Kennedy decided about 6 months ago that more than anything she wanted a hermit crab. Since then she has been saving her marbles, researching, getting info from her uncle, writing letters to hermit crab veterinarians lol, drawing pictures, etc. A few weeks ago we finally got her one. She named it Zoe. She helps remind us to feed her and change her water, and yells for us to come look whenever "Zoe is doing something amazing!"
Kennedy has agreed to share Zoe with Quinn, who quickly corrects K whenever she refers to Zoe as her pet. "You mean OUR pet, right Kennedy?"
#kennedynquinn #kennerdy

Came home from working out this morning to the cutest girl making breakfast πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ³ #kennerdy

So crazy proud of this girl! She's so brave in the water and hasn't been scared to try new things. It's only our second day of swim team and before this had never swam further than 15 ft. #kennerdy #swimteam

When your 1-year old sister eats your pet snail 🐌😬🀒 After I pulled out what was left of it Kennedy asked, "is it dead?" #yup #kennerdy

Ken's been telling me leprechaun tales all day long ☘️🌈 #kennerdy

K&Q somehow got it in their heads that we needed to get coconuts to celebrate me "winning" my race. After we drank the coconut water Kennedy kept saying "I want to eat the ham now!" πŸ€” After we broke open the coconut she said "I've never seen white ham before!" πŸ˜‚ she heard me calling it coconut meat and assumed there would be some ham inside! πŸ˜‹#kennerdy

happy 17th birthday to my girl klewww!! i hope your day is filled with all the things you love! thanks for pretty much letting me live w you this summer and for all the good times we’ve had! i love you and can’t wait to celebrate with you!!! πŸ’žπŸ’ž #summer17 #iftheresawill #theresaway #sillybandz #3rdgrade #gettingfollowedingreenacres #kennerdy πŸπŸπŸΎπŸ’πŸ’˜

I have been struggling for a few weeks. I've felt tired, kind of blah, a little lazy--like a little bit of gloom is following me around that I can't quite shake. I'm working on it, trying to push myself to do things that normally make me happy. One of those things is playing with my girls, and another is giving Kennedy space buns πŸ˜‚
I can feel it working already. #kennerdy #buttonedherownsweater

Kennedy: "I wish we could live in Salt Lake City and still go to the Florida beach." Me too, girl #bestofboth #kennerdy

What a fantastic night of celebrating our dear friend Lea. So thankful to be your cousin-friend, and to be able to make all these wonderful memories with you! ❀️ #kennerdy #grumpycat #famouscat #samicat #usher

Hard hitting #rigv3 and a delicious Razberi Froot #froot #ejuice #ejuices #kennerdy #rda peace-out UG

All of Kennedy's "Nahal" dreams came true today. #kennerdy #shimmerandshine

Kennedy colored this for her preschool teachers Ms. Lori & Ms. Jesse. Kennedy used to really struggle with coloring--she would get really frustrated and didn't have the patience for it. She would get sad that her coloring wasn't as good as Quinn's. But she has worked really hard and it's amazing to me how fast she has improved. I'm so proud of her for working at something she wanted to be good at. I love my little #kennerdy ❀️

Why so sserious? #tomatosoupjoker #kennerdy

I was going to make a new guitaring video for all the new people following me today, but I've somehow been out of the house since 7 AM, so that'll have to wait until tomorrow.
While you wait, you should read the interview I did with the incredibly badass @_kennerddy after our DiPiazzas show a few weeks ago. Read about the ridiculous soap opera history of Lowbrow, my Nerdish Leanings, that dumb cancer I went and got (and beat), my guitar collection, and probably more. Warning, I was drunk and and hopped up on adrenaline at the time of this interview, so there was lots of incoherent rambling.

#fuckcancer #dointerviews

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