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Happy Fathers Day to all the great Dads out there!!! 😊♥️🌎 Follow @dearestbabies for more cute baby pics!
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Happy Thanksgiving!🍁 Colt and Nic decked out in their Thanksgiving Day attire and ready for nap.😂.

A year ago today we received “the call”. I screamed with excitement in our dear facilitator’s ear as she told me that we had received a date, and it was less then a week away, for our appointment in Ukraine to meet Nic for the first time and begin the final process to bring him home. That will probably be my greatest Thanksgiving memory I could possibly have.
We have so much to praise the Lord for today and all year, in the “good” times. AND in our “difficult” times that I couldn’t begin to list it all. But today, one year later, I am thankful for redemption. I could have never foreseen the transformation we would be witnessing over the next year, a picture of the hope and redemption that love brings and just a small picture of our own adoption by our Father in Heaven, brought out of hopeless darkness and redeemed by the mercy, love and goodness of God.
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They were all laughing because it looked like Gabrielle wasn't wearing any pants. 😂👖

Ella est tellement fan des robes de princesses, déguisements, chapeau, je l’imagine déjà nous faire des petits spectacles plus tard 😅👸 #kidsofig #instakids #readyforchristmas #kidsootd #princess

• We’ve reached the “cant-go-to-the-loo solo-any-more” stage. She’s like “take me with you, let me in *BANGS ON DOOR* in case I miss out on something fun”!!! #alaskaanddaddytales #CrawlsFasterThanLightning #StageFiveClinger

Lunch time. This picture is a perfect representation of why lunchtime is such a fun but also chaotic time of the day! They sit and face each other causing SO MANY CRUMBS... look at the floor!! They can't keep their hands to themselves and are constantly trying to make each other laugh causing me major choke-hazard-anxiety 🙈 As I type this, my son is yelling, "Berkley is touching me!" as the female beast is laughing so hard that she can't breathe 🙄 I love their relationship and friendship but I swear, sometimes they get mad if the other one is breathing their air. The phrases "keep your hands to yourself!" And "quit looking at your brother/sister" are on repeat out of my mouth. It's why I don't have time to eat 😂 I'm too busy playing referee! The 1.5 year age gap between these two is a blessing but will also be the reason I have too many wrinkles by thirty... 👵🏼 Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Hope the time with family is wonderful! ❤🦃


Our first Thanksgiving with just us.🍂 I was totally disheartened to have Stella out of the hospital today only to have Miller come down with something which finalized our decision on NOT traveling today to see family. I love the holidays because of family gatherings, but today I realized these 3 and my sweet positive husband are enough. Matt and I busted out our own mini Thanksgiving dinner, and it was just perfect. Thanks to all of our sweet friends who offered to have us over or bring us food. You are a blessing to all of us. Happy Thanksgiving friends! 🍁🍂🦃 #millerandstellaandwright

It may be getting warmer here in Aus, but I'm (not so secretly) wishing it was cool like on the other side of the world 🍁❄️
Adorable 📷 via @bethanympoteet

Bathtime makes everything better, so don't bring it down with a lousy, thin, square towel... 😉
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I wish I could nap for 3 hours and everyone would be proud of me ✨

What's a holiday without a little brotherly tustle #twinsofig #kidsofig

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I am most thankful for having the privilege to mother these two little humans. I have never met any kids who are absolutely and unapologetically themselves. I know I cannot take any credit for this as they both came out of the womb with a full personality intact 💕

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Happy Thanksgiving from Harper & Briar 🦃🍽🍁🧡🥧

Days at the beach with my kids ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving from my little love and I! Hope you all are enjoying good eats and good company...God bless! 🖤🙏🏽

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