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I have gotten a lot of questions about my Minami wig so I thought I'd explain how I styled it here to help anyone out ♥️ I bought a lace front because I thought it would look better for his style of hair but you don't need a lace front
•where I got it: arda-wigs.com
•name of the wig: "Marty" in the color pale blonde (it is $55 before shipping)
•how I styled it:
1. I first cut the lace, including the widows peak that it comes with because I thought it was more accurate to Minamis hair without it
2. I dyed it by taking the ink from a red sharpie and I put it in a spray bottle with some rubbing alcohol. I let that sit for a day before I sectioned off the part that I wanted red and covered up everything else, to prevent any dye getting on the rest of it
3. Fully saturate the area that you want red and rub it in to the hair. Make sure you use gloves, I didn't because I didn't have any and it got everywhere oops
4. Once you finish that, let it set for a day before fully rinsing the dye out until the water runs clear
5. Last just let it air dry then style it as you'd like. I just used hair spray but I found out that takes away the dye for some reason (because science ??) so maybe styling gel would work (I'm not sure if that or all hairspray has the same effect)
But yeah, that's about it. If you have any questions feel free to ask ♥️🍗⛸

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(SORRY FOR BEING INACTIVE I LOST MY PHONE) yandere phichit??? * credit to @ faerie--kei on Tumblr! *

I'm doing profile pic requests!
All you have to do to get one is:
-Like this
-Follow me
-Give me a shoutout
Then dm me and I'll send you the available fonts, a color, and the symbols! Also send me your picture!
It'll be ready either today, tomorrow, or Tuesday! -
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yuuri is on a diet T_T * credit to @ lagabiru on Tumblr ! *

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I hate being sexy but someone has to do it😂
.you can keep it bc it's you😊
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Is otabek fighting Viktor LMAO but otayuri!!! * credit to @ imatrashfan on Tumblr ! *

Oh my God kenjirou kun
So kawaii 😍😍 QOTD: Do you like minami kun 😱😍 AOTD: ofc minami is my beautiful cupcake ||Tags (ignore)
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i wish i could read this it's so pretty 😴 * credit to @ enjin13 on Tumblr ! *

Via @minami.kenjirou_

Omg KENJIROU KUN 😍😍 Please watch 🔥♥ Tags (ignore)

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someone cure MY depression like this ˚▱˚ * credit to @ mud-muffin on Tumblr ! *

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