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Some of the #kidsclubinternational team at our school supply drive mixer where we raised many school supply donations 😊🌍❀️✈️

This experience has given me things I could never get back to see the smiles on the kids faces was something money can't buy while they were grateful I was very humbled and thankful to meet them ❀️ #kidsclubinternational #JayJay #ThePlug

Whenever I see children hustle in a positive way I make it my duty to support. #kidsclubinternational we will help children worldwide. We will be a worldwide organization 😊 @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

Today was an amazing day. We provide transportation service to @montbrown & @tytyhenny and help to feed 200 people πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏ #phillybreakfastclub #thekickbackfoundation #kidsclubinternational

I ❀️ this beauty, thank you for always supporting me #kidsclubinternational

#kidsclubinternational ❣️

I believe a person that is able to connect with children has a gift. I also believe that children can see through someone and I'm super humble that any child I come across will gravitate towards me. I'm thankful for this gift 😊 #kidsclubinternational ❀️ @kidsclubinternational

"Heal the world, make it a better place. For you & for me & the entire human race" ~MJ ❀️ #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational

On the #theqshowonfox we had such a fun time today thanks for having #kidsclubinternational


#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

#kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

Tresha lives in Jamaica, she decided to come out the day of our drive to show her support 😊 #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

Sister #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

Sister supports #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational 😊🌍❀️✈️

Before I left the school in Jamaica a student Selena gave me this note 😊. I'll keep this forever ❀️ #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational

"Hugs are fun" -Yo Gabba Gabba (lol) ❀️ #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational

Everyone this is Drewmiah. I met him in November 2016 when I was in Dominica Island (West Indies). His Mom(Maria) and I keep in touch. I told her I'd try my best to bring my entire org to Dominica to assist at Drewmiah's school 😊. Maria tells me all about Drewmiah's school test and his progress in school. She sent me this pic this morning of Drewmiah in his graduation gown. 😊😒 I'm super happy for him and proud of him. This means so much that his mother keeps in touch with me. The first conversation I've had with her in Dominica πŸ‡©πŸ‡² we've connected and we saw the purity within each other 😊🌍❀️✈️ #kidsclubinternational @kidsclubinternational

In Jamaica football is soccer. We've played football with the students at the school that we donated to 😊 such a fun experience. Girls VS Boys and of course girls won 😊 lol. @kidsclubinternational #kidsclubinternational

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