Green Bay May be very big underdogs going into this week game VS The Rams, but if you compare stats, both teams are almost identical besides points per game, if the Packers offense can capitalize and score touchdowns instead of field goals, and if the defense can force the rams to only scoring field goals this could be a very close game. #snowflyzone #jairealexander #joshjackson #aaronrodgers #davanteadams #gmo #randallcobb #jamaalwillaims #aaronjones #tymontgomery #hahaclintondix #blakemartinez #tramonwilliams #kevinking #mikedaniels #masoncrosby #kennyclark #claymatthews #nickperry #pack #gopack #gopackgo #packers #greenbaypackers #cheesehead #wiscon #greenbaywisconsin #titletown

Packers fan live reaction to Cobb TD with Titanic Music🧀😭 (fan is @tomgrossicomedy )

Packers travel to LA this week to take on the undefeated @rams. The @packers have had 2 weeks to prepare for their toughest match up so far- they are huge underdogs but the bye week and extra prep time will give them the best chance possible to inflict defeat on LA for the first time this year. Will they do it? Hopefully the return of some keys players who have been out injured recently will also be an added bonus #gopackgo .
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Feed the beast🔥🧀🥣

Team photo day? Can anyone name every single player🤔🤭

This is Brad from Turrell Building being the MC at Kings hardware trade night , our main supplier. He is accompanied by Matt Johns the footballer. The night was great. Also a photo of Kevin King with Brad. #turrell #design #tradenight #kevinking #together #bettertogether #football #success

5. Adam Thielen
- No wide receiver has caught the league by surprise like Thielen has. In 2016 he had a big game in Green Bay, so Packers fans knew who he was before the fame. Thielen’s a polished route runner with crazy good hands and is just somehow always open. Thielen has sneaky athleticism and can torch secondaries vertically. The even crazier part is his story. Homegrown, undrafted who worked his way up starting with a rookie camp with the Vikings, and somehow worked out to be one of the deadliest threats on the gridiron.
6. Michael Thomas
- Thomas might only be in his third year, but he has already made himself into one of the league’s best. The 6’3” wideout has become Brees’s go to guy after three years. Thomas is similar to Davante Adams, great release off the line and hard to bring down.
7. AJ Green
- AJ Green is one of the most physically gifted players in the league. He is very fast and can jump with any defensive back in the league. At times in the past, Andy Dalton would just throw it in Green’s direction and he’d come down with the football. AJ Green has dominated early this season, with a three TD performance against a very good Baltimore defense, and a game winner in Atlanta.
8. Tyreek Hill
- Tyreek Hill might just be the fastest person on the planet, and he has earned his nickname “Cheetah”. He is tied for the most TDs in the NFL with 6 TDs (along with Adams, Brown, Ridley, and Ebron) and is the best deap threat in the league. He isn’t a good route runner, doesn’t have amazing hands, but pure speed makes up for it. Hill is also one of the most dangerous returners. Tyreek was gifted a QB with a huge arm last April, and he is taking advantage of that.
9. Mike Evans
- Mike Evans is very good. Great size and speed, also can catch anything that comes his way. He was more effective with Fitzpatrick than Winston so far

Thelambeauzone’s Top Ten Wide Receivers in the NFL
1. Antonio Brown
- Antonio Brown is a once in a generation player. He is very fast, an amazing route runner, great hands, and has a knack for big plays. He does everything right, and his awareness is crazy. Can easily win one on one matchups by blowing by them, beating them with moves, or battling in the air.
2. Deandre Hopkins
-D Hop is the most complete receiver on this list. Hopkins has sneaky quickness and speed, but what really makes him who he is is his ability to catch ANY ball that comes his way. His body control, adjustments in the air, and hands are just something I don’t see in normal receivers.
3. Odell Beckham Jr. - Beckham hasn’t had the best season, but a lot of that has to do with Eli Manning and the offensive line. Beckham is the best route runner and has the best hands on this list. Silky smooth out of his break, with blazing speed and elusiveness. Excels as a deep threat and between the 20s. And his hands, well, everyone knows about those.
T4. Julio Jones
- You might be wondering, why is Julio so low on this list? Well, to me Julio Jones is still an elite receiver, just a little overrated. Julio Jones is a matchup nightmare, and with his size can win 50 50 balls with ease. He is VERY fast vertically and can get behind secondaries. Julio is big and strong, which makes him hard to take down. Only things holding him back are that he cannot seem to find the end zone! And he doesn’t make guys miss, and doesn’t win routes off the bat
T4. Davante Adams
Davante Adams is a touchdown machine. 28 in the last 2 and a half season, leading the NFL. Davante doesn’t quite have the speed or size of Jones, but has the best release off the line in the league, and it’s not close. He wins routes it the line of scrimmage which leads to wide open catches. Adams also is very hard to tackle, has great hands, and can make tough contested catches.

Insane catch by Richard Rodgers🔥👀

What is the best rivalry in football? (College or NFL) COMMENT BELOW!

Were you guys a fan of the color rush uniforms. They were pretty clean🔥

These past two Days have been hard for My Family and I we had to say goodbye for now to a great person Who was Family to us he will never Be Forgoten we all Love and Miss you! #KevinKing 👑 and Because of (1Corinthians 15:6 ,Isaiah 26:19 , John 5:28,29 and Revelation 21:4) I have Faith that we will all see Kevins Smiling face 😀 again! #RIPKevinKing 👑

Brett Favre x Sicko Mode❗️(by @thunder.prod )

@ao_kevvoo has returned to practice after missing last week due to a shoulder injury. He is questionable to play against the Bills.


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Kevin King’s pick in Portuguese 😂😂

Best Defensive Half in Each Game (Points Allowed)
W1: Bears - 3 Points
W2: Vikings - 7 Points
W3: Redskins - 3 Points
W4: Bills - 0 Points
W5: Lions - 7 Points
W6: 49ers - 6 Points
Worst Half
W1: Bears - 20 Points
W2: Vikings - 22 Points (all in fourth quarter)
W3: Redskins - 28 Points
W4: Bills - 0 Points
W5: Lions - 24 Points
W6: 49ers - 24 Points

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