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When you're just trying to sleep for 100 years while a vine consumes your entire house, but handsome princes keep swooping in and waking you up 🏰😴🌿. Can't a girl just grab a quick one-century nap in peace?!
Which leads to my guilty confession - the podcast will be late this week because #overwhelm and #heatwave and really, those ice lollies aren't going to just eat themselves are they? Tell me I'm not the only one struggling this week... x #hashtagauthentic #bloomandgrowtogether

Hi guys 👋🏻, sooo cooking might not be my best domestic talent (but you should see my cleaning skills 👊🏼). @HelloFresh is a real game changer for me as it makes meal times so much more convenient 👌🏼
The pros -
1.Dinner delivered to the door! No baby wrangling in then grocery store 🐒
2. The instructions are simple and direct 💃🏻
3. The food is fresh and the meals are good! After this collaboration I am definitely signing up!
The cons to keep things real-
1. The box is big so expect to make some extra room in your recycling bin
I'm a fan! If you want to try a meal kit delivery use code 'BriDietz' to get $30.00 off your first week from hellofresh (click the link in my bio!) #ad #hellofreshpics #freshfriends #getcooking

Summer = riding bikes 🚲 , going to to the park ☀️ and getting shave ice 🍧 on the way home. Will someone tell me again why summer has to end?! 😆⠀

I know this is cliche, but my life just can't stop because I have my period. What are your tips for keeping an active lifestyle all month long? I've been a long time @tampax user and their Tampax Pearl are perfect for staying active with my little family. #TampaxAmbassador

Кажется самое тихое время в моей Вселенной 🌎
Ох и намучилась я со сном Валеры и Эвелины, как оказалось😔 Ведь знала я все про "безрежимных" детей🙈 а ленилась, хотела по интуиции жить. Не правильно это все! Педагоги и психологи говорят, что детям легче воспринимать происходящее, когда они предупреждены заранее. До 6-от мес рано конечно говорить о режиме, но после того, как мы начали засыпать в период с 19-20, он вырисовывается сам по себе. После 12-ти часового ночного сна с 3-мя кормлениями спим уже
в 9 недолго, 40-60 мин, потом
в 12-12.30 длительно 2-3 часа, чаще всего на улице, потом
в 17-17.30 не долго 40-60 мин. и засыпаем на ночь в период с 19-20.
Особенно важны ритуалы и после - отсутствие света в комнате.
Сложно конечно летом соблюдать все эти правила и даже просто оказаться дома вечером в этот период, но для меня детский сон в приоритете🙌 Очень хочу ещё раз поблагодарить Катю @noma_book за то, что поделилась опытом и дала ценный совет🙏🏻

Aaaaaand we're off again back to🗽! I always leave each visit feeling emotional and so incredibly grateful. Living far from my family is never easy, but God's goodness still abounds. And I'm learning to see more and more of this as the years pass. It's been real, Cali ✌🏻 until next time!

These two give the sweetest snuggles 😍 but look at that baby catching up to his big sister in size 😭❤️

Adjusting to stay at home mom life quite nicely🍦🛍😜 #girlsdayout

S P A D A Y | Love that dappled light coming through just before sunset ✨

Today still grappling with a sick, extremely irritable middle child, but at least the baby's easy to please 😊 #theresnowaterinthere #motherhoodthroughinstagram

My sweet baby.🍓#BriaAdaleigh


he came downstairs this morning & the first thing he said was 'I ❤️you mummy' followed by 'I ❤️you Ridley' .
throwback photos on the blog now 😍

Most of the pictures we share are of the three of us out and about. We love little adventures and it gives us so much joy to show Peter the world's beauty. Our favorite place to be, however, is in our home - especially this little boy's room. We have spent most of our year in this little nursery - soothing, comforting, laughing, playing, feeding, diaper changing, crying, singing, learning, and talking. There is so much beauty and opportunities for sanctity to be found in the everyday, the mundane, the rhythms, and the routine of each day. This morning is a joyful one - Peter Karol woke up feeling much better! We are so thankful for this little babe, for health, and for a home of love and life! What are you thankful for today?✨

day 347: thursday milestone
your drinking milk out of a bottle days
will soon come to an end
it is the time of day i think i'll miss the most
your fierce gulping
curled toes of determined effort
and triumphant empty bottle air punch to mark the end
nothing at all or ever distracts you from the task at hand
those moments last but two three minutes
but they daily make most lifelong memories

On the longest day of the year, we found this pocket of light and stayed awhile.

Today's the last day of pre-k for this boy. Next year we take on KDG. 😳😩😀

The sun has gone in and it's given us a little rest bite from the stickiness of sun cream cuddles 🌤 😅Our summer dress 👆🏼 is perfect for pretty summer days ☀️

10/06: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Coffee, cake and salt shakers, the perfect antidote to a day spent travelling in the car.

10/06: Tunnel of love in @marloweville ❤️

Who else is so happy with all the shopping bargains at the moment?! 😂❤ #loveagoodsale #yay #rockyourkid #happymoments #middlechild #smile

Entering @forlittleexplorers first rep search. We have been following them from day one and absolutely love each new fabric that comes out and is made into beautiful shorts and leggings 😍😍😍 I'm Emma, mummy to Leo and fur baby Alfie who features on here too. I work part time so the rest of the week I can spend quality time with my little mate and go exploring and getting up to mischief. Leo is soon to be 20 months old. The chunk is in age 2-3. We love getting outdoors to take lots of bright photographs and would love to share some for you. ❤️ #repforlittleexplorers

10/06: Happiness is running around with a stick in this beautiful @marloweville tee❤️

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