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Everyday we lit 🌪 #RCA #Kiakaha

A força não provém da capacidade física e sim de uma VONTADE indomável.


One week till conference...💪🏼 #panthers #trackandfield #kiakaha #2k17conference #teampics

To the experience I will never forget with the coolest people I've met; Kia kaha means forever strong. It connects me to this amazing experience with the USA rugby team, my study abroad experience in New Zealand, as well as my rugby family in Bloomsburg #kiakaha #rugby #usarugby #bloomsburgrugby #foreverstrong

Tournament champs🏆 couldn't ask for a better group of girls to play with or a better coach to play for❣️ #kiakaha

KRS League Week 4
Ex-Angel (31) Beat Majlis Perbandaran Shah Alam (12)
#KRS #RagbiPadu #AlumniUPM

Such an amazing season I had this year, beyond blessed to be able to leave high school knowing Ive grown in a relationship with each one of the team mates. Although it is heartbreaking to leave some great and talented ladies behind. I'm happy to leave knowing I made a difference in this team. Special thank you to my coaches, we wouldn't have made it as far as we did without y'all. I love everyone on this team so much. Goodluck to the other ladies that will be leaving with me, Remember once a lion always a lion #kiakaha

Since it's your birthday downunda, Hauʻoli lā hānau {future} Husband ! ! ! ! ! Another year older, another year wiser. Thanks for a great trip meeting our whanau and exploring ALL of New Zealand together.
#WegetMarried #classicgrandparentkinepic #shoutout2mygrumpa #kiakaha #papasonny 🖤

#Kenya7s dance for the kids! #TBT(tues)
So every year at the @USASevensRugby tournament, each country is adopted by a local school. @kenyasevens has been fortunate to be chosen by the kids of Lee Antonello ES. Their trip is coordinated by Coach CJ aka @BekindPlayrugby.
The joy and excitement from both the kids and the players is a testament to the great spirit of rugby.
Vid is from last year's visit

#ShujaaPride #KiaKaha @kenya_7s @USASevensRugby @WorldRugby7s @WorldRugby @HSBC_Sport @FrontierEA @felixtotty @ragahouse_com @namaiyvonne


One week till conference...💪🏼 #panthers #trackandfield #kiakaha #2k17conference #teampics

Ser artesão pra mim, é profissão e muito mais além!!!
É cura, renovação, libertação, criação, dedicação, amor, doação!!!!
E por todos e muitos outros motivos é que busco aprender e me desafiar pra melhorar e fazer um ótimo trabalho, que ele possa ser reconhecido e valorizado.

Pintar o primeiro brinquedo de madeira a gente nunca esquece!!!
Uma conversa me fez dar o primeiro passo em um sonho de fazer uma linha de brinquedos educativos de madeira bem colorido. Algo que meu irmão falou sobre quando tivesse um filho, que iria incentiva-lo a valorizar e gostar de brinquedos de madeira. Por anos quis muito ouvir essas palavras de futuros pais e mães. Feliz por alguém tão próximo ter sido o primeiro!!! A busca por um artesão/marceneiro que tope fazer esses brinquedos sem enfiar a faca pelo fato da quantidade ser mínima pra começar, está sendo um certo obstáculo, mas ainda estou confiante em encontrar alguém que assim como eu, não queira desistir e deixar de acreditar que as crianças mesmo com toda essa tecnologia, ainda possam ser incentivadas a gostar e valorizar algo tão importante feito a mão com dedicação, cuidado, amor e atenção.

Cada vez que eu sento pra pintar uma parte de cada peça, seja ela de MDF, material reciclável ou pra restauração, deposito um pedaço do meu coração, da minha alma, meu amor, meus pensamentos se a pessoa pra quem será entregue vai gostar daquelas cores, desenhos, texturas. Pois estou me doando e faço de todo o coração.
A pintura, o artesanato não é somente uma segunda fonte de renda pra mim e acima de td, o dinheiro não vem em primeiro lugar. Minhas pinturas vem do coração. Pinto pelo prazer que me transforma e o sentimento muda se eu pintar pensando no dinheiro. Na minha visão para os meus trabalhos, ela deixa de ter vida e passa a ser algo mecânico. Não é isso que quero transmitir, é algo muito maior!!! Continua...

Incase you didn't know, I'm half kiwi 🇳🇿 #kiakaha

And just like that, the 2017 Crossfit Masters Qualifiers is over 💥

For me, the 2017 season has come to an end with my final ranking of 61.
It was never going to be easy and I honestly didn't know how far I would make it anyway.  I just wanted to make a start😊

Before I knew it, the Open was over and I had qualified for the #AGOQ!! This achievement alone had surpassed anything I had thought possible 5 weeks earlier!
When the Masters Qualifiers were announced, I knew it'd take a miracle to qualify for the Games.  But I treated the four day competition as if I had every chance in the world.
I put 110% effort into the entire four days and it paid off.
From week one of the Open and placing 276th, I climbed that Leaderboard every single week.
The Qualifiers was no different.
I started it at 61st and remained at 61st.  This alone was a great success for me which I wholeheartedly embrace 😌

So now I'd like to thank my people for not giving up on me and making all of this possible.
Crossfit Iron Lion - Luke Steiger, Blair Megson and Catty and Steve Dudgeon, without their generosity, love and understanding, I would not be able to train at all.
My work hours make it impossible for me to train during their class/open gym times on a regular basis, which is obviously nonconducive to anyone aiming to qualify for the Crossfit Games.
So for the third consecutive year, they have provided me with unlimited and sponsored 24/7 access.
I can't thank you enough for supporting me and my dreams and my goals without question and without doubt and for being you!! Thankyou 😚

Christine and Ian Nicholson of Scenar Sports Health - Thankyou also for sponsoring me and working so hard on keeping me in tip top shape throughout the Qualifiers.  You were always there for me and always made time for me without question.  Thankyou😙

To my lovely and thoughtful sponsors @bullitt_fit_gear and @supplementyourhealth thank YOU also for looking after me and believing in me 😚😚 So here's to the next chapter 💖☄🌈
@crossfitironlion @crossfitstaunch @mastersleague
#crossfitmasters #mastersathlete #thankyou #kiakaha #nextchapter #whatawildride #huntinggoals #iamthestorm #downbutnotout

Kia Kaha!!! NZの小学校でお世話になった先生から最近頂いた言葉。これはNZの先住民マオリ族の言葉で、英語では「Be strong」っていう意味。ニュージーランドで大きな地震があった後は日本でも必ず大きな地震が起こっているらしい。この言葉は日本とNZが共同復興支援を始めようってなった時のスローガン。知らなかったことに反省したのと、今の自分に刺さった言葉でした。大切にしよう☺️❤️
#kiakaha #newzealand #japan #word #bestrong

Ticked off multiple bucket list items tonight. @jakeowenofficial in concert, then a little karaoke where @zacbrownband decides to drop in for a little rustle of the vocal cords. Shook his hand, twice. Fan boy moment times 6. #country #kiakaha #zacbrown #jakeowen #ericpaslay #santas #nashville #tennessee

⭐️️⭐️️MEMBER SHOUT OUT⭐️️⭐️️ Shylah recently told me that when she first started at the gym well over 1year ago she could only lift the 4kg Dumbbells, but had always had the goal of wanted to reach the double digits.... This is Shylah 12months later smashing out the 12kg Dumbbells 💪 Not Just one rep..But 10!!!! :D 😱💪💯👌
Awesome job shylah 😁 Keep smashing those goals.
Anytime Fitness Westgate is proud of you :) #beastmode
#stronggirls #fitchicks
#anytimefitnesswestgate #anytimefitness #

A força não provém da capacidade física e sim de uma VONTADE indomável.


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