🎲 I N S T A G A M E 🎲

Eid Mubarak from your favorite girl in your favorite city 🖤


We spent our sunday cooking up something good with @camilacattt at the NRG Recording! Video coming out soon!

‘B O R D E R E D’

“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you.” - Unknown

Where everything is certain, we’re in order. We’re there when things are going according to plan and nothing is new and disturbing. In the domain of order, things behave as God intended. We like to be there. Familiar environments are congenial. In order, we’re able to think about things in the long term. There, things work, and we’re stable, calm and competent. We seldom leave places we understand - geographical or conceptual- for that reason, and we certainly do not like it when we are compelled to or when it happens accidentally. - Jordan Petersen, 12 Rules for Life

Let us break borders - politely and with purpose!


Aku dan Apotek Kimia Farma Bastiong.

dimanapun kaki melangkah, disitu ada Apotek satu ini, kecil tapi terindah.

@kimiafarmacare @timkfternate
#terkecilnamunterindah #kimiafarmaternate #akudanapotekkimiafarma #hutkf47

Summer please don't leave just yet. (Don't get me wrong I absolutely love fall). It's just I need a few more beach daze. Where I can live in my bathing suit all day, soaking up the sunshine, eatting watermelon, skipping stones, and felling the sand between my toes. If you could just hold on a little a little while longer...that would be super!! 🌞🌤🌈🍉🌺🌊💙


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