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Efficiency: train ride back from CT, I studied @bodypumpofficial release 104! I cannot wait to launch this week! And while I studied, I had @wholefoodsdc grilled salmon, green beans with olive oil! Once I got home, packages were here and two of my favorites came! @brooksrunning shoes and @jazz fitness containers! I used my bag for my travel! Meal prep went down and a new dish for dinner!
Chicken thigh
Butternut squash fries
Zucchini #kikifit #bemorehuman #keypotentialfitness #perfectnever #reebokone #reebokwomen #queenteam #teamhexx #sibobegone #beinthenow #strength #personaltrainer #jaxxfitness #acsm #dmv #mindful #legsfordays #fitfam #goldsgym #goldsgymcapitolhill #destress #happy #berecoverED #bodypump104 #gamefaceon

Just hanging with big head bentley, watching/helping at Moo’s softball practice and completely missing while swinging for the fence 😂 can we say, “it’s been a while!” #kikifit #bemorehuman #keypotentialfitness #perfectnever #reebokone #reebokwomen #queenteam #teamhexx #sibobegone #beinthenow #strength #personaltrainer #jaxxfitness #acsm #dmv #mindful #legsfordays #fitfam #goldsgym #goldsgymcapitolhill #destress #happy #berecoverED #famtime

Being that @ciaracarbonara and I have had this “surprise” visit planned since October, we almost blew it a couple of times🤷🏻‍♀️ January, my mom and brother @chriscarbs have birthdays, so I figured what better present than me!! 😂 Thursday, I boarded the train and got to CT!! The best part is, maddy’s new teacher is one of my great friends @mer527 so we got her in on it! We got Moo’s reaction but I have to say my brothers was priceless! Here’s to celebrating birthdays this weekend! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 oh and does anyone else hate how they sound on video?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ #kikifit #bemorehuman #keypotentialfitness #perfectnever #reebokone #reebokwomen #queenteam #teamhexx #sibobegone #beinthenow #strength #personaltrainer #jaxxfitness #acsm #dmv #mindful #legsfordays #fitfam #goldsgym #goldsgymcapitolhill #famtimeisthebest #carbonaraclan

Happy 🍑 day! Are you having a great week? Taking each day one at a time?! Here’s a leg circuit for you to try!
Videos: 🎥
Complete 4 rounds:
Foot elevated DB static lunge 10/leg
DB Static lunge 10/leg
RB DB deadlift 15
Reverse lunge to step up 10/leg *remember, you don’t have to be a speed demon when completing workouts. Focus on your movement, get the mind body muscle connection! Squeeze your glutes, push through your front foots heel and remember to breathe! This circuit is definitely 🔥 for bottom half! Give it a try!
#kikifit #bemorehuman #keypotentialfitness #perfectnever #reebokone #reebokwomen #queenteam #teamhexx #sibobegone #beinthenow #strength #personaltrainer #jaxxfitness #acsm #dmv #mindful #legsfordays #fitfam #goldsgym #goldsgymcapitolhill

Sunday Meal Prep: from start to finish about 2 hours. While veggies cook in oven, meat cooks on stove top, I also wash/dry/fold laundry. You may say it is because I cannot sit still but it keeps my brain going. It allows me to prepare food that I can grab and go if need be, as well as healthy lunches for Tyler! Plus it’s just so colorful and pretty! If you are looking for great meal prep containers check out @jaxxfitness using my friend @j.geb code JOCELYN20 for 20% off! Here’s to another kick ass week! Stay focused, positive and always do your best!! #kikifit #keypotentialfitness #bemorehuman #perfectnever #reebokone #reebokwomen #queenteam #teamhexx #strength #mindful #mealprep #beinthenow #sibobegone #lowfodmap #personaltrainer #dmv #acsm #lesmillsbodypump

My morning looked something like this🤗after my workout! Completed a leg circuit with some chest thrown in there!
Egg omelet with berries
@nespresso espresso (look at that crema!) New book to read (1 book a month) which this one may be hard to read (rip sailor🙏🏻) Circuit to try:
3 rounds
Right side lunge to left side lunge to squat holding weight in front (=1 rep) x10
Push ups x10
Jump squats x20
If you are interested in workouts, send me a message! Xoxox

#kikifit #personaltrainer #dmv #acsm #bemorehuman #perfectnever #lesmillsbodypump #reebokone #reebokwomen #healthy #strong #keypotentialfitness #jaxxfitness #wholefood #queenteam #teamhexx #ashletes #beinthenow

Wishing everyone a beautiful New Year! Here’s to happy, healthy, positive, working hard and always meaning the smile on your face! Tyler and I had an amazing dinner @bistrocacao where they always makes us feel at home! Our waiter Damian totally rocked the house with his suit, our 5 course meal was impeccable! Plus, I got to enjoy dinner with my husband! Thank you 2017 and welcome 2018! #kikifit #beinthenow #berecoverED #strong #keypotentialfitness #healthy#balance #goals #jaxxfitness #bemorehuman #perfectnever #reebokone #reebokwomen #queenteam #teamhexx #sibobegone #bechangesarecoming #dcpersonaltrainer #acsm

Strength Saturday with some New Years wisdom... (and a throwback ab picture so #fitfam will read...) Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, increase your strength or run a marathon I caution you to not go "balls to the wall" right out of the gate. "Train insane or remain the same", "No days off", "Go until you cannot go anymore"-- these are all B.S. (to put it frankly). Going from 0 to 100 will only lead to burnout, over training and an increased chance of injury.

Change does not and will not happen overnight. Set those goals high, but be realistic in the amount of time it will take to get there.

20 pounds in a month- likely not going to be attainable in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Adding in an hour of cardio and an hour of weights a day when you have been a couch potato the last few months? That will last a week or two- at the most.

My advice, start small and work up. Set incremental goals and remember to have both process oriented (DOING goals- get to the gym 4 days a week, drink a gallon of water, etc.) and results oriented goals (lose body fat, do a pull up, etc.) I'm all for resolutions, for goals, for seeking to improve your health and fitness. But be realistic with yourself. Shoot for the stars but give yourself time to achieve what you've set out to accomplish. Rome really wasn't built in a day!

Remember, fitness is a journey with no destination- learn to enjoy the ride and always be seeking to improve.

Here's to reaching those goals in 2018!

Costco comes in clutch when you need good things in bulk! I grabbed two cartons of organic brown eggs (24 each), huge bag of organic frozen green beans, 2 boxes of 6 small egg white cartons and a pack of organic turkey deli meat (just 2 ingredients!) and meal prepped with @jaxxfitness containers (gray ones). I am waiting to order more since they were sold out!! Don’t blame them at all as I LOVE those things! I will be making big changes for the new year.... get ready to see my journey! 🙏🏻#kikifit #yearofkris #reebokone #reebok #bemorehuman #perfectnever #keypotentialfitness #timetoberecoverED #strong #health #mealprep #jaxxfitness #queenteam #teamhexx #sibobegone #beinthenow #ashlete

Can I please slow down time?! Happy 8 weeks baby boy. ❤️

Real. Talk.

9 months pregnant ➡️ 4 days postpartum ➡️ 6 weeks postpartum.
I went into my pregnancy thinking that two months after giving birth I would “bounce back” like all these celebrities. I had grandiose plans of how I would diet after baby was born, how I would get my workouts in, how I would return to my “pre-pregnancy shape” in no time.

Oh how wrong I was.

Not one macro has been tracked and not one workout completed (I was just cleared this week). Most days I do not even get a shower and I’m lucky to be able to make instant oatmeal.
This is real life.

While it can be motivating to follow postpartum journeys of celebrities, I also believe it sets woman up to feel like failures, to be even more insecure about their bodies (hello hormones) and to take their focus from where it should be- their babies- not three digits on the scale or a pant size.

Change is going to take time, and I am 100% okay with that. I’m choosing baby cuddles over workouts and spending as much time as I can loving on my little guy (look how much he’s grown in 6 weeks 😭). Macro tracking and workouts will start this week now that I have been cleared, and I promise to share these and my progress with you. I want to show the real, the truth, the realistic. You get enough of the opposite. ❤️

Motivation Monday- positive self talk.

If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, why are you saying it to yourself?

I had to be reminded of this over the last few weeks. I was being much too hard on myself- “Why haven’t you lost the baby weight yet?”, “Do you even workout?” “Who is going to want you to coach them if looking like you do?”. My husband, bless his heart, was consistently telling me how proud he is of me, what a great job I was doing at “momming”, instead of embracing these comments and letting them boost my mood I would respond with something negative about my current physique or give a very insincere and sarcastic “thanks”. It’s normal to look in the mirror and see your flaws, to focus not on your strengths, but on areas in which you may struggle. Some of this can be motivating. What you cannot do is let these become a negative thought pattern, let them hold you back or handicap you in your pursuit of your goals and dreams.

It may sound cliche- but shall you feel those negative thoughts creeping in (“I look so fat”, “Why is my head so big”, “My stomach is so soft” or the other side “Why are my legs so small”, “What woman will want me with arms as big as hers”) make a point to recite three positives, three things you like about your abilities, your physique or your looks.
So flip those negatives into positives- “my legs may be big, but they help me squat over 200 pounds”, or for my fellow postpartum mamas “You may not be where you want to be physically, but you created a beautiful life”. And for goodness sakes, let people give you comments and actually believe them.
Don’t underestimate the power of positive self talk and the detrimental effects of self-negativity.
Be strong, be you, be your own kind of beautiful! ❤️

Tis the season- be a conscious consumer as “Resolution Season” approaches. Post holidays you don’t need to cleanse or “detoxify”. You need to find an approach that will allow you to be successful long term. If you cannot see yourself doing it forever is it really the program for you?

Sunday Meal prep always makes me smile!
1.I love cooking
2. It looks colorful and pretty
3. I like being prepared for the week!
4. Completing this SIBO/gut healing protocol is helping me realize that my tummy can feel good!
5. And saves me money and stress from eating out during week!

I am also in a “taking chances, trying new things” mood. I am in love with my @jaxxfitness containers! (They are the Last photo)They are great sizes, stay closed/no leaks, and are so easy to clean/put away! I’m slowly getting rid of my old containers and getting more of the JAXXFitness ones! If you haven’t tried them, GO! Totally worth it! What are you cooking this week? What workout do you have planned for Monday?! It’s leg day for me 🙌🏼
#kikifit #reebokone#reebok #bemorehuman #perfectnever #jaxxfitness #mealprep #healthy #sibobegone #beinthenow #personaltrainer #dmv #acsm #lesmills #feedthesoul #ashlete #keypotentialfitness

Strength Saturday-

I have told my story a million times and I will tell it a million more if it will save a life.

For years I struggled with disordered eating and compulsive exercise. It started with the goal of being the best athlete I could and spiraled into a full blown eating disorder that not only took athletics from me, but almost my life.

As I look back now I can see the bigger picture, what was in God's plan for me and my life. It was through my struggles that I developed a passion for health and fitness, for finding balance, for properly fueling your body and for knowing that fine line between enough and too much. It drove me to become a Registered Dietitian, earn a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science and become a board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. It was a true blessing in disguise.
My disorder was certainly a double edged sword, but I have been able to channel those hardships into helping others, into preventing athletes young and old, male and female from falling captive to the same struggles I did.

If you know someone who may be struggling with an eating or exercise disorder I plead with you to get them help. It goes beyond "working out a lot" and "eating healthy". We are talking a situation of life and death. You are the first line of defense. You can save a life!

Be strong, be you, be your own kind of beautiful! (There is more on my story and overcoming my disorder on my blog). (PC: @caronvanorman❤️)

When life throws a challenge your way you have three choices- you can either let it DEFINE you, let it DESTROY you, or let it STRENGTHEN you. I chose the latter.

Be strong, be you, be your own kind of beautiful! ❤️💪🏻 #throwbackthursday

One month postpartum update: ▶️Weight- no idea (I did not weigh throughout my pregnancy and had them conceal it at appointments) too much of a mental game, this part of my journey is more about bonding with my little guy and recovery than a number. (My physique goals have never, and will never be driven by weight. Unless I try powerlifting. 🤔)
▶️Bodyfat- no idea, I will take this when I begin regularly training.
▶️Pant size- 6-7 depending on the brand (pre pregnancy I was a 0-2, hope to maintain around a 4 and keep some of these booty gains 😂).
▶️Workouts- not cleared to train yet. Kendon and I “workout” in the living room. I hope to be fully cleared on two weeks.
▶️Nutrition- not currently tracking, focusing on nutrient dense foods for healing and getting enough in to feed my little one (exclusively BFing). I did have to go dairy and gluten free to help his digestion (currently missing cheese 😭).
▶️Sleep- 4 hours a night, intermittent, if I’m lucky. 😴
▶️Enjoyment factor- beyond my wildest imagination. Mothering is by far the most challenging yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done! ❤️

Let's talk post workout/recovery nutrition for optimal performance.
This seems to be a highly debated topic in the industry right now. I won't pretend to have all the answers, as I do not, but I can tell you what the current research is supporting and what years of working with high caliber athletes has taught me.
We will forgo the supplement talk for now- I'm happy to spew my knowledge on that topic at a later date- today let's talk FOOD.

You have just finished your lift for the day. What now? Ideally, your first recovery meal comes within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Studies show that an ideal ratio of simple carbohydrates to fast digestion protein is 3:1. If you have 60 grams of carbohydrates couple it with 20 grams of protein. We want SIMPLE carbs here to prompt an increase in blood glucose and cause an insulin release that will then help to shuttle the protein into the muscle bellies to begin the recovery process. We want to keep our protein FAST DIGESTING so it can quickly be carried into the muscle cells.

In this first recovery meal we want to keep the fiber and fat content low. Fiber slows digestion- good for certain times of your day, not for the initial post workout window. Fat takes longer for our bodies to break down than carbohydrates or protein do- thus- we want to keep it minimal in this window.

As a Dietitian we say this is the time to eat your "fun foods", those simple sugars you may avoid during your other meals. Anything white is game (white rice, potatoes, cereals, pasta, bread, etc.) as they are quicker to digest than whole grain items. Some lean on mono- or disaccharides such as dextrose or maltodextrin. These can also be found in some of your sweets (think jelly beans, candy corns, Swedish fish, etc. not your chocolate or nut based candies which are higher in fat). The most quickly digested protein is going to be a whey protein isolate (in which they have "isolated" the whey vs. a concentrate or blend). If you do not tolerate whey well, an egg white or plant based protein that is low in fat and fiber is another great option. Of course you could also use a whole food protein, digestion will be slowed just a little bit. 🔽

Motivation Monday Public Service Announcement Thanksgiving style post lots of holiday deliciousness- because, pumpkin pie, stuffing and mashed potatoes... No matter how much you "indulged"- how many pieces of pie you ate, servings of candied yams you had or mulled cider you threw down you DO NOT need a cleanse, you DO NOT need a detox, you DO NOT need hours of cardio, a sauna or to starve yourself.

What do you need? You need to get right back on your fitness and nutrition regimens. You need to drink water, eat nutrient dense foods in proper portions and break a sweat.

Wraps, patches, drops, fat burners, juice cleanses or "challenges" allowing you to only eat a few foods are simply putting a "band-aid" on a deeper issue. This is why we have an epidemic of yo-yo dieting and weight cycling. If you are not targeting the deeper issue, the CAUSE of your struggle with weight you will continue to spin in the mud (lose, gain, lose gain), often ending up in a worse spot than when you began (you don't only lose fat people- especially on these extremely low calories, restrictive plans). Stop starting and stopping, stop jumping on the next "fad" diet or falling back on overly restrictive practices to drop body fat. These are temporary solutions to a larger problem. Find an approach that works for you, is sustainable, and allows you flexibility to live your life while still progressing towards your goals.

Don't fall prey to another product, another MLM, another "lose 10 pounds this week" tabloid or another fad diet. Don't use a short term solution to solve a long term problem. Stop starting and stopping and start using SCIENCE.

Through midnight Saturday I am offering 10% off all packages and program offerings. I have start dates as early as December 4th, but packages may also be used after the New Year or given as Christmas gifts to family and friends (current clients this discount can also be used to renew or extend a current package). The link to my website is in my bio. Use the discount code “THANKYOU” at checkout to save 10%. Say no to “fads”, to “trends”, to putting a bandaid on a deeper issue. Time to SCIENCE.

Weekends are for making up concoctions! I tried making my banana pancakes again and this batch was so much better!
125g banana (mashed)
2 large eggs (beaten)
1/8 tsp baking soda
Cinnamon and maple extract (mix everything together to make batter) then pour into low-medium heat pan! Top with coconut oil! My egg whites look funny 😆 but I made them after pancakes were done!
New week calls for a new SIBO/gut healing plan by @lindseybarkley_ms_rd_cssd my stomach has been feeling better and coming up with new ways to make foods has helped! Here’s to another week of being mindful, relaxed and not living in fear! #sibobegone #reebokone #reebokwomen #bemorehuman #perfectnever #keypotentialfitness #lowfodmap #mindful #beinthenow #fearless #strong #health #kikifit #ashletes #tscommunity #laurenirick #mealprep #foodisfuel

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