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Just doing some cooking 🍽😉
I made this little kitchen for Don last year from an old media stand we got at the thrift store for $10. The how to on my blog is the most popular post I've ever written (link in profile). .
It's gotten some wear and tear over the year especially since it lives outside (oh the joys of small space living). Have you ever made something for your kids that they love to play with? 🤔

Hello, third trimester. I welcome you with open, sweaty arms. -
I shared some thoughts this week on the blog on being 28 weeks! Shoutout to @shoppinkblush for the comfortable, flowy top that I miraculously haven't stained yet 🙌🏼🎉☀️

Our BFFs visited from Idaho last night and it was so special to watch the kids play with each other ✨The boys think that Maddy is their younger sister and take their big bro jobs verrrry seriously 😂 It was so cute to watch them adore her and dote on her and she loved watching them run around and play 💗 All in all it was the perfect night!

Dadme tiempo, porque lo necesito mucho, pero prometo compartir todos los secretos de nuestra escapada a la montañas en el blog en el que solía escribir. 😉 La ocasión lo merece.
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Happy 1st birthday Clairvaux & Adelaide! Your first year of life has hands down been the best year of mine. Each of you is irreplaceable. Both of you bring more joy to our hearts than you could ever fathom. We love you!

PART 1: In the midst of a happy, shiny summer, I have been having a nervous break down of sorts. People say I have an excuse for this, as I lost my daughter and just had a baby. Although it does alleviate some of the shame that comes with postpartum anxiety, I still feel a tremendous amount of guilt and embarrassment when I feel that my mind or my body cannot cope. I look at myself and wonder if I will ever feel normal again. Some days I do feel really normal. But my body reacts to the internal stress. I find myself subconsciously holding my breath. My diaphragm is tightened and then my back muscles tighten and then my whole body feels like a foreign, wound up creature. My chest tightens and I feel like I can't breathe. With the physical sensations, I am so hypersensitive to them that often it's a vicious cycle. But in the midst of this I have drawn closer than I ever have to the God who created me, to the God who now cares for Florence, and to God who will lead me out of this. There aren't adequate words to describe how much comfort Christ has brought me. Every day, I look forward to retreating to my room to meditate, pray, and listen to edifying sermons + worship (DM me if you want music suggestions!) Honestly, I saw my mom do this throughout my childhood and I never understood how someone could love a God she can't see so deeply. But now I do. My own mother has deposited her deep love and respect for her faith into me. And it's in this season that it is finally being birthed. Out of necessity. I need him to survive. And this is exactly how it should be. So even though I feel like my internal life is falling apart, I also feel like I have never been stronger. Never being safer. Never entered into such a deep supernatural rest. I had nearly given up on my faith and on the love of Jesus. I could not understand how my beautiful daughter could come to this earth and leave before me. I still don't understand this but I also know that God is just as angry about this. I know he wasn't looking forward to receiving her into heaven. He mourned with me but also set her free. This world full of mystery and I'm finally able to lean into it...
📷 @jaymelang

"That little girl’s face never left my mind. I knew because of her, a desire was birthed to blur the lines of blood and let love conquer injustice in just one child’s life because of mine.” ⠀

Aly and JR Dakin and their six magical kiddos will capture your heart. Their adoption journey began in Peru eighteen years ago - an adventure leading them to embryo adoption, and now, domestic adoption. ⠀

Watch their story, and join their journey at the link in our profile ❤️#adoptalovestory

// // cannot believe the summer is almost gone! School starts back in a few weeks, and Halloween decorations will be out soon. Heading off to a waterpark with the babes today, trying to suck up as much summa fun before kindergarten starts ✨ps. I love awkward baby smiles


let your true self grow🌳

About that #tummytime life! I'm quite sad that her newborn #babyburrito days are certaintly over for good. She'll karate chop and kick out of her swaddle in record speed like the ninja that she is lolol. btw i love this swaddle set that i got from @ohjoy at Target while I was in the states. Love that the vibrant colours and prints catch her eye 🌈

A fun little #throwbackthursday from just a few years ago 🤣 I love going through old pictures and came across some gems of me the same age as my son. People always say he's my little twin, and I think now I'm convinced!

[my kind of bright sky]

I have been using method products from target for the longest time. Love them! And my sister just found some method hand soap from a local hardware store in a Mickey and Minnie container. Um, Charlee is in heaven and has to wash her hands all the time now 😂

3 more days til moving day! 💃🏼🙌🏼🏠

Following @allison_sadler_'s #freeupmyinsta challenge, I decided to make an attempt at posting more pics of me on here - which is SO hard -particularly as I'm generally working at home on my own & I am rubbish at taking selfies! But then yesterday, hubby was off & snapped this impromptu shot of Ruby & I when I spotted this peachey wall in our local village. We are enjoying the good old British summertime, and one of my fave cuddles with her when she says in my ear 'aww mama' ❤️

I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired, my mind is on the blink -
The Beatles, I'm Tired
please tell me it's not just me struggling with all of this. I love them dearly and I love that we get this time together but man his adjustment week takes its toll. Everyone is tired, poorly and irritable. Nobody is listening to each other and we're all really struggling with the lack of routine. I hate that we're governed by school. I hate that my fantasy of being this really together earth mother with lots of planned activities is just a joke right now. I hate that I haven't slept more than 3 hours in a row FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. It's really hard slog this all by myself sometimes. I can't help feeling I'm getting it all wrong now and then. But tomorrow is a new day, right? We can do this, right? But first, sleep. -
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