out and I bet her that if she could beat me at air hockey, I'd buy her dinner. I won't say I let her win, but I wanted that date, which I proceeded to get on December 2nd.
Her birthday is always special to me because it was the day we finally really met each other. And we've had so many good memories since. Happy 30th babe. Can't wait to see where life takes us next.
#HappyBirthday #LoveYou #1StrikeLeft


I was camping over the weekend and was sitting on the ground a lot in awkward positions with poor posture as well as sleeping on a mattress that was quite hard and have pulled up a bit stiff and sore in the neck and back particularly. When you are camping you are often not sleeping on a supportive mattress and this can create pain and tension. Osteo’s need manual therapists too. I will be booking in for an osteo session this week to get everything moving again. I don’t only see osteos though, I love and respond well to lots of different modalities like shiatsu, myotherapy, chinese medicine, kinesiology and more.
#treatment #camping #campinginjuries #poorposture #posture #slumping #slouching #hardmattress #stiffness #soreness #spinalpain #backpain #neckpain #funweekend #lovelife #worklifebalance #osteo #osteopath #osteopathy #health #healthylifestyle #myotherapy #kinesiology #shiatsu #chinesemedicine #multipledisciplines #nature

Looking back how crazy that in a month I will be graduating from college 👩🏻‍🎓#timeflewby #blessed #collegegirl #sdsu #3-1/2years #kinesiology #prept #photography #photographer @cfphotogstudios

#PrePTTakeover @brucelee325 One of the cool opportunities I have as a Pre-PT student is volunteering with a pediatric PT every Monday afternoon!! This particular practice involves hippotherapy, a unique treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement in treatment plans. As a volunteer, my job is to make sure the kids stay safe during riding sessions and interact with them when necessary! Volunteering with the kids has definitely been one of the highlights of my Pre-PT journey #PrePT #PhysicalTherapy #Hippotherapy #Rehab #Pediatrics

Terimakasih Mas @rizki.latif17 pelatih Porprov Futsal Tuban sudah order Tapping. sukses buat porprovnya coach 😀😀😀 #tapping #kinesiology #kinesiologytape #sport #healthy #recovery #tuban

🔘Early Intervention with @rocktape
🔘Fan taping for pain relief and to aide in swelling normalization may be a great adjunct to your current treatment with post op patients. You don't even have to wait for incisions to fully heal!
🔘Here is an example of a "Day 1" application for our total knee replacement. Staying away from incisions while still surrounding the joint should make this patient move with less pain. More movement means more muscle activation, more muscle activation means less swelling. See what we did there?
🔘The tape is not the treatment, only part of it

I started taking longer rest periods after seeing some Strength and Conditioning research that longer rest periods are ideal for increased strength, and I can definitely see legitimate strength gains from taking that advice. Sure, it means a longer time in the gym, but it's my favorite place to be anyway. #strength #progress #gains #hypertrophy #mass #lifting #muscle #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #gym #research #kinesiology

“Where would You have me go? What would You have me do? What would You have me say, and to whom?” A Course In Miracles
Starting each day with intention can be so powerful. Where do your intentions lie? What will your next step be? .. if you are ready to get out of your own way then join Kim for a reviving kinesiology session. Book now, feel inspired again and change the way you see things. Go to www.nbip.com.au
Be fearless, courageous, bold and daring!
To book please call 84060679 or email kim@nbip.com.au
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So much holding. Unworthiness cloaked as ______, and ______, and _____. Striving, pushing, exhaustion, shrinking, over compensating, under compensating, saying too many No’s. Saying too many Yes’s. Being too busy you can’t even think. Unworthiness is breed into us, it’s feed into us and it doesn’t stop until it’s shed out of us. The dark of the moon is a perfect time for shedding, let go well dear ones. ❤️✨ #shamanickinesiology #healing #trauma #kinesiology #beyou #career #businesstherapy #soul #magic #ramdass

My altar this morning. After a lovely Sunday spent with my fellow @joininghandsaus Ambassadors and the lovely ladies at the @helenjoybutler Sanctuary New Moon Circle I have been in deep contemplation of my life at this moment, and the energies I want to manifest in the next 28 days.
After I chose the Rose Quartz Heart I pulled two cards: "Joy is taking time to listen to what your heart really wants" and "The way is not in the sky, the way is in the Heart". And the Joy Burst card I chose on Sunday was "Joy is Time". So with this in mind I will harness that transformative energy of Scorpio and add the power of Reiki and kinesiology to use this time and achieve what my heart really wants. I can feel the fear coming up (which is why I've been avoiding it) but it's time <3

There you go, Nov 18, 2017 AK Midnight Sun fitness event. This repost is a brief clip of AlaskaFit Productions of the open women’s physique overall comparisons. Don’t think there were no issues before I made it on stage...something always comes up! That’s just life.
Looking back, I was not feeling well at 5am on that day & missed my final stage color appointment. I woke up with low blood pressure. I already have low blood pressure normally, but if I’m stressed 😩 out, it can drop & that’s what happened- I was overwhelmed! The walls were turning when I woke up & no way I could drive to that 5am appointment.
I had to troubleshoot this situation & slept it off for 2 hours, pushing 💄 makeup a half an hour late until 7:30am. My eyebags were down to my cheeks but at least the walls were not turning & I could drive. Pushing back hair to 9:30am & cutting it close to 10:30am competitors meeting.
At 11:15am, my coach did a final stage touch up, that had enough time to dry. But no time to pump up, & then prejudging at noon. No time to practice pose before stage either. It’s truly a miracle I made it to this event.
You can tell by my face when you see photos soon- I didn’t feel that great bc face & eyes were puffy even with makeup. At least now, I know miracles happen if you power through challenges & believe it will happen. I have to visualize this right here- the overall comparisons at prejudging to make it to the stage. .
#gym #workout #beauty #motivation #fit #fitspo #fitfam #fitlife #fitness
#fitnessmotivation #fitspiration #fitnessjourney #follow #fashion #health #physique #girlswholift #bodybuilding #natural #naturopathicmedicine #chiropractor #kinesiology #muscletesting #diet #dietplan #womenbodybuilding #womenphysique #physicaltherapy

We're always looking for talented trainers. Send an email to nigel@movementfp.ca for more info.

This is the setlist from my November 14th workout.  This workout was a mix of orthodox/common lifts and some creative, unique exercises.  For optimal strength development and physique building I believe it is essential to utilize the science of human kinetics/training with a touch of creativity/art.  When the two are combined, that is where the magic happens.  This setlist art/concept by @m25_9 is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (Man/Machine) and Kraftwerk .  The “ideal” body proportions based on mathematical equations/calculations are produced via strategic methodology employing both art and science. #fitspo #instagood#instadaily #fit #fitness #exercise #workout #trainertoronto #personaltrainingtoronto#fitfam #instafit #getfit #personaltrainer#circuit #muscle #gains #bodybuilding #strength #aesthetic #leonardodavinci#vitruvianman #art #science #manmachine#humankinetics #kinesiology #kraftwerk

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