Finished his “My First Six Weeks “ Outstanding ‼️🙌✅🔥🤩

Student Spotlight
Name: Makoa L.
Age: 4
Rank: White Belt
Time Training: 5 months
Allow us to introduce this week's Student Spotlight, Makoa! We love this spotlight for so many reasons, but one that stands out is the reminder that Jiu Jitsu is a family affair. Makoa represents a third generation here at Triunfo as he trains alongside is father, uncle and great uncle. While he has been a long time face at Triunfo, this year marks the first that he has officially been on the mats with us. Professor Felipe loves working with Makoa because he is so eager to learn. He drills with focus and he spars with a will to win. The coaches always love to hear how he excitedly asks everyday, "Mom/Dad, do I have Jiu Jitsu today?" While Makoa comes in to work hard every time he enters the mat, you can tell by his face that he's having the time of his life. We know that he is at the very beginning of a rewarding, lifelong journey. Here's what mom and dad had to say about Triunfo, "This place is home for our family. We love coming and seeing all of our friends and sharing laughs and a great time here. Makoa has really grown up here at Triunfo, he blossomed and become very confident since he started the kids class. He's learned to focus and listen because this is something that he really enjoys. Felipe and Chelsie have created a very welcoming environment for kids here. Makoa loves coming to gym even if its just to hangout with his friends and family. We can't thank Chelsie and Felipe enough for the great things they are doing here with the kids helping to teach them patience, hard work, and dedication. We love Triunfo!" #teamtriunfo #triunfostudentspotlight #kidsjiujitsu #kidsbjj #youthbjj #kidsmuaythai #youthmuaythai #youthboxing #kidsboxing #youthjiujitsu #triunfokids #kidsmartialarts #triunfolilwarriors #triunfomuaythai #triunfobjj #triunfomma #triunfojiujitsu #triunfo #triunfofamily #bjj #mma #jiujitsu #muaythai #boxing #kickboxing #brazilianjiujitsu #costamesa #jiujitsufamily #felipefogolin

One of our youngest students at the academy very happy for his promotion.
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To be brave doesn’t mean there is no fear. It means we learned to work with it, to overcome it and to use it to our advantage.
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Young Hayden taking charge with the focus pads for Dylan!!

Συνδυάζοντας προπόνηση με διασκέδαση στο παιδικό τμήμα!
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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal.

The countdown is on! ⏳ In just a few days we'll be hosting a free women's self defense seminar. Featuring realistic, relevant information that is efficient, and effective. Reserve your spot today by calling (224)-325-5246 or DM us here.

@bredell_ateljee teaching kids Jiu-Jitsu @expandcommunity 2018 festival of Wellness.
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Today students will work on SKILLZ 6 - WHITE skill stripe!
Early SKILLZ (3 & 4-year olds): ROLLING - this skill helps students work on developing hand-eye-coordination, core strength, spatial awareness, & control.
Basic SKILLZ (5 & 6-year olds): DISCIPLINE - this skill will help students follow directions, gain self-discipline, increase attention, & improve behavior.
Core SKILLZ (7 to 9-year olds): PERSEVERANCE - helps students improve their ability to not give up physically, intellectually, emotionally, or socially while under pressure.
Extreme SKILLZ (10 and up): INSTINCT - helps students develop the ability to know what to expect & how to respond to challenges.
Elite SKILLZ (Elite & Black Belts): REFLEX - helps students improve their responsiveness when in motion.

Another top wrestling class by Coach John!

Proud to be a family run martial arts training centre 💕
I love hearing our students talk about how welcome and warm we make them feel,
Professional and friendly,
Safe, clean and organised environment..
Start your martial arts journey with the KTBBA family today 💕
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When Rhee Taekwondo black belts perform a Hyung or pattern in harmony, the energy and intensity just cannot be captured in photographs. However, these photos of Rhee Taekwondo Brisbane region black belts performing Gwang-Gae way back in 2010 are pretty awesome!

Great sparring class last night. All kids showing a great level of self-control, respecting their partner regardless of size, age or gender

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