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If you’re not secretly dating anybody and it was just a joke why do you want him to take that part out??? 🕵🏻‍♀️😏 Did Corey say Baby T’s name orrrr? And why was K so quick to deny everything??? If he actually wasn’t secretly seeing/dating anyone aka Tessa he would’ve be more calm and chill with his answer 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thoughts? #kessa 💚

‘s edit.
we only stan power couples in this house.
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This song perfectly suits their ship because everyone forgets about kessa because it's the only underrated ship. And 2 of my favorite people that are part of team 10
"New Edit"
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Chapter 26-
Tessa’s pov
I get up and try running away but Kian grabs my wrist and pulls me back into him.
Tessa: “What was that for?” We are both laughing.
Kian: “I wasn’t done with you.” Tessa: “Okay what do you want?”
Kian: “To cuddle.”
Tessa: “Okay.”
As i’m laying with Kian, i can’t help but think. What will this turn into? What will we become. I mean, he hasn’t even asked me out yet. Is he going to ask me out soon? Are we going to do the whole dating thing because if not that’s perfectly fine. I hate dates. I look up and Kian is asleep. What the fuck. We were laying here for 5 minutes. I quietly laugh while getting up. I walk into the kitchen and make me a cup of hot chocolate. I sat down at the table with my drink and pull out my phone. I was going through Instagram and saw tons of pictures of Chance and Alex. Everybody hates her and i think it’s hilarious. Sometimes i really miss the old Chance. The Chance that didn’t drink. The Chance that didn’t smoke. The Chance that didn’t go clubbing. The Chance that actually cared about people. What he did to me was wrong but I didn’t want to have to put up with him anymore. (if you dont remember, chance told tessa that he didn’t want to be in a relationship with her because he wanted to be single but then started dating Alex a couple days later.) I haven’t talked to Chance in at least 3 weeks but he’s been distancing himself from everybody. I haven’t been to the house in 2 days and i don’t know when i’ll go back. I know I have to talk to Jake about what happened that night. He’s tried texting me telling me he wanted to talk about it but i just ignored him. I’m completely positive he was not sober that night. As i was going through Instagram, I came across a page for Chance and I. They made edits of us together and it made me really sad. I’m not sure why though because both of us have moved on.
@kianlawley @tessabrooks #kessa (i promise this is not turning into a chessa fanfiction)

Quand ta mère te douchait le weekend 😂🔥🔥🔥 #Kessa #gommageIntegral #seulsLesVraisSavent #FahdelaÀlancienne #QuandLesVideosDuraient15s 🙏🏽

I kinda
like this.
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Honestly favorite part of Tessa vlog #tessabrooks #kianlawley #kessa #tian


Jake's POV:
I finally find the jeans Erika left last time she was here, I hand it to Tessa along with a jp hoodie.
Tessa: always plug *she smiles*
Jake: oh you know the game *winks*

We both laugh and she goes in my closet to get changed. She comes out after 5 minutes looking stunning! How? It's just some jeans and a hoodie?

Tessa: good thing i was wearing my dress with some converse *laughs*
Jake: yeah, im surprised they didn't get wet
Tessa: ikr
Jake: what about ur hair, isn't it all wet too?
Tessa: I'll go wash it so it doesn't smell like Kool aid
Jake: okay, I'll wait here.
*10 minutes later*
Jake: almost ready?
Tessa:yeah *walks out the bathroom*
Jake: k, let's go, Tristan must be waiting for us already.
Tessa: yeah, we should go. *Outside the house*
Jake: ride on my lambo? *Smirks*
Tessa: sweet!
*They drive to the froyo place*
Jake: we can go to the mall after this
Tessa: whatever you want *smiles*

As soon as Tessa sees Tristan inside she runs to him and gives him a huge bear hug, have to admit, it felt weird. I don't know what the feeling was, but It was definitely weird.
Tristan: Hey jake
Jake: sup man

We get our froyo and sit down at this table with 4 chairs, ready to talk.
Tristan: so, what happened in there?
Jake: well, basica- *gets cut off by Tessa*
Tessa: I was telling Jake how I felt about Alex and turns out she heard everything. She got mad and poured the fruit punch on me, some people were laughing, some were whispering, others were taking pictures, so we felt uncomfortable and left.
Jake: yeah

Tristan's POV: wow I wasn't expecting that at all, and I can tell they see it on my face.
Tristan:wow. I'm not usually the type to say this but, fuck her.
*We all laugh*
After that we all just start talking about random stuff as we eat our ice cream. We were having a great time until someone hugs Tessa from behind her chair.

Jake's POV: me and Tessa are in our uber, I can see she's embarrassed, mad, upset... All kinds of feelings, but none good.

Jake: Hey Tessa, u alright?
Tessa: I guess I am.... It's not like I have a broken leg or anything
Jake: Don't worry about her, bitches don't change, so you'll have to deal with her. But she's trash compared to you

I look up at her and smile. She turns and gives me a warm delicate smile, that smile, the one that could make my hell,

Tessa: how can you always make me smile? When I'm upset it's so hard to even open my eyes without tears.... You change that.
Jake: I'm glad
We look at each other and smile. Then my phone rings.
Jake: it's Tristan
Tessa: Shoot, I forgot we completely left him.

Tristan's POV: Jake finally answers and my worries start to fade
Tristan: hey man, what happened?
Jake: uh, I think it's better if I tell you in person and not through the phone
Tristan: yeah, I think so too. I'm so confused
Jake: well, where are u right now?
Tristan: in front of the cafe across from the event. Why?
Jake: okay, can you meet us at the froyo place across from the park in half an hour?
Tristan: By the new team 10 house?
Jake: yeah
Tristan: alright, see u there Jake
Jake: bye
*They hang up*
Tessa: Froyo, huh?
Jake: oh... Yeah, wanna go....? I mean you kinda HAVE to go now *he laughs*
Tessa: I'm down
Uber driver: we're here
Jake: thank you sir
Uber driver: no problem

Tessa's POV: we're at the new team 10 house, why?

Tessa: Jake, why are we here?
Jake: what do you mean?
Tessa: I thought you'd take me home, considering I'm soaking wet and don't have any clothes here.
Jake: oh yeah, forgot. We can go to the mall and get you some clothes
Tessa: it wouldn't be easier for u to take me home?
Jake: nah, I'm in the mood to buy u clothes
Tessa: I can't go to the mall in a wet dress Jake
Jake: take some jeans Erika left and one of my sweatshirts, you'll be fine.
Tessa: okay.
We enter the house and it's huge, I've never been in here before.
Tessa: woah, I've never been here before, it's huge!
Jake: it's pretty neat! Follow me, I'll show u my room and I'll give u some clothes
Tessa: alright; thanks
Jake: anytime.

Kian liked Tessa's dance video on twitter❤️😍😩💚 KESSAAAAA #kessa #tessabrooks #brooksters #love #them #ship #so #badly #kianlawley #date #already #hot #couple #slay #goals #beautiful #tessa #happy #dance #smile #like

I ship it so much #Kessa 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Lover boy wha’chu doing... 😏. Liking a video where Tessa shaking her ass,acting all sexual and shit #kessa 😂💚

?: Heeey guys!

Tessa's POV:
great, just great. I'm actually having an amazing time and she has to show up. What am I gonna do?

Jake: Hi Alex
Tessa: Hey Alex
Alex: it's funny how fake you are *she laughs with a death glare*

Oh shit, did she hear everything I said? Uuugh, just keep your calm Tessa... Jake: Excuse me?
Alex: oh don't act dumb Jake, you heard everything she said and completely agreed. Now you're suddenly a nice guy to me? *Mad face*
Jake: They weren't lies.
Alex: *rolls eyes* little quiet, aren't you Tessa? You didn't seem like it when you explained why you hated me to your little friend.
Tessa: Am I not allowed to say what I want? You've been doing whatever the hell you wanted for a while now.
Alex: you're right, I do whatever I want, whenever I want to.

Alex POV: I was sick of this bitch, trying to be a smartass. I see punch on the table, I know what to do now.

Tessa POV:
I was so mad at her, she was so annoying. I look up and I see her carrying a bowl of punch, and the last thing I know, I'm covered in fruit punch, she's laughing her ass off and Jake is trying not to punch her.

Jake's POV: I can't believe she did that, she's a girl though, I can't hit her! But she embarrassed Tessa in front of at least 500 people. I just need to get myself out of here before I punch someone.

Tessa: damn, you really are a bitch
Alex: what can I say? *She laughs*
Jake: Let's get out of here Tess

Tristan's POV: I'm done with my phone call and look for Jake and Tessa, but they are nowhere to be seen. People are whispering and laughing, as if something huge happened. I find Nick and decide to ask him stuff.
Tristan: Nick, what happened? Why's everyone acting like this?
Nick: you'll find out soon
Tristan: ok..? Where's Jake and Tessa?
Nick: They left, I think you should call Jake.
I was so confused, but I didn't question it. I called Jake, I need to find out what happened.

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Good Morning Guys
Had to repost since it flopped last time
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