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We both look like his kids, he definitely could of kneeled 😩😂 #Jdidit #kindergartenherewecome

I'm proud of you munchkin. Stop growing #kindergartenherewecome

Future's so bright, kid. My little pre-K graduate. So proud of you Frannybear! ❤️🎉📚🕶 #prekgraduation #kindergartenherewecome #proudmommy

Happy First Day Of School !!! 📚✏️ Let this school Year Bring you More Knowledge than last year!! Let's Start Strong and Finish Stronger 💪🏾👊🏾🙏🏾 #KindergartenHereWeCome #FourthGradeWeReady !! (I'm not Use to Poppa Hair yet 😩😥)

#kindergartenherewecome 🐻☔️🤹🏼‍♂️🎨✌🏻

Sliding into my last weeks of summer!!! #kindergartenherewecome

"You make my smile a little wider, laugh a little louder and my heart beat a little faster." Congrats to my little munchkin ❤🙌#kindergartenherewecome #nodryeyesformommy


Progress NOT Perfection

It's a little something I have been working hard on. It takes real mental strength and courage to admit that you are not perfect, life is not perfect, but IT IS OK!
Last week I came down with a cold and it really knocked me off my feet. I skipped my workouts giving my body the break it needed so that I could recover. With the holidays coming up, life is only going to get busier and I know my body would not be able to handle it if I didn't pump the brakes a little.

This is when I would normally quit, throw in the towel and just resolve that I suck at life again.😔 I would make excuses about holiday obligations and not having the time to start again. But that was the old me... The new me...well, she laced up her sneakers and hit play for the first time in 7 days👀, picked up exactly where she left off. And it was rough...but it is done. You see, this isn't some fad diet. It's a LIFESTYLE. So there is no starting over, just moving forward. It may not be perfect but there is beauty on the flaws.❤ Curious about this lifestyle I've been living?? 🤷‍♀️ Let's chat. Why wait for the holidays to be over when you can get started TODAY building a healthy lifestyle that works with life's curveballs and imperfections. Why wait when you can do it for as little as $8/month from the comfort of your own living room? Why wait when you could have all the tools and support at your fingertips?
But like I said it takes strength and courage to know it won't be perfect but to FREAKING DO IT anyways. #truth💣

I am ready when you are...Reach out! 💋

Mia passed the time in the waiting room watching a baby. She was very brave when she got her shots. She cried but didn’t move. #miapeanut #kindergartenherewecome #shots #wevaccinate

Eğer mutluysan Oleey de! Oleeey!!! 😁 (4 yaş)

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