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The @kidsclubinternational in a small town in Lucea, Jamaica at Askenish all age school. We will service many more children around the world 🌍❤️ #kidsclubinternational

**this is not our program, a friend of #kidsclubinternational needs more children** Camp Philly Applications are in.. if you have any children between 8-12yrs old that is interested in attending please let me know on ASAP. The cost is $30 per child. The camp is for one week: Session 1 Aug. 12-17 Session 2 Aug 19-24

Conversations with Apostle ❤️ #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational

Trying on his new sneakers, of course Harry is helping lol 😊 #kidsclubinternational

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#kidsclubinternational ❤️

#kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❤️✈️

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My name is Ty Hendricks, I am the CEO & Founder of non Profit Organization "Kids Club International" which was officially founded in June 2016. My desired title is Director of International Outreach. My organization aims to provide aid & comfort to children worldwide. I've always adored to help others. My passion and favorite hobby is to travel. I've decided that I'd combine the two and help others while traveling. Thank you to all who has ever supported #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❤️✈️

I’m very passionate about my organization. When i tell you this is the most challenging thing I’ve ever did but I’m so happy i did it. I’ve made an impact on many children’s lives with many more to go. I’ve met some awesome people in America & in different countries. I’ve met people that’ll be in my life forever and also realized everyone isn’t meant to stay. This journey has changed my life and I’m so excited to see what the future will bring. I’m so proud of me. GHANA 2018 🇬🇭 -I just had a slight moment lol
@kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❤️✈️

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The students came with their bags ready to receive their donations #kidsclubinternational

We’ve once donated school supplies & clothes to an entire all age school 😊 #kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❤️✈️

Harry & Selena two of my babies 😊❤️ #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational

Love 😍❤️ #kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❤️✈️

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