Yup, it’s #nationalfriedchickenday 🍗 #fbf to the crispy deliciousness of #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe at the @rdgterminalmkt #philly #yuminmytum 😀

When you stay across from the reading market, you eat all the food. In all the years I’ve been to philly, I’ve never been here. Rookie mistake. I tried #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe and fell in love with the Mac and cheese and collard greens. Obsessed with #oldcitycoffee and brought a bag home. Paired the coffee with #beilers sticky bun did not disappoint. Saving the best for last: goat cheese, sautéed spinach, Carmelita onion and fig jam grilled cheese at #mollymalloys #readingmarket is the holy grail of philly food options

First meal in Philadelphia was at the famous Reading Terminal Market. Needed some good fried chicken and man, did I have some from Food Network award winning food cafe. Chicken was deliciously tender AND not greasy at all. The side of Mac N Cheese is still coursing through my veins! I feel the bread was an odd addition. $10 for 3 piece, not bad. #phillyfoodtour #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe #friedchicken #macncheese #foodporn #america #streetfood #soulfood #foodnetwork

Oh my gosh...this was sooo good! Collards with smoked turkey and the fried chicken was crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Breading flavored just right. #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe @mstootsies @readingterminalmarket

The tastiest iced tea I have ever had, from #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe in Reading Terminal Market

Thought I wanted Italian food but #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe snatched me by the wig #soulfood #readingterminalmarket #phl #comfortfood #southernroots #blackgirl

Keven Parker Soul Food....Keven you have given me LIFE today!! #goodfood #kevenparkersoulfoodcafe #kevenparker #allthingsbeautiful #full

Foooddddd yes lord long day 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾☺️😋😋#kevenparkersoulfoodcafe

KeVen Parkers Soul Food

Price: $15

Holy crap! THIS WAS AMAZING! I just landed in philly and I was craving some soul food. Everyone was raving about terminal food market so I had to stop by to see what all the fuss was about. I was looking around and everything looked good there was stuff from Philly cheese steaks to Amish food ! But this right here was probably the best place in the market! The fried chicken was cook to perfection , macaroni and cheese bake was bomb & to top it all off the collard greens gave the meal a great balance. I would definitely recommend this spot and will be coming back again. Thanks KeVen Parkers Soul Food this was a great way to start my weekend in Philly 🙂

Couple of things happened today:
1- Parked in front of a kiosk that allegedly was “no parking” and earned a $36 AND $76 ticket. Thanks, PPA. 🙇🏼‍♀️
2- Got to @rdgterminalmkt too late and @beilersdoughnuts 🍩 had a line wrapped around AND they were almost out of donuts. Had to skip. 😭
3- Again, there too late and @tommydinics 🐖 was SOLD OUT. 🤯
4- Numbers 2&3 caused me to try something new: Keven Parker’s Soul Food Cafe. AKA- @mstootsies and Lawwwwwd honey it was SO GOOD. 😍
4a- I got there too late (again 😒) and they were out of collards 🌿 so my heart whimpered a little bit 😩. However.....
4b- The mac & cheese was a solid 10 but seriously that okra was an 11!!!! 💃🏼 It was cooked and seasoned incredibly well with the sweet corn 🌽 and stewed tomatoes 🍅. I could’ve eaten an entire plate of just that and was mad I didn’t do double okra! 😤
4c- The chickennnnnnn 🍗😱 !! I’m not sure if it’s bc it was towards the end of the day, but I got 2 legs & 1 thigh, and I thought it came w/ one of each. The skin tasted like chiccarón 😍 and the meat was super juicy. I obviously added hot sauce 🌶 bc that’s just how I do. 🤷🏼‍♀️
4d- I’ll be honest. I never even made it to the roll 🥖 but they were flaky and it’s currently in my fridge with all my leftovers. 😬
4e- Not pictured is some of the best iced tea I’ve ever had: Black tea with watermelon 🍉 and I’m pretty sure unicorn tears 🦄💧. .
💁🏼‍♀️ GET THERE ASAP! It’s more than worth it. Oh, and the prices for the fried chicken & a side was only $10! I’m not sure how I’m going to get one more “must have” into the #ReadingTerminal location, but next time I’m there, I’m making a beeline to that okra 🐝......!

Had some amazing food in Philly this weekend! Tried @blackbirdpizza for the first time which is an all vegan spot. Honestly they can do nooo wrong everything was delicious! Thanks to @elizabethandrews for the rec and @calebshomo for coming and feasting with me.
Also tried Keven Parker Soul Food Cafe (Non Vegan**) super delicious and paired it with some caramelized yams 🤤. Their sweet tea lemonade is 🔥🔥. Finally you can never go wrong with @flyingmonkeyphilly they also carry Vegan Whoopies, and Flourless cookies.
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