Часто меня спрашивают откуда берётся вдохновение? Его я черпаю отовсюду и один из источников - путешествия! Париж был вдохновением для нашей коллекции авторских головных уборов.

Мы всегда благодарны за ваши прекрасные фото в шляпках от бренда Anna ANDRIENKO @anna_millinery ❤️

Em will most likely be going straight to the Breeders Cup Juvenile Fillies (November 2)! So excited 😁
I really hope she wins, she is already something very special to her owner and he is dreaming of a Breeders Cup win.

📷: Eclipse Sportswire

Представляете, Шляпка - как сокровищница эмоций! Я часто достаю свои Шляпы и меня захватывают разнообразные эмоции: например вот в этой мы с подругой бродили по улицам Милана, а с той вспоминаю про пляж Финского залива, есть и особо дорогие для меня Шляпки, например как та, что в летний питерский день была сорвана ветром с головы и улетела вдоль Фонтанки, а потом привлекательный молодой человек доставал ее из под машины, куда она закатилась. Кстати этот симпатичный человек теперь мой муж😉.

Друзья, прекрасная новость! Сегодня открывается не только театральный сезон в тэатре ЛДМ , а также открытие выставки бренда головных уборов Anna ANDRIENKO Millinery в гостеприимных стенах полюбившегося многим театра ЛДМ Новая сцена.

I had a GREAT lesson! I’m actually being serious. So I rode today, and my name was on the list 2 times, we have another Maya and that Maya is a doppelgänger of... ME! (Don’t worry calm down I know my self.) I had the option of who to ride: Chance or Kitty. I asked my lovely inspiring instructor (don’t worry not putting sarcasm anywhere in that), who I should ride. Official results.... Kitty! (As one can see in the picture). Time skip brought to you by @bagels_crumbs . When I was attempting to get her ready she was touchy/antsy, then for the riding she was VERY up! Had around 1 spook cus of something being moved, had a second near a tree? Then it happened just a few more times... then.... (who wants action like you see in the wild west? You wanna hear about it? Yeah? ok! Great DRAW OUT THEM GUNS’!) WAHPOOSH! Kitty took a moment to act like a crazy mare and reared up (slightly? Not too sure) and (maybe broncoed?) into the air! Was told to get off by then so I did my best (obviously, duh! I always do my best, what more to expect?). So I “fell” off (tried to get off as safely as I could then stood right up since I knew Kitty could have almost potentially hurt me if I stayed where I was). Right when I stood up, I moved aside (like Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal move. Just more not cool cus he’s 🐐). Kicked em heals up a tiny bit (one back hoof?) and then ZOOOOOOOM! It’s like she was off to the #kentuckyoaks races (while she threw a bell boot off into the air like last nights leftovers Chinese takeout 🥡). I was completely fine though don’t worry about me! I probably riled up another riders horse too from that incident, but I checked to make sure everyone else was ok first. Then I walked the course to remember it from the past Monday. After that hullabaloo, my instructor entered the ring and schooled Kitty to show who’s boss (whatta job!This sport with all the riders amazes me, now only if I could put that towards my school work...).Time skip brought to you by #bayOTTBmare .Did a leg up which I forgot to jump up on 3 (sorry).Then did my course.Time skip brought to by @bagels_crumbs .Phew surprised that you made it this far!REDy for more description to read?P2 NEXT➡

I have some serious love 💕 for #louiseville having been the co-survivor for my sister who walked at the #kentuckyoaks parade. So happy to be a part of #bourbonandbluegrass Chicago. Plenty of bourbon treats, swag & met Steve the official bugler of #churchhilldowns for the past 23 years!

Женская шляпа из фетра с широкими полями "Кармин"
Бренд Anna Andrienko millinery
Стильная женская шляпа из фетра с широкими полями, насыщенного красного цвета. Шляпа имеет ассиметричную тулью.
Модная шляпа идеальна для весеннего городского образа.
Шляпка на шелковой подкладке.
Шляпная коробка в ПОДАРОК!!!
❤️Цена 9000 ₽
❤️Шоурум: СПб, ул. Тамбовская 33
❤️Заказать и оплатить можно на нашем сайте www.annamillinery.com
❤️What's up/viber +7 911 992-44-55
❤️Доставка по всему миру.

Перьевой переполох! Мировые подиумы захватил перьевой бум. Ими декорируются платья, туфли, пальто и даже Шляпы !!! Главное правило - чем больше, тем лучше.

Congratulations client @dougoneillracing for yesterday's 2nd place in the Pocahontas Stakes to earn points towards the #KentuckyOaks!

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Don't miss today's Iroquois, Pocahontas and Woodbine Mile as we inch closer to the Breeders' Cup. Check out our article and get our picks plus analysis of all three races at http://guaranteedtipsheet.com #churchilldowns #kentuckyderby #kentuckyoaks #breederscup #woodbine #horseracing

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Great Horses.
Rachel Alexandra.
Rachel Alexandra nasce il 29 Gennaio 2006, dal famoso Medaglia D'Oro e Lotta Kim. Viene allevata alle Stonestreet Stables da Dolphus Morrison e allenata da Steve Asmussen, montata dai fantini Brian Hernandez e Calvin Borel.
Nel 2009 la purosangue inglese vince la seconda tappa della Triple Crown (la Preakness Stakes) guadagnandosi una vittoria assoluta: è la prima puledra a vincere questa gara da 85 anni! In questo anno vince molte gare consecutive tra cui la Kentucky Oaks G1 con uno stacco di 20 lunghezze, la Moother Goose G1, la Haskell Invitational G1 e la Woodward Stakes G1.
Il 28 settembre 2010 è stata ufficialmente ritirata, per poi diventare una giumenta da monta: i suoi due famosi figli sono Jess's Dream e Rachel's Valentina.
Rachel chiude la sua carriera agonistica con 13 vittorie e 5 secondi posti su 19 partenze, guadagnando complessivamente $ 3.506.730.
Tra i suoi premi, troviamo la nomina ad Horse of The Year e American Champion Three Year Old Filly nel 2009.
La campionessa è stata anche eletta al National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame nel 2016.
#horse #horses #thoroughbred #rachelalexandra #rachelsvalentina #jesssdream #psi #purosangueinglese #racehorse #racinghorse #racing #horseriding #horsemanship #medagliadoro #kentuckyoaks #photooftheday #picoftheday #like4likes #likeforfollow #follow4followback #followtrick #like4follow

Процесс создания головных уборов - кропотливый труд, начиная от идеи, эскизов, подбор материалов и далее воплощение изделия в жизнь. Каждому этапу мы уделяем особое внимание, особенно❤️ если это работа над захватывающим проектом нового мюзикла «Лолита» @lolita_backstage #лдмноваясцена #мюзикл #лолита

The Chenery-Tweedy family descended on Churchill Downs for the first weekend in May 1973 to watch their Secretariat win the 99th running of the Run for the Roses. One of the family's track-used 1973 Kentucky Oaks clubhouse box ticket stubs and one of their official 1973 Kentucky Derby programs are featured in an online auction that ends tonight at 10 p.m. EDT at lelands.com.

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