(my prerogative plays in the background) 🎆 @milkypant #kindabiblical #today #tattooadventures #thorns #squad #toronto

@jencloher in studio with @bonessloane who may or may not be snoozin'

Our new song Kinda Biblical is part of the @ourfirst100daysproject all proceeds go to causes under threat from the proposed policies of the Trump administration. You'll notice a nod to Kim Gordon's 'are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression' #ourfirst100days #kindabiblical photo @courtneymelba

Mildew be gone, you Devil Heathen of the Underworld! "Even though I walk through the shower of the mildew of death, I will fear no evil"#crosseyed #mildewtheenemy #spawnoftheunderworld #thatescalatedquickly #kindabiblical

Such a mood this sky has. #slcspring #kindabiblical

We often see Jesus in the beginning of new endeavors and new relationships, but we rarely think about him being present in the end of them. But he's there, loving us and urging us not to give up... while remembering & entering into his glorious future. Everyone needs to remember that God goes before us and even when we experience an unexpected stopping point or a slow, gradual one we see coming, either way he is present. He never leaves us.
The Bible is clear about the fact that our life has seasons, has a distinct rhythm & so much of experiencing a big, spacious life is about living in harmony with the season we're in. — @brianchouston #livelovelead #suchaGREATbook #Jesus 💘 #cornerstone #livingstone #kindabiblical 😉

"Train up a child in the way that she should go, and when she grows up .... She'll hopefully pick a school close to home and away from her boyfriend!" #kindabiblical #raiderpower #TTU

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