Supportive boyfriends
Ramie has an amazing way with words and wants to be the next biggest poet and novelist while Corduroy loves the ocean and just wants to surf all across the globe (dont worry he has sunscreen on 😂) Though they dont understand each others’ ambitions, they support each other unconditionally regardless
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Art fight batch 5!! :-D hit me up on ART FIGHT im KIDAURA on TEAM TEA!
following users: CopperWingz, Cheetos, OllieIsSoPastel, ProjectBeast, Emnide, SnowInDry, HitoShura, CollarBell, CherryCokeJR, ShadyJoker!!
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Yet another batch of ART FIGHTS!! hit me up if you wanna fight me im KIDAURA on TEAM TEA! (LINK TO MY ART FIGHT IS IN MY BIO!
users go as follow: Nonomorikubo, HelenaBomber, Toppy, Lucadoodle (friendly fire), Ambspo, KarmaFire, Paxch, BeddyBugs, PeachGoat, Nessie-Bessie!!
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EVEN MORE ART FIGHTS! thats right fellas im counterattacking every single person who attacks me this month so ive been drawing LOTS!! hit me up if you wanna attack me im KIDAURA on team tea! 😆
users from top to bottom: Tuna-Loony, CupidFanClub, RJCity95, RothManMoss, GhostBox, Precis, Arkei, SketchyNix, Vaughn, PineappleBox!
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some recent ART FIGHT things ive done! i forgot how fun it is to draw other people's characters lol 😆 if you wanna art fight me hit me up at @ KIDAURA! heres the following users (on art fight)
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when youre an incredibly famous alien thats taken the entire world by storm youre bound to have some enemies. So meet some of Dino’s rivals!
Jonzie Jackright was (once) an iconic talkshow host whose ratings are floundering due to Dino’s own show taking all his timeslots. known for his outrageous and loud personality, Jonzie will do anything in his power to make sure Dino and his shows/films fail miserably by trying his best to outshine him at everything (even if it means resorting to potential safety hazards)
Dr. Astrin Augustdale III was once a well respected man of medicine, until he got just a little too attached to the idea of Dino being an alien and uncovering all the secrets his alien body hides. Being the only person on earth actually concerned about Dino being an alien, Astrin spends his days plotting his attack on Dino’s name so the world will side with him on using him for SCIENCE! rather than entertainment. he has yet to uncover any dirt after his years of stalking though.
Viema Vocette, being one of the most intelligent Rhoxjerians on her and Dino’s home planet, and incidentally the only one who actually knows that Dino is alive and committed mutiny towards his home planet. being cunning and caniving, she uses her knowledge to blackmail him constantly so she can get what she wants, whether it be riches or just a laugh. if Dino doesnt comply, it could very well mean the complete end of earth.
Carmine McCarmichael is as corrupt as corrupt businessfolk get. With little regards for her underling’s safety, wellbeing, or status, this CEO of a famous broadcasting studio makes business decisions not based on creativity, but rather how much profit it will make her, no matter how utterly horrible that decision is. She especially is fond of Dino not because she likes him at all, but because he’s the largest cashcow under her control and she is willing to put Dino to hell and back in order to squeeze the most amount of money out of him.
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some guides on how to draw Dino!
Dino has always had a strange and difficult design to draw, rightly so as i wanted a design that would match his over the top personality, and one that would fit in his over the top 80s universe. So to help me and whoever else wants to draw him but cant quite nail his design, hopefully these references will help!
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Soooo… I spend a week or so in France and it was amazing! and of course while i was there i drew plenty of the Frenchie elf Tournesol lol 😂
Ornate + Casino outfit Tournesol, Tournesol Ref, and several memey things about him and his “the most trashy aristocrat in existence” attitude
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Vampire Boyfriend Problems (warning for implied NSFW)
idk what this is either, at least i thought it was funny 😂
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Dino Dixie is my dumbass purposefully stupid cartoon pitch i wanna show around eventually, about an equally stupid alien named Dino Dixie who’s the biggest star of the apparent “80′s.” he stars in anything you could imagine, tv shows, sitcoms, movies, oddly sexual hamburger commercials… You name it hes starred in it. also cannot differentiate acting in fiction from reality and cant tell whats real or not 90% of the time
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gals and their families!
the Stepanovs, the Olsons, the Barlos', and the Mendozas
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Fellas and their families!
the Rosiellos, the Mangals, the Dislers, and the Ishiis :-)
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some #gay images i drew instead of actually working on meaningful drawings lol
(warning for implied NSFW)
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