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La hermosa #kieraknightley está de fiestas, celebrando sus 31 años 🎂💄

#chanelcruise #paris 2017
Spotted @chelseaislan in #flawless
#ryanogilvymakeup ❤️🇫🇷
VIP seat with #kieraknightley

They're both so beaut #kieraknightley #benedictcumberbatch

Todo un genio, opacado por una sociedad opresiva durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. #BenedictCumberbatch y #KieraKnightley, en EL CÓDIGO ENIGMA. #CinemaxLA.

Элизабет Херли, Кира Найтли и Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли😍 Чей образ церемонии вручения наград Women Of The Year Awards вы считаете самым стильным?🌟🔥 #hello_ru #ElizabethHurley #KieraKnightley #RosieHuntingtonWhiteley


It's been a Jane Austen romance week. Mood mood mood mood mood 💘💘💘💘
#prideandprejudice #kieraknightley #romance #janeausten #love #mrdarcy #yesplz #mood

Im sorry what?! Kiera Knightley?! YAAAAS 🙌

Review for Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
The Setup:
We open on 17th century British Navy ship with a young girl who spots a young boy adrift at sea. They rescue him and he turns out to be that loser Orlando Bloom (Will) 8 years later! The girl develops very well grows up to be Keira Knightley (Elizabeth), the governor’s daughter. They live amongst the British Virgin Islands where Will watches Elizabeth from afar on a daily basis, but has never made a move. When an interesting rouge name Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) shows up, so do undead pirates who start raping (?) and pillaging the town. Elizabeth is kidnaped aboard the infamous Black Pearl. Jack and Will team up to get her back.
The Review:
We think to fully enjoy this one you have to be as wasted at Johnny Depp appears to be on screen. This film has a very cool setting, but the storyline wasn't that great. The undead pirates and CGI held up surprisingly well for 2003 film. Elizabeth can’t stop being taken prisoner by everyone, and we were tired of the pointless sword fighting by the end.
The Good:
We give the Peter Pan Style diving 10/10. The scenery was very cool, being in the Caribbean with the 17th century European feel is a great combo. From the princes, to commoners, pirates, and undead pirates, all costumes were on point. We loved the pirate/beer/woman/bar/fight filled town of Tortuga. We wanted to see more of that! The sword fight at the end between the light and darkness had some good visuals.
The Bad:
If you needed 882 coins to break a curse why on earth have them scattered all around and be throwing them about without a care in the world? Well that's what these undead pirates did and it drove us wild! The backstory had us the most intrigued. We are talking Aztec gold, betrayal, debauchery, spending the cursed coins! Now that's a storyline.
The Ugly:
Depp "trapped" on a rum-filled tropical paradise with Keira Knightley..NOOOOooooo! Do the skeletons slowly reassemble like T-1000 after being blown to smithereens?
We were excited to see what this movie, but was expecting more considering the hype of the franchise. We give this one 549 gold coins out of a possible 882 gold coins.

'Lost Stars' is from one of my favourite films - Begin Again. Kiera Knightley is a beautiful singer and she does an amazing job singing this song. Check it! #loststars #beginagain #kieraknightley #johncarney #livemusic #acousticguitar #singer #danang #vietnam #musicianlife

After a poor attempt from Stranger Tides, I was definitely worried that Salazar's Revenge would also fall short. But personally, I loved the new edition to the Pirates franchise! It is entertaining, a solid plot, full of action and the casting was well done, especially as they were introducing new characters following on from the original. I welcome and future films with open arms as I've always had a soft spot for the pirates life.

This film and book were both amazing #atonement #kieraknightley #jamesmcavoy #saoriseronan

Put a little #pride in your #bookfacefriday! #minneapoliscentrallibrary is celebrating #pridemonth and Alan Turing's birthday anniversary who was born, this day, June 23rd, 1912. Among his many accomplishments, he was a mathematician, logician and cryptographer, and recognized as the father of modern computer science and #artificialintelligence. But sadly, Turing was stripped of his government security clearance after being convicted in 1952 for "gross indecency". Turing was openly gay and homosexuality was, then, a crime in England. He committed suicide June 7, 1954, at Wilmslow, England. On Dec 24, 2013, Queen Elizabeth II granted Turing a posthumous royal pardon for his criminal conviction. #beproudatyourlibrary! #celebratepride #tcpride2017 #alanturing #turingmachine #learnsomethingnew at your #41libraries! #hclpride #hclibpride2017 #bookfaceprideday 😏 you can also check out the recent DVD about Alan Turing's life, #theimitationgame starring #benedictcumberbatch and #kieraknightley and of course books too @hclib ^mm ds jn

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