When you eat too fast that your food has to be put in to a muffin tray! #puppyproblems #cockapoo #adorable #theadventuresoftallulah #dogsofinstagram #puppylife #puppiesofinstagram #kibble

#breakfastofchampions for Charlie: #grapenuts and #kibble 🐾
I like a leisurely breakfast...and yes, I lounge at the buffet. #becauseican —Charlie

Starting Monday off like a BOSS!!! Sitting on the top deck with my chewy and waving my tail like it just don’t care... Pug Life 🐾 #pugs #duncanthepug #lifeisgood #pug #pugsofinstagram #puglife #yummy #kibble #treats

Have you been following #hurricaneflorence and the devastation it’s leaving behind? Local homeowners aren’t the only ones who are expected to suffer... My new IGtv video dives into a bit more detail. Feel free to DM me or research this topic yourself.

😂 can she eat it all???? 🤔

What you put into your body matters. What you put into your pets body matters too. Humans and pets are riddled with diseases that are caused by the food we are eating and the food we are feeding. Feeding your dog or cat low quality or unbalanced food will have a negative impact on your pets body in one way or another. “Every time you feed your pet, you are either feeding disease or fighting it”. If you cannot feed your pet raw food, that is fine! There are small ways you can improve your pets current diet. 😃
A few ways are by feeding:
• Raw goat milk (adds moisture, vitamins, probiotics, and therefore aids in digestion)
• Water (adds moisture which helps digestion and nutrient absorption)
• Omega-3’s, bone broth, turmeric paste, and more!
Learn more about these topics and other ways to improve your pets diet at KarmavoreNutrition.com (link in bio). I have a blog and I offer Pet Nutrition Consultations for those that want a feeding guide more specific to their pet.

Buster is on a mission to get the kibble that fell out of his toy ball. #manitobamuttsdogrescue #muttsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #mutts #getit #kibble #toy #nevergiveup

Sunday Funday x Flabrador

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