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New day. I hope it makes you incandescently happy and that the rest of the universe loves you the way I do: sincerely, genuinely, infinitely. 💖 #yesyou #allofyou #happygirl #kindnessmatters #kindnessfairy

These are lucky cats (Maneki Neko)! Look at them 👀 and make a wish. #gotokuji

Don't complicate your life by surrounding yourself with people who see life as a competition about who has the most material possessions👍🏽🙏🏽

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world 💗
#vscoukraine #vsco #lightroom #girl #beautifulday #goodtime #believer #kindnessmatters #kindness

Kindness in the form of cookies (in the form of flowers)! Thank you @lisawil.73 for the submission and @bluebellbiscuit for the beautiful act of kindness 💛 #goodpeopleproject .

When your biscuits match your flowers.....
Thank you @bluebellbiscuit for your random act of kindness! 💛💛💛

Have you ever found one of these?? It caught my eye as I walking the puppy at the park a couple days ago. As I got closer my smile got brighter!
I had heard of these before but never expected to find one myself and once I did, I thought, I totally get it!
Such a great idea to bring a little joy to a complete stranger and love the message BE YOURSELF

Thank you @BerlinMDRocks

Now I have a question.... what do I do next?

Hide it for someone else or keep it and make a new one to find??

The #universe is speaking to you, if you open yourself up you’ll start to pick up on it. After a recent conflict which was on my mind when I opened my book, it naturally fell on this page 😊 #kindnessmatters 💕

Banyan Creek Samaritans365 Elementary Kindness stands with MSD!
The children were so happy to spread their kindness with their hearts and signatures. We hope this brings a feel good moment to the teachers and children at Stoneman Douglas. #teachingchildrenyoung #MSDstrong #samaritans365 #kindnessmatters
@bayandtreychildrensapparel @bayandtrey

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