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Talk about #mondaymotivation 😍! @larigetshealthy has lost about 150lbs and has completely changed her life through following a ketogenic diet. What a beautiful example she's setting for her daughter! Go rock that 8k, keto queenπŸ‘ΈπŸ’ͺ! -
#Repost @larigetshealthy
Today is a special day for me. It's my 9 month #ketoversary and I am 201 lbs. And seeing as I have a bunch of new followers lately thanks to the amazing @kellie_keto, I figured I'd give a synopsis of my story. Also this is my submission to the 1st Annual Keto Impact Giveaway hosted by @ketogeniccom and @questketo.
I've been overweight all of my life, hitting 200 lbs at just 10 years old and 300 lbs at 19 years old. I was made fun of all growing up and I hated myself. But I come from a big family and we're all big and we all love to eat. My husband, while not big, also loves to eat. And together we loved to eat.
I hit my heaviest in 2011 at 350 lbs when I found out I was pregnant with our daughter. I swore up and down that I'd change and get healthy for my daughter. And I succeeded by getting down to 300 lbs. But it didn't last. I wanted to be a good role model for my daughter so she'd never have to go through what I did. But I failed and got back up to 350 again. Then I joined WW and had some success, again getting down to 300. But again I failed. Time and time again I'd lose and gain the same 50 lbs over and over again. I failed, and I gave up.
Then I heard about the keto diet and I was intrigued. I did a bunch of research and on April 18, 2016, I started my keto journey. I weighed myself at 326.2 lbs and I had my husband take pictures of me. I told myself that I'd do it for 30 days because anyone can do anything for 30 days. Those 30 days have turned into 9 months and I haven't looked back. I can honestly say that keto has saved my life. Because in those 9 months, I have lost 125.2 lbs and I've lost 149 lbs from my highest. And that I'm at a place that I never thought I'd ever be. On the cusp of a weight I haven't been since I was 10! I'm training for an 8k in March! And I feel so much healthier and happier. Starting keto has been life changing and I cannot wait to start the rest of my life!

Since my #Ketoversary back in June, I have gained back 8 wonderful pounds.
I can sit here and blame x, y, and z for the cause of it but I'm truly convinced it's muscle. In all honesty tho, I'm happy at my weight. Doesn't mean I'm not going continue to reach my goals but for the time being I feel great, look great, and I'm starting to see improvement in my lifts. I simply cannot complain!
Remember the scale lies. The scale doesn't tell you how great you look in a dress or how amazing your ass looks in those skinny jeans! Since November I've lost 2 inches off of my waist!!! So praise the #NonScaleVictories and keep working your ass off! πŸ’ͺ🏼 #TransformationTuesday

Today is my 3 month #ketoversary - down 20lbs and I'm in a loose size 8 from a tight 12!

#fitbabesunited #ketofitbabe

2yrs of non-stop ketosis. 1yr of maintaining a 90lb loss. No shakes/pills/injections/surgery, just me πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» #healthgoth #fuckyeahketosis #ketotransformation #ketolife #ketoversary

10 months into #keto! Who would have thought i’ll last this far? πŸ€” Keto is sustainable! I don’t feel deprived at all. It has been challenging but I am reaping all the benefits I have worked for the past few months. 2 more months till my first #ketoversary! What a life changing journey it has been so far. Congrats, self! πŸ₯‚ #ketotransformation

Guess what today is?!?!? Today is 6 months to the day I started my keto journey. It's my ketoversary!! Yaaaaay!! Cheers to all the pounds and inches gone forever, multiple NSV and the yummy food and dessert concoctions that I created, perfected and destroyed. Cheers to better blood pressure, blood sugars and glowing skin πŸŒπŸ’πŸ½. Cheers to being closer to my goal, making new keto friends and having an amazing support system at home and online! Happy 6 months to me and to a lifetime of more! πŸ€— #keto #ketonurse #fatfatfat #ketoversary #ketocarbsnob

Meant to do this last night when I started fasting but forgot. So this is about 12 hours fasted. 48 hours to go! So excited for my #ketoversary !! Have a wonderful weekend my #beautiful #ketofam #😘

It's my one year ketoversary πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
June 23, 2016 - June 23, 2017
Approximately 33 pounds lost.

I took zero products 😎 and I am not interested in taking those products, thanks.

My weightloss was due to diet only.
I follow OKL (Optimal Ketogenic Living) macros for my sex and height. For me that is 27 g net carbs max, 109 g protein min, and fat as a sliding scale to make up the rest of my calories (less for weightloss, but no less than 50 g daily to ensure organ health). I had a lot of health issues this past year and I overcame them and still lost weight. I now weigh what I did in 2013. Looking forward to turning back time even more this following year. I held off for the LONGEST TIME because I didn't want to give up carbs and thought this way of eating would be "too hard"... but I am so glad now that I tried it and stuck with it.

#keto #optimalketogenicliving #weightloss #ketoversary


#facetofacefriday πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› Today marks my 15 week #ketoversary! Looking back, I have learned so much about food and myself since the photo on the left. There is not a one size fits all #keto, or any other way of eating. And while I’m still working every day to find my perfect equation, it feels so awesome to know that for the last 15 weeks, every single thing I’ve done has been to get healthier than I was before. I’m taking care of myself, I’m moving my body, I’m eating well and I no longer hate myself or my situation. I’m in control, and damn that feels good. Thanks for following along! #ketober #ketofam #ketotransformations #ketogenic #lchf #lowcarb #eatfatlosefat #bodybybacon

Salad tonight, and probably for the rest of the week!
Grilled my chicken in some ghee and spices, added bacon and Renee's dressing. Took a note from @kellie_keto and bought the 50% less fat, so I can have 50% more.
I'm starting to realize that sauces can eat up a ton of my macros and I never realized how much over eating I was doing with them. So, thanks Kellie!! You're a gem.
#keto #ketogenic #ketogencdiet #ketosis #ketoislife #myketojourney #lowcarb #lowcarbdiet #lowcarber #lowcarblife #lowcarblifestyle #lchf #hflc #highfat #eatfatlosefat #eatfatloseweight #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossinsta #pcos #pcosfighter #lowcarbdiet #intermittentfasting #fasting #yow #ketocanada #ketoonthego #ketoversary #transformation

My official keto start was July 16th. So, In honour of my three month #ketoversary an early #transformationtuesday can I do that? πŸ™Š πŸ˜…
This is a picture from the very beginning of my weight loss journey. I started me #weightlossjourney 3 years ago at 315 lbs, I had lost about 80 lbs, with exercise and portion control. When I was in school the last year I ended up gaining 45 ish pounds (back to 285). Here I am now though, almost back to the weight I was before I started school. In only 3 months! I don’t feel deprived, and most days it’s easy. I’m not fighting against my body, and constantly testing my willpower. I love #keto and I love my #ketofam who are awesome and very supportive! Thank you everyone who’s with me on this journey! ❀️
#ketogenicdiet #ketoweightloss #ketodiet #ketoprogress #progress #weightlosstransformation #weightlossprogress #thenandnow #nevergiveup #progressnotperfection #hflc #highfatlowcarb

Why couldn't I have smiled just a little in my first picture?! πŸ™„ Its my four month #ketoversary and I'm down over 50 pounds. I'm finally starting to notice the changes and feel better in my skin. Down from a size 18 to a 12. #keto #ketodiet #ketogenic #ketosis #intermittentfasting #ketoweightloss #weightloss

1 year later & keto changed me forever! #ketoversary
I no longer:
Hide from the camera
Feel like I have no control over my body
Scrutinize what I eat in fear of putting on weight
And it feels good!🎊
So good that I have to share - if you've been on the fence about trying keto or looking for some keto friends claim a spot in our WhatsApp support group for 50% off for the month of October.
Join now for $1500 JMD and get support from our community for the next 3mths!
DM for more details to join.
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Only 3 days left until my #ketoversary AND this celebratory giveaway!!! If you haven't already entered the giveaway for a funny health-related shirt/tanktop, do so before this weekend! I can't thank everyone enough for the amazing response... seriously. #ketofam is legit here.
Good luck to everyone, but you're all winners in my book! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ #cheesy
#keto #ketogeniclifestyle #ketogiveaway #ketoshirts #ketoshirt #ketobsessed #ketoswag

3 month keto-versary!! Weighed in this morning at 148 lbs!
22lbs ⬇️ only 3lbs from my first goal!
Started the day with coffee, then some eggs, spinach and sausage, then made some cookies that are more like mini chocolate cake and shared a cream "soda" with my little monkey! .
#ketoversary #keto #ketodiet #weightlossjourney #weightloss #lowcarb #lchf #newday #happylife #22lbsdown #october #cookies #ketocookies #chocolate #creamsoda #nosugar

Yesterday I got blood work done at my doctors appt &&&&.... I am no longer prediabetic!! πŸŽ‰ I’m at a very healthy range in my blood sugars & I couldn’t be happier. So thankful for Keto / LCHF πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Also, my cholesterol levels are on point so no, fats aren’t bad for you. One year ago, I started this low carb, high fat journey and I definitely haven’t done it perfectly but this here is the extra confirmation I needed to know that this is my life now & I don’t ever wanna be a high carb high sugar eater like I used to be. It’s LCHF forever baby. #ketoversary

Happy ketoversary to me! On this day 1 year ago I decided to give keto a try. My body thanks me everyday by doing something I couldn't do before because of my weight. I have lost 65 lbs & gained a bunch of confidence and self love. I am still far from my goal but believe me I am not stopping any time soon. I will get to my goal. Thanks to all the people who support me on my journey you're all amazing πŸ¦„
#keto #ketoversary #anniversary #diet #ketodiet #ketogenic #lchf #gym #workout #weightloss #weightlossjourney #1year #ketofamily #ketofam #ketogains #happy #dedicated #proud #losingweight #ketocommunity

My one year ketoversary is coming up!! I am thinking about having a giveaway to celebrate! The winner will receive some of my favorite keto goodies! Including but not limited to some @knowfoods goodies, @questnutrition yummies and maybe some @thinslimfoods bread. (I am not sponsored by any of these companies.) Stay tuned for more info! #ketoaf #keto #ketolife #ketodiet #ketorecipes #ketoweightloss #ketoresults #lchf #lowcarb #dirtyketo #dirtylazyketo #ketoversary

Two months flown by, and we're more than thrilled with the results from the #ketolifestyle . I (πŸ‘§) didn't think I would make it 2 weeks in keto when I first started.
We started this account for fun, just to document but have grown a #KetoFam that We have to attribute to our success on this journey. We are excited to see what next month results will be. We both hope to lose another 10lbs by next? One can dream right? .
#0cheats4me #2months #ketoversary #20lbsdown #40total #makeeverydayspecial #youdoyouboo #myperfectketo #ketocouple #simpleketo #ketoeveryday #ketolife #ketolifestyle #lchf

6 Months of a Ketogenic diet and exercise in the books πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯I am just shy of 50 pounds lost, but boy has it been a journey. I can't wait to see what's in store for the next 6 months. #Keto #ketodiet #kcko #ketoprogress #ketoweightloss #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #transformationtuesday #transformation #weightlossjourney #fattofit #fitfam #ketoversary #obesetobeast #fitnessjourney #losingweight #getfit #gethealthy #fitspo #weightlossmotivation #weightlossinspiration #fatfueled #lchf #lowcarb

Today is my 4th Keto anniversary! Changing my eating habits have change whole life and saved it. If I didn’t do keto I might of lost my baby elijah❀️because of being diabetic and not know it because of no symptoms cause this girl was controlling it by keto❀️❀️ #four #ketoversary #blessed

It's my 6 month #ketoversary ! My TOP 5 Keto Tips below! LONG POST: In April, I was 255lbs, sluggish all the time and in a cycle of losing & gaining the same 10lbs. "Powering" my study sessions for grad school with M&M's which are 70% sugar and needing a daily nap 🀦🏾🀦🏾so many educated bad decisions but I have to thank @fit_thick_chronicles even tho I had previous success losing 80lbs but was currently fat again, she would still message me for advice and tips for low carb weightloss. I even suggested she start an IG to track herself and be accountable. Once she had success losing 40+lbs, I was like hold my beer! So thankful for my #ketofam and #accountabilitypartners who kept me on track for these 6 months! Can't wait to see the progress and changes another 6 months will bring!

I ❀❀❀ keto because it's all my fav foods - burgers, beanless chili, bacon, fried wings, cheese, pecans, chocolate, raspberries, Chipotle salad, Cobb salad, ice cream, strawberries and low carb wine!
Top 5 Keto Tips
1. Sometimes less is more! I try to start the month with ONE goal to focus and commit to, like a #nosugaradded month or hitting the gym 3x/week.
2. Definitely research and try out intermittent fasting! I read everything by Dr. Jason Fung and it has been great for fat loss.
3. There are low carb wine options! You dont have to cheat on keto for social outings. Whenever there's a happy hour, I choose a Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Carbernet Sauvignon. My fav brand, Cavit Wines is 4 carbs for a 750 ml bottle.
4. Make sure to research sweeteners and their glycemic effects, I didn't know Maltodextrin was equivalent to glucose and it's in every thing even zero carb options like flavored pork rinds.
5. Find easy low carb recipes for the meals or snacks that would derail you on keto. For instance, I used to love Reese's cups, now I make amazing stevia sweetened dark chocolate salted almond butter cups and top with sugarfree whipped cream! It only takes a microwave and 10 minutes and it has kept me on track for those chocolate craving moments.

Thanks for reading my life! #KetoOn #keto #lchf #lowcarb #fat2fit #fatloss #lowcarbweightloss #bodybybacon #fatforfuel #lowcarblifestyle

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