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Out and about with the godmother 💙#godmother #kfarhazir #lebanon #thesamarproject #octagonrestaurant

Celebrating our new mayor of Kfarhazir.... FAWZI!!! 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧 #lebanese #kfarhazir #reunited #lebanon #proudlebanese

صباح الخير من #كفرحازير - #لبنان !
تصوير: أنجلا أيوب .
أرسلوا لنا صوركم الى : www.lbci.com/weather
#Lebanon #LiveLoveLebanon #Kfarhazir


كفرحزير الكورة شمال لبنان #moustafa_hawat #كفرحزير #مصطفى_الحواط #kfarhazir

Day 104 – Biško (Croatia) to Beirut (#Lebanon) flight

The amazing Despotušić family that hosted me helped me organize my flights to Beirut, and drove me to the airport. The ease with which everything flowed confirmed for me that I was making the right decision. Over and again, I called the phone number that Alberto had given me to inform him of my plans, but no one ever answered. I hoped he was still waiting for me in #Medugorje.
I arrived in my village #Kfarhazir unannounced, much to everyone’s shock and delight. I couldn’t sleep and at sunrise was at my aunt’s house. She had lost a tremendous amount of weight, but still carried about eighty kilograms on her large frame. The chemotherapy had left her completely bald, save for a patch of hair just above the neck. I called out her name.

Her eyes opened slowly, and lit up with emotion when she saw me. She tried to sit up to return my embrace, but groaned in pain and lay down again. I sat in a chair beside her bed, and she held my hand tightly. Her eyes slowly began to close. Exhausted and jetlagged, I put my head down on the bed and finally closed my eyes too.

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