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she and me at last year's heart and stroke walk!! i want to say an enormous, heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who has already helped us by joining this year's team, sponsoring us, and showering us with kindness. i fixed my AHA page link, so if you'd like to help our team or learn more about swiss, go here: http://www2.heart.org/goto/swiss #audreycharlotte #prenatalstrokewarrior #kidshavestrokestoo #ahaheartandstrokewalk #heartandstrokewalk

Leo using his lefty while wearing his Hulk costume of course! #kidshavestrokestoo #kids #hulksmash

This little hand feels like it's the perfect spokesperson for Paediatric Stroke Awareness month. #kidshavestrokestoo #cerebralpalsy #hemiplegia #pediatricstrokeawareness #pediatricstrokeawarenessmonth

Purple tubie pad for IBD awareness day! Take some time today to read about IBD and spread the facts to others who may be less knowledgable about it! I personally do not suffer from IBD but lots of my spoonie friends do. Put on some purple today to do your part in spreading awareness! It's also pediatric stroke awareness month and purple is the color for that as well 💜💜 #IBD #kidshavestrokestoo #awareness

6 years ago today we were reeling from finding out P had a life threatening heart defect, getting our stuff together for heart surgery - scared out of our minds and decided to take P to his first movie, Cars 2. Now here we are 6 years later with a kiddo who just finished a two-a-day hockey practice, has defied all kinds of odds and is about to see Cars 3. If you had showed us today, six years ago today... I don't even know. God is just cool and we are so thankful that His plan had healing for Pierson written in to it.
#chd #kidshavestrokestoo #chdsurvivor #strokesurvivor


Jacob's aphasia affected all 3. It has to be frustrating to have to learn things you mastered years ago. He says it's in there, but I can't get it out. #aphasia #aphasiaawareness #notalossofintellect #strokesurvivor #pediatricstrokesurvivor #kidshavestrokestoo

Amelias started a new 7 week block, this time it’s hydrotherapy! She loves the water so it’s amazing she can do her physio in the water without even realise she’s doing it... lots and lots of practice at moving side wards while holding on, climbing up steps, picking up objects with her left hand and balancing on all fours.
Each weeks she’s getting that bit more confident and the strength in her arms is building... Amelia managed to do 2 independent steps without holding on in the water this week.
Super proud of her progress in everything she does .

#hemiplegia #cerebralpalsy #mildcerebralpalsy #mildcp #hydrotherapy #physio #physiotherapy #occupationaltherapy #workinghard #strokesurvivor #kidshavestrokestoo

Evan can look at anything and draw it freehand... Anything. It is his passion. He's not done with this and its far from his best, but I had to take a pic. When he had his stroke, they said it only damaged the creative portion of his brain.... Let him continue to prove them wrong. Sometimes a picture truly does say a thousand words. Just another reminder of how truly blessed we are! ❤
#PediatricStrokeSurvivor #Evan #MyHero #DragonBallZ #Goku #Stroke #KidsHaveStrokesToo #Blessed

On Thursday Jacob suffered a seizure. The staff at Cardinal Hill were amazing. Once they pulled him out of my car he began to breathe. Thankfully the crash cart wasn't needed. Because the seizure was longer than 3 minutes he was sent to the hospital. His scans were good but they kept him overnight for observation. #stroke #strokesurvivor #pediatricstrokewarrior #aphasia #kidshavestrokestoo #seizure #grandmalseizure #roadtorecovery #bumpintheroad #hero #ilovethiskidmorethanlife

Amelia’s been doing a course of bimanual therapy, over the recent weeks Amelia’s had 6 sessions and we’ve tried to do little bits at home during play.
Yesterday was her last of the 6 sessions and the ability she is gaining in her hand is fantastic.
Video 1 right at the beginning watch how she drops the stick, normally she would use righty to remove an object from her left but without thought she’s realising that left can do it.
Video 2 we were ripping grandmas paper and rolling into balls. We tried tissue paper, normal paper and craft paper all getting a little harder to rip.

Video 3 Amelia thinks she’s hilarious, and just as I watch catching on camera she’s also a little cheat.
Video 4 Amelia grasp and release of objects of different shapes, textures and sizes is getting really good, these are attached by Velcro so she needs a good grip to be able to remove them.
Video 5 Amelia on the scooter she loves it and is even getting that lefty to do some pushing... .. to think only a year ago Amelia could only use her hand a little! Although my 9 months maternity is shortly coming to a close my aim were to get as much therapy in for Amelia while mummy were at home, and I’m so happy to see her progress.
Although these sessions have finished we won’t stop at home, Amelia’s now going to do a block of hydrotherapy, she sneaked an extra one in on Monday due to a cancellation and has 4 more sessions in the run up to Xmas along with the hippotherapy.

#bimanualplay #bimanualtherapy #2hands #hemiplegia #lefthemiplegia #perinatalstroke #kidshavestrokestoo #physiotherapy #occupationaltherapy #physiotherapist #mildcp #cerebralpalsy #strokesurvivor #everydaysatherapyday

I found these in Jacob's work shoes. 15 minutes after he clocked out for break, he suffered a massive stroke. I lost my mother in 2015 and that was hard but watching my child go through this has been much harder. #strokerecovery #strokesurvivor #pediatricstrokewarrior #aphasia #kidshavestrokestoo #myhero

So, I finally checked my email this afternoon after not checking it for days. And I saw this email that was sent two days ago. I started crying (happy tears of course). I stopped writing on the blog because I felt that no one was reading it. I wanted to create a place for parents like myself to get support, advice, etc. And I didn’t think it was working... until I saw this email. So, tonight, I’ll be sitting down and writing again!

Some days are easier than others.... and some days I want to pull my hair out of my own head.... BUT .... today, I am thankful that you woke up with a HUGE smile on your face & you grabbed me, pulled me close to your face so that I could give you your morning kisses! I love you, Jared Matthew!

#TeamJared #KidsHaveStrokesToo #CPAwareness #JaredStrong #Smile #Love #HappyBoy #ShuntsQuitWeDont

As one week ends and another begins, I find myself thinking about the past and now. More specifically, where Greyson was a year ago versus now. Shit, where he was six months ago versus now. Within the last six weeks, Greyson has made TREMENDOUS strides. Six weeks ago, he wasn’t walking, he wasn’t even independently standing. Now, he’s doing more than standing by himself, he’s wobble walking all over the house! I was watching him earlier walk from one side of the living room to the other, then to the dining room, then to the kitchen - stumbling over about once per room. And I started crying. We were originally told that he probably wouldn’t walk. Then, it became a maybe. And now, Greyson is saying YES. Anything is possible when you come from parents who are both stubborn, strong-willed, and determined because then you are that, and so much more. Kid, you’re moving mountains. #frickoffcerebralpalsy #gogreenforgreyson

💚💚💚💚#cpwarrior // thanks for sharing @makattack1201

I am a mom but I am also a mom of a special needs child. My days can be long and hard. Homework time is often a struggle and overstimulation creates chaos. I have always been a “neat freak” and organized; but over time I realized minimal commitments to do things made me feel less rushed and stressed. Then I started to become even more minimal around my home. I feel happier and have less anxiety. I also see the same benefits for my son. #minimalistmom #lessstuffmorelife #specialneedsmom #braintumorawareness #adhdawareness #epilepsyawareness #gadawareness #kidshavestrokestoo #lefthemiplegia

Yesterday was World Stroke Day. Let me tell you about my son. He had a stroke in utero.......yes before he was born, leaving him with weakness on his right side, it mostly affected his right arm. He didn't get diagnosed until he was 11 months old. His journey has had it's challenges but I know we have been blessed because his journey could have been totally different.
When we got his diagnosis we didn't know babies, unborn babies for that matter could have strokes. I searched and searched for answers on why this happens and how to prevent it but much to my dismay there was no information out there. 16 yrs later there isn't much more information or research.
We didn't focus on his diagnosis, what we focused on was his rehabilitation. We did everything in our power to make sure he had a "normal" childhood. Even if normal to him was therapy 3-4 days a week, wearing AFOs (leg braces), wearing cast for 4-6 weeks, wearing an arm brace, sleeping in contraptions to help stretch him out, have surgery, the list goes on and on. We empowered him to believe and know that he could do anything he put his mind to. We didn't baby him or let him think he couldn't do something. It may have taken him longer to learn or learn a different way, if he wanted to achieve it HE COULD!! I am thankful for a supportive family & friends & teachers who have all played a part in him getting to where he is today. I share this for several reasons. Strokes can happen to anyone at any age. He will never know how proud I am of him and his determination to reach his goals. #strokesurvivor #worldstrokeday #myheart #proudmom #kidshavestrokestoo #evenunbornbabies

There have been highs and lows in Jacob's recovery. We were hoping his hand would have regained some use by now. In the grand scheme of things we can work around that. #stroke #strokesurvivor #strokeawareness #worldstrokeday #roadtorecovery #kidshavestrokestoo

in honor of World Stoke Day here’s our little warrior and a little knowledge for everyone because #kidshavestrokestoo #worldstrokeday #pediatricstroke #pediatricstrokeawareness #dayleighkayleigh

We are wearing purple today not only to cheer on the Vikings, but also because today is World Stroke Day.
From the time we received the news that George's seizures he was experiencing shortly after birth were caused by a massive stroke to now, he has amazed the world with his determination, strength, and that big, beautiful, loving smile of his! From feeding himself to talking to independent sitting to army crawling to independently standing to independently walking & so many other amazing milestones he has shown us that there is nothing holding him back. We love watching him grow, succeed, and defy all odds!
So today, remember - Kids have strokes too - even unborn babies! 💜

#worldstrokeday #worldstrokeday2017 #pediatricstrokeawareness #kidshavestrokestoo

Today is World Stroke Day 2017!!! Today we celebrate Miss Alice who has overcome so much in her 3 years of life. We celebrate all those affected by stroke. From the youngest to the oldest. Most people don't know babies, even before they are born, can have strokes (I had no clue until Alice was diagnosed at less than 24 hours old). Kids of any age can have strokes. And adults of any age as well. A pediatric stroke happens about 1 in every 2800 live births. Now tell me how rare it is??? Stroke is in the top 10 causes of death in children. But sadly for a lot of children they are not diagnosed properly or in a timley manner. It is my mission as a mom of a warrior to spread this information so that every child affected gets the proper care, diagnosis and treatment so they can best live their lives.
I want to thank everyone in Alice's life for being her fan club and always cheering her on. This journey hasn't always been easy for me as a mom but I have come to terms with everything and my goodness if you see Alice in action you know nothing has and will ever slow her down. She is a firecracker ready to blast off and forge her own path. She amazes me every single day with her determination and spirit. She is the happiest little girl ever and man does she have some skills!!!
#worldstrokeday2017 #pediatricstrokewarrior #pediatricstrokesurvivor #bebrave #befierce #bemighty #hemiparesis #kidshavestrokestoo #notthatrare #AliceClaire #myhero #mygirl #sheisamazing #pnw #pnwlife

Strokes can happen to anyone, at any age. #kidshavestrokestoo #worldstrokeday #mybaby

Greyson got mail today from @pediatricstrokewarriors 💜💜

Working hard. His leg is getting so much stronger. Love this kid more than bacon. #stroke #strokesurvivor #pediatricstrokewarriors #godsgotthis #roadtorecovery #pediatricstrokes #kidshavestrokestoo #myhero

Jacob's aphasia is pretty severe. His language area of the brain was very damaged by the stroke. He has to relearn reading, writing, math. The answers are in there but the pathway that lets him get it out is interrupted. He also may know who you are but he just can't get it out. It's very frustrating for him and we just want people to understand that his intellect is the same as pre stroke. #aphasiaawareness #aphasia #myintellectisnotaffected #tbi #kidshavestrokestoo #pediatricstrokesurvivor

Lead the way. Wherever you go, I will follow.

Narwhaaaaal socks. They arrived a day late for his bday, but Mr T is going to love these. I love, love, love @sockittomeinc socks for him to wear under his AFO. Makes wearing a brace a bit more fun! (Also check out the amazing narwhal they drew on my packing slip!) #hemiplegia #kidshavestrokestoo #cerebralpalsy

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