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Flying back to LA from NYC now cause tonight @thecomedystore 8pm #killtony Main Room w/ @wheelerwalkerjr and @metzger_kurt. Tix avail at the door.

3 Weeks we coming for gold @khabib_nurmagomedov @rizvan_mr @ufc

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From @killtonyshow - #killtony tonight @TheComedyStore with @TonyHinchcliffe @redban and special guests @SalVulcano @theovon Tix: bit.ly/2l9Zm2e - #TheComedyStore

The funniest #killtony

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#killtony on Monday June 26 will be amazing as @wheelerwalkerjr joins @tonyhinchcliffe @redban and #reganandwatkins Get your tickets at thecomedystore.com

The face you make when you fart during sex and she doesn't notice

Killing it on #killtony Dave Attell and Ron White join the gang for Episode #200

Since we're closed tonight, the best #DateNight option is over at @comedyzonejax w national touring headliner @TonyHinchcliffe! #TonyHinchcliffe hosts one of THE most popular podcasts in the WORLD (#killTony) & he's soon to be a household name. Thanks for your support of live comedy & local business. Have fun & be safe tonight gang, love to love y'all...


@tonyhinchcliffe you were hilarious! Thanks for making it out!

I've been waiting to get some @redban merch for a real long time . Thank you very much for all the podcasts you have a hand in, I don't even know the amount of days I've collectively listened to them over the years. #deathsquad #killtony #jre

The funniest #killtony

Awesome to see my flyer as @tonyhinchcliffe main twitter pic! Also, Dont forget ❗️❗️Aug 26th at @gramercytheatre NYC! The Golden Pony @tonyhinchcliffe and the hilarious @jeremiahstandup along with special guests will be performing at the @monsterenergy Outbreak Tour! Get your tickets at TonyHinchcliffe.com #monsterenergyoutbreaktour #killtony

Had a good time tonight at #KillTony. My name didn't get drawn, and surprisingly, every time it wasn't my name that was drawn, I got a bit more frustrated. I'm just gonna have to keep going till I get called up. #DeathSquad #TheComedyStore

Monday Rituals #killtony #la

I made it. If my name gets drawn, I go up for 1 minute. #KillTony #DoWork

#killtony tonight is 🔥🔥🔥🔥@thecomedystore with @tonyhinchcliffe @redban and special guests @domirrera and The Machine @bertkreischer #makemondaysfunagain

@tonyhinchcliffe / @outbreakpresents •• you can put your whole army against my team &, I can guarantee you it'll be your very last time breathing •🎤• #killing / #killtony || #CLE@monsterenergy

I'm a little late with posting this , but it was great seeing @tonyhinchcliffe and @jeremiahstandup Friday night. Super funny show and super nice guys.

#standupcomedy #standup #comedy #deathsquad #killtony #goldenpony

I'm not 20 years late. I just had to live a life worth making fun of first. It's time to do what should have never stopped happening naturally. Making people laugh. I bet you're doing it right now. I just started writing jokes for the first time and I've already got 3, and the ideas aren't stopping. Out of the 3, I have a solid 1 minute joke that I will be practicing until I feel I can get on stage during #KillTony @thecomedystore, where I will pop my proverbial comedy cherry. I'm dressed for the job I want (basketball shorts, flip flops, black t-shirt) and I'm coming for it. I got stories, and hopefully they'll make you laugh too. #comic #jokewriter #comedian #KillTonyPodcast #TheComedyStore #TheyreGonnaPaintMyNameOnThatBuilding #someday #PMA

Great Show last nite with @ithrewstufff seeing @tonyhinchcliffe and @jeremiahstandup at @oldnationalcentre in Indy. Trevor met Jeremiah in April at the MM&J Comedy Fest here in the Fort. I've been a fan of Tony for awhile with his podcast Kill Tony...I seen via social media that Tony done a solid for his friend Jeremiah in asking him on his tour to feature for him, that day I ordered tickets for their show in Indy for Trevor and I. One thing I've learned in doing standup for awhile is comedians love to eat lol. After the meet and greet I invited them out to eat, we went to Goodfellas pizza with them and an amazing couple we sat by at show. Prior to the show my boy only knew Jeremiah not Tony. During the ride to Indy I had Trevor YouTube Tony and watch his roast of Snoop Dogg, Kill Tony and some standup clips...Made him a fan before the show. Trevor told Tony later "I didn't even know of you prior to tonight, just Jeremiah but after dad had me watch clips of ya and seeing your show I'm a fan!" There's a lot of comedians out there, not all are household names but the goal is the same..to make people smile, laugh and forget their problems and pain for a short while. If ya hear or see there's a comedy show, open mic or Comedy Festival near you whether it's at a bar, club or whatever go see it.. #comedy #comics #comedian #laughs #laughing #standup #funny #killtony #tonyhinchcliffe #jeremiahwatkins #goodfellaspizza #indy #comedystore #touring #monsterenergyoutbreaktour #monster #monsterenergy #podcast #pizza #goodfood #goodtimes #fortwayne #openmic #happy #goals #fans #joerogan #ufc #support #deathsquad

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