I’m calling it “tuna”. She’s eating it just to get the crackers. #threenager

Good morning! Dinner from last night, now for breakfast since she didn’t eat it. And she only ate the muffin. #threenager

Such concentration on this cuties face! @staylor87 “Thank you, Snap & Shop for keeping my wild woman entertained with snacks while Mama shops! #snacksarelife #snapnshop

“Hey kid, want to eat a cricket?” Yes? Weirdo. #threenager

Oatmeal-banana-chickpea flour-flax-hemp seed-almond butter-chocolate chip muffins. Plus the wet stuff to make it all stick together. My mini did all the mixing & scooping. Thanks @crudemomblog for the flax-egg idea to balance out the chickpea flour.

Bacon, jam & toast? Slam dunk. But no eggs. #threenager

Kale bites, squash ravioli, hummus, yogurt with homemade apricot jam, fruit & veg. Heck, I’ll eat her dinner myself. #threenager

Fantastic dinner tonight. This girl might be coming out of whatever Leap shes been going through. And giant peas! #threenager

So glad fruit this time of year is so good! It’s so refreshing in this 100 degree weather we are having. We have been eating like a carton of 🍓 a day! Hope everyone’s staying cool!
#coolforthesummer #hotsummerdays #healthyliving #fruittarts #healthylunch #kidsnackideas #fitlife #beautyinsideandout #energyfood

Note to self. It’s an upward slope, regardless of set backs. Today, out of the blue, for the first time ever, she asked for the fish taco we put on the table. And then she ate half of it. Proud mama moment for sure. #threenager 🎣

Parent tip: If your kids want a snack after dinner(or anytime), have them get something out of the fridge.
It’s a fresh and healthier choice!
(And good for us parents too!😉) And side note, THIS, is my favorite part and worth the money spent on our new fridge..😍😍 #teachingselfreliance #eventhe2yroldgetshisownsnacks
#frenchdoorfridge #kidssnacks #kidsnackideas #healthysnacks #familylife #costcoforthewin #kidsdrawer

She loves corn on the cob. Thank goodness. So much so that she’ll help me clean it. Yay for summer! #threenager

Time for breakfast! Funny, it doesn’t really look like breakfast. #breakinghabits #threenager (update: fail except peas)

ONLY the peas were eaten in the filming of this episode. #threenager

“Do you want anything on your waffles?” - “no, just nuts”
Man, we need to go grocery shopping, the plates of food are getting hard! Ha. What should I try on her next?. #threenager

Salad course. She tried some things. Including (not shown) a homegrown Apricot & hummus. #threenager

Packing snacks to take to the Zoo today. Tan-crunchy foods included (her favorite). #threenager

Currently eating peas 💕 #threenager

“Mom, can we make popcorn cookies?” - sure, what the heck #sundaybrunch #threenager

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