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Tell your mom you're not coming home today...🙊😀#msadrags #killarneyraceway #speedandsound

Thanks @nieyaasmodack and all the others who made the day for Shamiel extra special!!...#killarneyraceway #streetfest

@s2kray_wp making good progress with #Milo before his baby is coming.you taught him well @a_cascalheira 😊
#speedandsound #killarneymotorshow2017 #killarneyraceway

Finally met up with the Big Sister of the GTI ,the @volkswagensouthafrica #Golf7.5R , first I noticed is that its less aggressive(not that R have ever been aggressive)i guess thats designers language to make it look Grown Up than a BoyRacer GTI, what's fresh? Straight up see the new rear diffuser in Piano black finish, Carbon Fibre look would have been super though The 4piped Quads stay to gain it an entry in 4 pipe convoy meets😉the refreshed front Bumper ,new Full LED headlights & Rear"s ,new technology galore so as Golf Facelift range ,Love the bits of carbon fibre look presented by Nappa Carbon Fibre leather Seats and on door panels and also carbon touch on passenger dashboard , the active info display and panoramic roof is offered standard, Love the standard Spielberg 19inch Alloys,not a fan of Pretoria"s, it now gains an extra gear to make it 7speed DSG ,yes its more powerful , will have mine with carbon fibre mirror housing if i was given a choice to choose not a fan of the alluminium on mirrors , It looks subtle when offered in white, Lapiz Blue and other colors stay winning, PDC in front and back is offered standard as previously, Blue ambient lighting on doors and on instruments signals you that you in something with extra Vooma, price starts from 647k ,becareful on ticking options because that can be relatively expensive exercise, but make sure you tick the Dynamic Chassis Control 12.7K option,worth it , so can't wait to experience it first hand and i can have something to say about its drive, but i reckon its more of the fun i had in #killarneyraceway with the pre-Facelift curtesy of @volkswagendrivingacademy many moons ago that got me giggling inbetween the corners impressed by how much it handled the twisties ,close to absolutely no understeer depending on how you push to limits, is it worth an update,YES for sure market left it no choice! Its still a Golf thats that serves its purpose of being grown up for those who don't like attention and stigma attached to the #GTI emblem!!

What are you bringing to ROBOT2ROBOT tonight?...#killarneyraceway #speedandsound

How we hide cars in Cape Town...#killarneyraceway #speedandsound #robotracing

What are you bringing,to ROBOT2ROBOT tonight?...



Ford and Friends album up on the @racewebmag Facebook page.


#ford #escort #castrol #killarneyraceway #fordandfriends

WELCOME BACK NAMIBIA!!#speedandsound #killarneyraceway #round2

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