“When in Rome~” also this might be my new project? Drawing the Squad in diff locations? -/-
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WE! STAN! A! Q U E E N! 😍😍😍

lastly, here’s will looking at himself in the view finder. go watch em’s new video! it’s hilarious!

em’s faces are 10/10 through this whole video

“this is a bad video to be wearing lipstick in” “this is jeffree star!”

we stan a queen 😍


throwback 😍
does youtube keep giving any of you guys really long, unskippable ads? i’m not sure why, but i’ll be watching one of will or h’s vids, and i’ll get a 3 minute ad, THAT CANT BE SKIPPED. it makes me forget what was happening in the video :(

profile pic 😍

i just finished watching will’s harmony hollow series, and i’m sad. it was finished off open ended without conclusion, and there was so much he was planning to do, that never happened. he did very little building, and it was disappointing, i mean, you can only ask so much of a person, and i understand why things were the way they were, but his series was short, and he didn’t get much accomplished. of course, during the time he was working, streaming, traveling, and was sick at one point, BUT STILL. i’m salty. at least h and will’s wedding was beautiful.

i hear will’s intro multiple times a day lmao

what a kiing!!

“FOR ONCE I WAS GOING TO LOOK LIKE THE GOOD ONE THEN WILL JUST DID IT LEGIT” - graser, raging at will beating a dropper that h and graser had previously set up a cheat for.

will is so great

this picture of em is actually killer! look at her eyebrows! her eyes! 😍

i wanna make friends, slide in my dms!

em honestly blows me the fuck away 😍

em is so cute 😍 i wish i looked like her

what a fucking angel 😍

EM! 😍

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