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Dica (Dupla) de Filme/Movie (Double) Tip: Darkest Hour (O Destino de uma Nação) / Dunkirk
Dirigido por/Directed by
Darkest Hour: #JoeWright
Dunkirk: #ChristopherNolan

Darkest Hour: #GaryOldman #LilyJames #KristinScottThomas #StephenDillane #BenMendelsohn

Dunkirk: #FionnWhitehead #TomGlynnCarney #JackLowden #TomHardy #KennethBranagh #HarryStyles
Hoje é diferente, dica em dose dupla. Mas, Por quê?

Questão histórica. As duas produções tratam de eventos vinculados da Segunda Guerra. Acredito que várias pessoas já tenham assistido os dois, afinal, ambos foram “oscarizados”. Mas o grande barato desses dois filmes é assisti-los em sequência, primeiro Darkest Hour (O Destino de uma Nação) e posteriormente Dunkirk.

O primeiro, na minha ordem, é mais político, mas historicamente importante para compreender o segundo. A ascensão de Churchill (Gary Oldman) ao poder e seu estilo firme para conduzir uma Inglaterra no período de luta contra o III Reich, sem esquecer as decisões tomadas em relação ao Exército Inglês que estava “encurralado” em Dunkirk.

Dunkirk (o Filme) é uma obra estética de espaços abertos para as grandes tomadas no ar e no mar. A luta pela sobrevivência dos soldados ingleses que são acuados na costa francesa e sua tentativa de fuga e que terá através das decisões de Churchill e abraçadas pelo povo inglês a possibilidade de sua salvação.


Today is different, a double tip. But why?

Historical issue. As two productions deal with linked events of the Second War. I believe that many people have already been watch both, after all, they were Oscar-nominated.  But the is really cool is watch them in sequence, first Darkest Hour and later Dunkirk.  The first one is more political, but historically important to understand the second. The rise of Churchill (Gary Oldman) as prime minister and his strong temper to conducted your country at war fighting against the Third Reich, and the decision to rescue the English Army that was "cornered" at Dunkirk. Second one present the struggle for survival of the English soldiers who are trapped on the French coast.

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Cine Dramático/Misterio.
Adaptación de la novela de Ágatha Christie. Hércules Poirot.
Durante un viaje en el legendario tren Orient Express, el detective Belga Hércules Poirot, investiga un asesinato cometido en el trayecto. Todos en el tren son sospechosos.
Actores principales; Kenneth Branagh, Jonny Deep, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench, Penélope Cruz, Josh Gad, Leslie Odom, Willem Dafoe, Lucy Boynton... entre otro elenco de grandes actores. .
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Lighten up لا تعقدها

★4 #ダンケルク

The mighty Thor! This feels like the first movie in the MCU to nail down what would become the winning Marvel formula. This story gives us our first peek at the cosmic nature of the MCU by introducing Asgard which is brilliantly designed with a futuristic take on ancient Nordic medievalism. Being a land of gods, this fanciful tale of Asgard is told in Shakespearean terms through Kenneth Branagh’s experienced direction and a host of performers experienced with the Bard or at least faking it really well!

Pretty much everyone is impressive and well cast. From Anthony Hopkins to Stellan Skarsgard to Idris Elba to even the levity brought by Kat Dennings, each performer does a fine job in their role and all the pieces fit together such that there really aren’t any weak spots to speak of. Even the character of Thor is served well by ignoring the Donald Blake alter ego shtick from the original comics altogether, which actually serves to bring the lols with classic fish out of water humour on Earth in fine contrast with all the high and mighty talk on Asgard.

Proceeding slow and steady through a pretty standard redemption story, some might see the film as being a little too simple and a little too light on the action. However I would argue that it is this simplicity and steady pace that gives everyone room to breathe, and Tom Hiddleston in particular a chance to endear us to his silver-tongued Loki - perhaps the most fiendish of all villains in the MCU to date.

This one holds up really well, even if Thor’s eyebrows are a little too blonde.

Oh and it would be remiss of me not to mention the one-shot A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer which occurs right before this film chronologically in the order. This is actually a really nice little reminder that Clark Gregg is a bit of a boss as Agent Coulson, and though he doesn’t get the spotlight very often, maybe he should (and soon will)! Up next: The Avengers!

"Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things." Kenneth Branagh #KennethBranagh 🌹
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Gilderoy Lockhart🤔 do you guys like Lockhart? I find him quite funny but I’m never really sure wether I like him or not :/ •

Picture from google :)

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"Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so worked up about things." Kenneth Branagh #KennethBranagh 🌹
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C'è ciò che è giusto, ciò che è sbagliato e poi... #giustoesbagliato☯️ #poirot 🔍 #assassiniosullorientexpress 🔪🚂🚃🚃🚃 #agathachristie #kennethbranagh #movie 🎬#2017 #filmone

While on a train, Hurcule Poirot is recruited to solve a murder that has happened on board, can he find the murderer.
I felt the best part of this movies were the settings and scenes that you get taken through in the first part of the movie. The storyline made the movie a mystery, and it was difficult to work out who the main culprite was.
However, the script at times was very weak, not really adding much to the movie as a whole. With many different characters it was very difficult to connect with any of these, and when the performances from some of these actors was pretty poor this is obviously why you are unable to connect. I did like the character of Hurcule Poirot, but that over the top, stick on moustache was very off putting.
This really didnt cut it for me, a re-make of the 1974 film, just didn't seem like it needed to be done. If the performances were better, which may of brought out the script then this would've worked in my eyes.
Rating: 5.5/10 🎬

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) by Kenneth Branagh / 20th Century Fox
This film is adapted from Agatha Christie's novel of the same title. I say it right away, I have not read it because Christie has never been my cup of tea in literature.

From the cinematography point of view, the film is very beautiful. He has a polished style of classic movies, with actors at the best of their appearance and their game.
That said, I was only very little interested in this story. Probably because the investigation, which can be summarized only in a series of interrogations, should be able to hold breath until the denouement. This was not the case in my opinion. The only captivating moment for me in this film was the reveal scene of the "murderer" which is masterful and whose success is largely due to a very moving story and the talents of the actors. Michelle Pfeiffer was so good in that final scene.
As for Kenneth Branagh's Hercule Poirot, the character is rather interesting, but he remained a little superficial for me. He remained indeed a novel character. I would say that his incarnation in the "real world" was incomplete. So even though I really like Kenneth Branagh as an actor, I was not convinced by his French / Belgian accent.

In conclusion, this is not a film I would have seen in the theater because it is the material (screenplay) that poses a problem. The value of this film is based on its fabulous cast and this is probably reason enough to see it.
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