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When you finally get something good, enjoy it. Don't go looking for something better

Not everything goes as expected 😅🐑
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Work until you can wake up in your own paradise.
Work hard until your reality is better than your dreams, until everything you've dreamed of is in front of your eyes, until you feel proud of yourself and say "I made it!"

Stop complaining! Take action and change your current state 🎯.
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Connect with your client on a deeper level than providing a good service! 💎

Walk with purpose and no matter how great or how small the obstacles that lie before you are your purpose will see you through. .

You don't have to try to save the world, you don't have to have an S on your chest all you have to do is try and make a difference. 📷 : @wdyk_joe

Success notes. What I've learned so far in my life about getting your career going... still have to remind myself of so many things!! what would you add to this list? 🍷 maybe lots of wine lol #Work #success #keystosuccess #keytosuccess #work #lovewhatyoudo #feminism #careerwoman


Hey guys, I know my posts may get annoying to some of you but I really want to do well with Ann summers, I am trying my absolute hardest to work to the top. (I'm not doing too bad, but I can do better)

If you could just take a couple of minutes out of your day to answer a few questions to help me progress, I would really appreciate it!
You don't have to leave any details and it just tells me how I can improve.

Sorry for the essay!! 😘
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In order to be successful you must be willing to go the extra mile even, when you're tired.

Wise words... #hemingway #quotepic

Good luck to everyone this school year! We will be doing a report card give away in November‼️ Tag a friend and set your notifications. Good grades should be praised🙌🏾 Education is 🔑#royalprincebabies👑


✨Let's talk Hashtags! An important thing to remember when using hashtags is NOT to put them in with your caption, make sure to post your picture with your caption then COMMENT with your hashtags.

The reason for doing this is to make your Instagram not look so spammy. If you are using the maximum of 30 hashtags (IG rule that is the max) like I do then you will want to use them as a comment. ​​​​​​​The reason why is because once others start commenting you will no longer see all of your hashtags!
Hashtags are very important tools you can use to gain exposure to your profile. Most people that find you via hashtags are not already following you. By using hashtags you are gaining likes, comments, and even follows. Especially when you are dedicated to finding the right hashtags for your business.
I encourage you to really sit down and think about what will work for you, try them out and see what works! Also make sure to switch it up sometimes, I would say make about three different shortcuts on your phone with different hashtags to use.
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We've been in business 16 years.
We are in 21 countries.
We have over a BILLION in sales.
Whether it works is not up for debate anymore .
Good MORNING friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is ready to take a leap of faith and change their life???? #newproduct #fbombs #wehavethekey #secretcomingout #soexcited #stopwaiting #stopthinking #stoptheworry #jumponboard #keytosuccess

Vandaag nog maar eens ondervonden dat zelfvertrouwen de sleutel tot succes is. Jezelf liefde en respect waard vinden, is de eerste stap! 💪 💚 #yesyoucan #selfconfidence #keytosuccess #jijbenthetwaard #zelfvertrouwen

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