Up Next. Carcass - Heartwork. An awesome follow up that’s aged real well. At the time, lots of my friends were down on this record. They all claimed Carcass slowed down too much. To me, it’s a heavy album full of groovy riffs that my parents would still hate just as much as their previous material. Think my favorite tune is still, “Blind Bleeding the Blind”. But I love the whole thing.

Now Playing. Carcass - Necroticism : Descanting the Insalubrious. One of my favorite albums. Unlike the earlier Carcass stuff, there are far fewer blast beats. It’s more technical and groove oriented. Almost resembling something that could be called “Progressive Death Metal”. It’s easily my favorite Carcass record. Any aspiring metal guitarists looking to improve their chops, listen to this album!

Morning Jams! Time to descant the insalubrious, y'all! Carcass' Necroticism is the death metal release that changed my life. Wish I still had the original longbox, but at least it has Jeff Walker's "Rot n' Roll" autograph. Now I'm off to listen to some of the nastiest riffs ever! #morningjams #carcass #necroticism #descantingtheinsalubrious #jeffwalker #billsteer #kenowen #michaelamott #ibanezrg550 #colinrichardson #corporaljigsorequandary #earacherecords

Some of you guys voted "yes" so here's my first post of Carcass I love my babies so much

#jeffwalker #billsteer #michaelamott #kenowen #carcass #deathmetal #metal

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